Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Romi clears Raman’s misunderstanding

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The Episode starts with Ishita taking permission from the nurse and meeting Raman. She cries. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays…. She sits talking to him. She says you don’t remember me, but you love me, you got me back from death, I have no existence without you. She smiles and says I recall some incidents, its kind of fun when you tease me. She says I miss our arguments, I want you to recover soon, you are afraid of needles and today…. just get fine soon, do you remember that night, when we were alone in hospital, Matangi….

Simmi says I m glad to spend time with you, go and sleep, nurse will be finding me. He stops her. She says its hospital, not any place to romance. He asks her to sit with him for some time. She asks him to go home. She goes. Ishita says we used to fight on stupid things and laugh, you are stupid but a very good person, please come back, I can’t stay here, please come back to me. Simmi comes there.

Ishita says I have to go, I will always be close. She holds his hand. She cries and leaves. Raman gets conscious and sees Ishita leaving. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays…….. Ishita sees Simmi and gets worried. She hides. Raman sees Simmi. She asks are you fine. He thanks her. She says this is my responsibility. He says yes, I m feeling much better, thanks. She thinks who has come here, I wasn’t here. She says you will get discharged till tomorrow. She goes out and asks nurse did anyone visit Raman. Nurse says yes, his wife was there. Simmi comes to Ishita and scolds her.

She says you broke dad’s promise, what was the problem. Ishita asks her to stop shouting, Raman didn’t see my face, his eyes were closed, the promise didn’t break. She asks Simmi why was she not there to attend her. Simmi asks her not to do any drama. Nurse asks her to talk in low tone. Simmi asks nurse to keep Ishita away from Raman. She goes. Ishita says I won’t let anyone ruin my family.

Ruhi gets angry on the staff. The employees refuse to work with Ruhi. Shweta asks them to understand Ruhi’s stress and cooperate with her. She goes to Ruhi to talk about staff members. Ruhi gets rude even to her. Shweta leaves. Simmi goes to clear bills. Ishita looks at Raman. Raman asks nurse what’s her name. She says Matangi. He says even your name is Matangi. She asks what do you mean. He says why do I feel I heard this name in this hospital before. Mr. Bhalla asks Mihika did any call come from hospital. She says no, I will make a call. Mr. Bhalla tells Neelu that Ishita can’t be allowed to meet Raman in this house.

Romi asks what are you saying, I thought you were angry, Ishita is not wrong. He defends Ishita. He tells him that Raman is coming home. Mihika argues with him. Mr. Bhalla shouts stop it both of you, I don’t want fights in this house, Raman would be coming anytime. Romi thinks what happened to Mihika.

Ishita gets ready. She says maybe I m wrong, everyone can’t be wrong, why can’t I make people happy, I can’t even meet my kids. She calls Amma. She argues over her cupboard mess. She gets angry and goes. Amma says its happening because of Bhallas. Appa consoles her. Simmi asks Raman to have juice, and relax. Raman asks who has sent these bouquets. She says our business associates have sent it. She asks him to rest. He says Ishita knew that I m ill right. She says yes. O told her. He says she didn’t visit me, she should have come once. She says you might be feeling bad, she is a cheap woman, she just sees her profits, this happened because of her drama, you got stressed. He asks what happened, I don’t remember. She asks him to forget it and just relax, he doesn’t need to worry till she is there. She goes. He says Ishita didn’t even enquire about my health. He gets a call and leaves for the meeting.

Ishita says I came here in anger, but its too cold, I can’t go home, I m upset and troubling others too. Raman sees her. She turns to go. He says its basic courtesy to ask about someone’s health, you are my neighbor and business associate, you have no courtesy at all, you are not even looking at me, thank God I m not like you, I regret that I wish good for you. He taunts her and says you have just one relation, that’s with money, I m feeling much better, I hope you will also get fine some day. He goes. She cries. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays…..Kiran asks Shagun to talk to Ishita, how will she leave without Raman and her children. Shagun comes to Ishita. Ishita says why does this happen, why should I give Agnipariksha always. Shagun says there is no test that you can’t pass. She encourages Ishita. She asks Ishita to come and stay with them for few days. Ishita refuses. Shagun says you didn’t spend time with your friend since long, Mani will be glad. She insists. Appa and Kiran ask Ishita to go, they want Jhansi ki rani back. Shagun says I will pack Ishita’s bag. Raman asks Romi why did Ishita not come in meeting. Romi says she wasn’t needed here. Raman says self-centred, selfish people, she didn’t come to meet me in hospital. Romi says Ishita was there till late night. Raman asks why did Simmi not tell me. Parmeet says maybe Simmi didn’t know it, maybe you have forgotten this. Romi says Raman always gets angry on Ishita without any reason. Raman worries and goes. Romi tells Parmeet that he can never see Raman and Ishita’s love, no matter how hard Simmi and he try, they can never separate Raman and Ishita, evil gets destroyed sooner or later, Ishita has come to end your evil. Parmeet laughs and says that was Satyug, this is Kalyug, Simmi is smarter than Shakuni, and I m Duryodhan, I m with her, we won’t let Ishita come back in Raman’s life again.

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