Would you like Anchal’s new shade in Haasil?

Sony’s Haasil will be getting a big mystifying twist wherein Anchal will be seen showing a new persona with hidden intentions. Anchal would be knowing Ranvir’s obsession since their first meet. It will be revealed that Anchal will remarry Ranvir by her own consent and motives. As per the ongoing track, Ranvir shares his feelings for Anchal to Kabir. Kabir was expecting Ranvir to divorce Anchal, so that they can get married. Ranvir snatches Kabir’s love and wins the game smartly. Ranvir influences Anchal and her family against Kabir. Ranvir fakes his good side.

Ranvir takes a stand for Anchal. He decides to leave the house, having enough favors by his parents. Jatin decides to send away Kabir. Jatin chooses Ranvir over Kabir, which comes as a pleasant surprise for Ranvir. Kabir learns about Ranvir’s love for Anchal. He decides to bring Ranvir and Anchal closer. He feels Ranvir can always keep Anchal happy. Ranvir is confident of winning Anchal’s love. Kabir breaks Anchal’s heart, so that she finds love in Ranvir’s support. Kabir sacrifices his love for his brother’s sake. Anchal learns Kabir is going away forever. Anchal develops hatred for Kabir. Sarika divides Ranvir and Kabir for her personal greed. There will be more of Anchal’s character unwrapping. Would you like Anchal’s new shade in Haasil? Let us know your opinion.

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