Valentine’s Day 2018: Style maven Sheetal Mafatlal gives you the lowdown on some of the most romantic hot-spots in Paris

Without a doubt, Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world and on Valentine’s Eve, it never fails to emanate an unmistakable air of unbridled passion and unencumbered intrigue. The city of lights comes alive with the impossibly chic Parisians enjoying some quiet moments in its exotic spots steeped in history, exoticism and nostalgia. You have to be a robot to not get swayed by some of Paris’s hallowed dinner mansions, tony cafes and fashionable bars, which superimpose romance with an air of unmitigated chic. No wonder most women across the world are besotted with the city of Coco Chanel (the eternal romantic) which has a rich heritage of love, optimism, hope and happily-ever-after endings. In this piece, I have tried to put together some of my most favourite mystical and breathtakingly elegant hot-spots in Paris which complement the sheer poetry and magic of Valentine celebrations.
Carette, Trocadéro – a symbol of old world romance
Ring in V-Day Eve by taking your significant other to the iconic Carette, located in the fashionable Trocadéro . One of the most charming cafes in Paris, this lady of Trocadéro has been a meeting point for lovers since this sweet spot opened in 1927. Its beautiful decor coupled with a sumptuous display of viennoiseries and desserts will totally uplift your romantic afternoon. Excellent service combined with artfully presented delicacies make it a happy place and an ideal fit for a V-Day date.
Lachaume – oozes floral fantasy
One can’t picture Valentine’s Day without bouquets of thoughtful and gorgeous flowers. And Lachaume, probably one of the oldest flower shops in Paris, never disappoints you with its exquisite florals which are artistically juxtaposed together like a masterstroke. Not many know that florist Lachaume has also been favoured by the likes of Monsieur Karl Lagerfeld and was frequented by Dandy Proust, who would buy orchids for his buttonholes. So make your Valentine go wobbly-kneed by treating her to the stunningly assembled flowers from this nifty shop.
Maison Blanche – For the moony dinner date
Perched on the rooftop of the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées and located on the uber-luxe Avenue Montaigne, Maison Blanche overlooks Paris with panoramic views of the glittering Eiffel Tower, Les Invalides and the Seine River. It’s a ménage à trois of tantalisingly tasty cuisine, sweeping views and a charming ambience. Perfect for a couple who value style and elegance and would go that extra mile to make their Valentine feel impossibly special.
Ritz & Hemingway bar – For The Incurable Romantics
Reams and reams of print and several blog posts have already been dedicated to the epochal and historic Ritz & Hemingway Bar and no prose is enough to salute its romantic allure, grandeur and timelessness. From Monsieur Hemingway to Coco Chanel – the bar has seen some of the most iconic figures in the French art history. The bar’s toasty decor, a sumptuous array of cocktails and an attentive staff make it an ideal pick for Valentine’s Eve. Nothing gets more chic and romantic than this.
Caviar Kaspia
This cozy and relaxed spot in Paris’s eighth arrondissement has been the favourite place for the city’s toffee-nosed and couture mavericks. From the likes of Beyoncé to couturiers like the legendary Valentino Garavani – Cavia Kaspia has always been game-changing and epic – be it its decor or delicacies. First opened in 1927 by Russian émigré Arcady Fixon and situated in its current spot since 1953, the restaurant also boasts of an impressive array of artefacts. Carats, caviar and champagne – the place epitomises the 3Cs which make it a perfect place for a magnificent Valentine’s Eve dinner.
J’adore Valentine ❤️ Happy Valentine’s Day
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