What’s your take on Piyaa Albela’s current track?

Zee’s Piya Albela will be getting a familiar track again. Most of the shows running nowadays have looped track, that go pretty well with the viewers. Naren and Pooja’s separation has been seen since they have realized their love. They have parted ways often. There is always an external factor breaking their relationship. The lovers who promised to stand by each other in tough times, lose out to the situations concerning their happiness. They give up against the fate.

After Mr. Kapoor’s track, Naina enters their lives to create a havoc. Naina is Pooja’s stepsister, who hates her to the core. She wants to ruin Pooja’s happiness. Naina tries coming between Pooja and Naren. She causes a rift between them. Pooja observes Naina getting close to Naren with some unknown motive. Pooja fails to lessen Naina’s hatred towards her. Naren too starts hating Pooja. He learns about her fake childish behavior drama. He doesn’t accept Pooja’s harsh moves, if the main reason is unsaid to him. Pooja hides a big truth about his identity. The lovers suffer again because of the secret. What’s your take on Piyaa Albela’s current track? Let us know your opinion.

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