Woh Apna Sa 14th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Arjun and Jia fights over Binni

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Episode Description/highlight: Binni tries to plan party with her friends but Arjun takes her money and shouts at her. Binni washes car and ask boys to give her money who stare at her greedily. Arjun beats those boys and shouts at Jia for not doing anything. He blames Jia for not doing anything and hurts her feeling.

Scene 1
Binni checks purse and doesnt see money inside. Arjun comes there and says I have your money, now I will see how you party with friends, I will keep your money and give you pocket money and ask about its use too, I wont give you money till you dont change your drugs habit. Binni says I was just trying them. Arjun says try to change and be part of this family. Binni says to hell with that, I will do what I want, she leaves. Jia asks Arjun to be calm with her, she will change. Arjun says she is testing my patience, she doesnt listen so I will stop her the way I want, he leaves. Jia is tensed.

Binni comes to road in shorts and shirt, she dances sensually, all men and women are looking at her, some looking at her with greed, Binni keeps dancing s*xily.

Jia comes to Arjun and says neighbors are complaining about Binni. Arjun and Jia comes out and sees Binni dancing with water pipe s*xily and men looking at her with lust. Arjun asks her to stop it. Binni starts washing car. Arjun tries to stop her but Binni throws water on them and keep dancing. Arjun gets angry and turns off tap. One man makes video of Binni. Jia tries to take Binni with her but Binni jerks away and starts washing car. Arjun asks her to stop this cheapness. Binni says you took my money so I am washing car to earn. Arjun sees one man making video and breaks his phone. Binni asks whats their problem? I am washing car to earn. One neighbor says she is Jindal’s daughter and is like that? her clothes are so cheap. Arjun ask them to shut up, he says to neighbor that your son is gambler, he says to another neighbor that your daughter is always with new boy, dont talk rubbish otherwise I can tell truth. Arjun ask them all to leave. Binni says to boys that I washed your car so give me money, boys start giving her money, one boy teases her with money, Binni blows kiss at him, he greedily stares at her and gives her money, Arjun fumes in anger. Arjun takes money from her and throws it in soap water, Binni says I will take revenge for my loss. Arjun gives money to boys and ask them to leave. Boy says she doesnt have problem so whats your problem? she says one item. Arjun starts beating them, Binni asks him to stop it and says I cleaned their cars and they gave me money, what you can do? Arjun says let me show you. Arjun starts beating guys badly, Jia asks him to stop it, its not their fault, our girl has problem. Arjun says they were staring at her badly, I will not spare them, boys run away. Arjun says Jia you let them go, Jia asks him to calm down, you keep getting angry, Arjun says no they should be treated as they treat you. He asks neighbors to leave, neighbor says this Binni keeps creating dramas, all leave. Arjun asks Binni to come with them. Binni says otherwise you will beat me? I couldnt earn money because of you, I will take money from those boys. Arjun says I wont let you take money for that cheap things, he drags Binni to house and says I didnt know you would insult us in whole society. Jia asks him to calm down, she is a kid. Arjun says I told you we have to be stern for her. Binni thinks its good scene, I like to see them fight, they took my peace so I will snatch their peace. Arjun says I did mistake by taking her responsibility.

PRECAP- Jia tries to move away from Arjun but Arjun pulls her closer and leans in, she smiles, Arjun hugs her but they hear some scream. Arjun says Kaki?

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