When Amrita Singh IGNORED Saif Ali Khan for Sunny Deol

For the then happily married couple, Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh, age was just a number. Saif was head over heels in love and Amrita was equally smitten by him. Eventually things went downhill and the couple parted ways. A lot has been spoken since then, but there was a time when they could not be away from each other. Gracing the talk show, Rendezvous with Simi Garewal way back in 1999, Saif and Amrita were like any other couple madly in love. It was clearly not a love at first sight for them. Revealing some details on the show about how they met, Amrita narrated an incident which was a bit shocking. Also Read: Saif Ali Khan’s answer to what makes an ideal wife are two words – HOT and SEXY
The director of Amrita Singh’s debut film, Rahul Rawail was directing Saif Ali Khan in Bekhudi that was supposed to be his debut film. Saif was, however, out of the film and later marked his debut with Aashiq Awaara. Anyway, coming back to the point, Rahul Rawail had invited all his actors to for a photoshoot with Saif Ali Khan and Kajol. Amrita was also a part of it. That was the first time when she met Saif, but he didn’t really grab her attention then. Ask her the reason for it and she said, “I was so conscious about my other hero around that I didn’t really think of him (Saif).” Though the actress refused to name her ‘hero’, Saif cleared the air revealing the name – Sunny (Deol). Ahem! So he was the reason why Amrita Singh ignored Saif, who was clearly the man of the night. We’ve even heard stories of Sunny and Amrita being a couple when they were shooting for Betaab and thus all the blocks fall into place. Also Read: An angry Amrita Singh BLASTED Saif Ali Khan for stating he was nervous about Sara Ali Khan’s Bollywood debut

But destiny wanted to see them together. Later Saif asked her out for a dinner and she instead suggested having dinner at her place. One thing lead to another and Amrita ended up kissing him towards the end of their night. Saif recalls how he never left her house after that. They slept in different rooms and didn’t have any physical relation until over a month. All it took was just a kiss for Saif Ali Khan to say ‘I Love You’ to Amrita and that too right after their first ‘date’. How we wish love was so easy these days!
(Video courtesy: Simi Garewal Official YouTube page)
Source: Bollywood Life

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