Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’s ongoing track is a complete mockery of marriage and we can’t accept it

Trust Indian TV shows to make light of multiple marriages and weak relationships. Makers and characters have absolutely no concept of monogamy even though they promote it through their ‘love stories’ and ‘ideal couples.’ One of those shows is Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. There is no denying that YHM has involved in and dealt with a lot of social issues on the show. In fact, I still remember how Ishita spoke about good touch, bad touch and warned her niece about sexual abuse in the perfect manner. Parents could actually take cues from the conversation that Ishita had with her niece. We don’t expect daily soaps to make sense since the unreal drama is what attracts audience to the shows. The show got pretty interesting after the Budapest track but it is going back to its old ways now.
Marriage is not a joke and this show makes a mockery of marriage every now and then. In the latest promo, you’ll see Mihika getting married to Raman and Ishita trying to stop it. My first reaction on seeing this was ,”Ewww!” Not only is Mihika, Raman’s brother’s ex-wife but she is also Ishita’s sister. Now we understand how Simmi and Param would come up with this blasphemy to irk Ishita but why is the entire family supporting this?! Makers are definitely lacking in new ideas for the show. And this won’t be the first time that a marriage has been so messed up and confusing in YHM. Remember when we had made this family tree for you guys during Adi and Aaliya’s wedding? Read it here if you haven’t read it yet. A show that stands against sexual harassment and a couple of other social evils gets family members to marry each other. So much so for our culture and traditions! (ALSO READ: Divyanka Tripathi is NOT pregnant, confirms husband Vivek Dahiya)
Audience usually LOVES wedding tracks in daily soaps but the one here is plain gross. No matter how much I hate my sister, I would NEVER get married to her friggin’ ex-husband. We don’t live in the ’50s to follow such customs. Even the ’50s sound like a progressive decade after watching content like this in 2018. No parent living in an urban setup, in their right minds, will let their kids marry into something like this. This is not even marriage. It’s mockery and sheer laziness that goes into writing and research. A supposed 50-year old man (Raman can’t be in his 30s, please!) can’t decide whether he should marry or not. He loves Ishita but settles for her sister instead. He should remain single for the rest of his life considering he can’t make a single sane decision. And what is this obsession with marriages anyway? When there is nothing left to explore, get the protagonists married again! That’s the one thing common between most daily soaps here.
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