Twinj: Bakhuda Tumhi Ho (Episode:26)

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Bakhuda Tumhi Ho-
“Twinkle! Where did you keep my passport?” He asked fumbling through the bag leaving Twinkle at the loss of words.
“I… Uh, actually I… I think… I forgot it home!” Twinkle spoke shutting her eyes tightly and waited for him to shout at her or to scold her for a grave mistake but it didn’t come.
She slowly opened her eyes to find him standing there disappointed. “It’s Ok… I’ll board the next flight.” He said calmly yet sadness evident in his eyes.
“Aren’t you angry?” She asked surprisingly.
He smiled cupping her face. “Why should I be? I’m little sad but not angry! Mistakes happen… It’s Ok!”
She was dazed at his calm posture. “And your flight?” She stated like a question.
He sighed. “I’m going to board the next flight in a few hours and come to you. But till then, I’m going to miss you terribly! What do I do when I miss you?” He asked making a pout face like a kid.
She swallowing her tears answered. “See the mirror, every time you miss me just look deeper into your eyes till you find me because… I reside in you… And nowhere else!” She paused before continuing. “Kunj! What if you don’t find your… Passport there… I mean at home?” She asked looking at him intently.
“I’d run my whole life long to reach you; peddle my way across the roads, swim in the Atlantic and Pacific; walk in the jungle and desert; climb cliffs and drop from the sky to reach you! I’ll do anything to be close to you! Adopt ANYWAY to see you.” Kunj retorted leaving Twinkle speechless. She quickly moved towards the checking unable to stand there anymore.

She was relieved that everything was going according to her plan but sometimes we forget that there’s an untamed force bigger than our plots and plans. It’s called DESTINY! The same destiny that has brought her to Kunj, the same destiny that has wrapped her around Kunj as a vine that clings to a tree seeking for support and life. She was tied to him for eternity. She was his life. She was his reason for being alive.
As she was about to cross the checking and leave Kunj behind forever, her leg got stuck in something and her hand bag fell down revealing Kunj’s passport inside!
Twinkle was shocked would be an understatement! She was standing there all pale, not knowing how to react or what to do. Kunj picked up the passport before looking at Twinkle… “Twinkle… My passport?”
She was panicked now. “Kunj… I…”
He gently held her by shoulders feeling worried on her trembling state. “It’s Ok Twinkle! Relax! Why are you getting so tensed?”
She took a deep breath to calm her nerve. “Kunj! I didn’t know… It was here.” She said feeling as if she was a culprit, looking anywhere but him.
“I know Twinkle! I completely understand that you forgot it.” He assured her. “But thank Lord! I didn’t go home and search for this. Otherwise… We would’ve been separated!” He added giving her a toothy smile. “Now let’s go… TOGETHER!” He said with a glint in his eyes intertwining his fingers with hers.
He finally gave his ticket and passport to the security officer. “Have a safe journey Sir! Ma’am!” Said the security manager smiling genuinely.
They were heading further when Twinkle’s vision starting blurring and she couldn’t hold herself up! She desperately tried to fight the weakness holding Kunj’s hand tightly. She couldn’t give up now! When the plane was standing at a distance of 20 steps from her! She tried to show that she was fine but collapsed due to drowsiness. “Twinkle!” Kunj shrieked widening his eyes and wrapped an arm around her shoulder to prevent her from falling.
Kunj’s shouting gathered the attention of all the guards. But Twinkle being stubborn wasn’t ready to give up. “Kunj. Please. Let’s go!” She said struggling to walk further but Kunj’s firm grip didn’t let her move.
“Twinkle you aren’t fine.” Kunj said worriedly.
“I’m fine Kunj. It’s just maybe due to tension… Woh… Your passport wasn’t here that’s why I got tense and ended up like this… Uh, don’t worry I’m OK.” She tried to convince him by cooking a story and showing him that nothing was wrong with her but inside she was losing energy.
Their conversation halted when the guard said, “Sorry ma’am! You can’t go now.”
This shocked Twinkle. “Why?”
“Because ma’am, you can’t travel when you’re ill. It’s against our policy.” He replied making Twinkle frustrated.
Kunj knew he was correct but Twinkle couldn’t digest the fact now! “No! You can’t do this to me.” Twinkle almost yelled impatiently on which Kunj looked at her unbelievably. He was stunned on her behavior.
“Twinkle! What’s wrong with you?” He asked with slight horror.
Twinkle realized that she was showing totally unpredictable behavior and if one more minute she behaved the same way, she would land him in doubt. “Kunj! I mean… I can’t leave this seminar like that… It’s a huge opportunity for me.” She tried to reason with him softly.
He sighed helplessly. “I know Twinkle. But we can’t do anything now. Try to understand!”
“Yes ma’am. If you were traveling to any other part of India, we would’ve done something, but you’re going abroad and even if the slightest chance of illness is there, we can’t let you in! It goes against the protocol of the airlines. Please!”
Kunj was sad and worried thinking that Twinkle was disappointed and sad about missing the seminar. Little did he know the truth. He gently pulled a frustrated Twinkle a-side. “Twinkle, please listen to them… Listen to me! I would’ve done everything in my power for you, but you see… Your health isn’t in your favor. Please let’s go home for now. When you’ll be alright, we’ll travel. OK!” He said looking at her hopefully on which Twinkle nodded feigning a smile trying to be normal.
He dropped a kiss on her forehead before they moved out of the airport.
Once reaching home Twinkle went straight to her room saying she was tired and needed some time alone. Meanwhile Rishab called Kunj to the office for some work so he had to leave. Twinkle didn’t know what to do further now! She angrily broke a vase placed on the nightstand but still he couldn’t calm her heart. She was never such a person to vent out her anger, frustration on lifeless objects. However not everyday, she came to know the news about her death! She sat there thinking about what to do next but to no avail. Her mind just couldn’t process anything now!

At the Office-
After so many years, life and happiness had returned and the boys (Kunj_Yuvi_Rish) were enjoying but for someone it had become annoying.
“Kunj.” Manohar opened the door and saw a complete mess of Kunj’s cabin! Yuvraj and Rishab were sitting on the table facing Kunj who was on the chair. “Beta, this isn’t your college canteen. The loud laughter of you people be heard even from the conference room. I’ve a meeting there in an hour and so I want the company’s reputation to be safe. If you people want to chill, go to some restaurant or better home. OK.” Manohar scolded the boys on which they nodded obediently but they smiled mischievously as soon as Manohar walked out.
They continued with their silly jokes and laughing while eating pasta. “Oh no! Sauce has finished.” Rishab exclaimed.
“No worries man! I’ll bring it. You both continue.” With those words Yuvraj left.
Just a few minutes after he left, Chayya arrived. They both (Kunj_Rish) smiled at each other knowing what was going on in other’s mind. “Kunj I…”
“Chayya, what’re you doing here?” Kunj asked sipping the coke not letting her complete.
“As far as I remember, I’m Rishab’s PA. And I don’t need to…”
“You WERE my PA Chayya. I’ve fired you but don’t worry one of my friend will employ you soon. Just wait for his call!” Rishab said coolly.
“What? But…”
“Chayya, you’ve heard him.” Kunj interrupted her while standing from his chair fixing his blazer. “I believe you’ve used our differences too much. Not anymore. We don’t need you.” He paused before continuing. “You’ll be delivered your termination letter soon. Now you can kindly leave and never show your face in this premises again.” He added sharply motioning her to leave through his hand while she moved her gaze to Rishab who shrugged giving her the approval that he agreed to each and every word which Kunj said.
Chayya was defeated but her determination wasn’t. She moved out without another word.
She was walking aimlessly and while crossing Manohar’s office, she saw from the glass that he was looking at some papers with uneasiness and he removed them from file or more like tore them from the file clip and was about to put it inside the paper shredder when his phone rang. He was completely distracted, receiving the call and walked outside leaving the paper behind. Chayya hid behind the curtain and carefully stepped inside. At first she thought that the paper Manohar was going to put into a shredder couldn’t be of any use to her but her instincts were the best of her so she took the papers in her hand and it turned out to be what exactly she was searching for! She checked it again and again to confirm. ‘Am I dreaming! How can I get so lucky! Twinkle… You. Are. Finished.’ She thought smirking victoriously and walked out of the office with that piece of paper.

At Home-
As days were passing, Twinkle’s worries for him and her pain was increasing. ‘There ought to be some way out of this!’ She thought desperately.
She was still debating over the ways she could do this without hurting him. Soon the night fell and it was time for Kunj to come home. She heard some commotion in the hall and thought he must’ve arrived. She rushed downstairs to find Kunj yelling angrily at Chayya while Chayya was standing there with same shameless smirk on her face. As his eyes fell upon Twinkle, the fire in his eyes calmed down. “Twinkle! Go inside. I’ll handle this nonsense and come.”
“No Kunj. This is about her, right? So let’s clear it from her only.” Chayya stated confidently.
“Twinkle! I trust you completely. You don’t need to give any explanation. Just go inside!” Kunj assured her looking into her eyes.
“Can someone tell me what’s going on?” Twinkle asked getting irritate with their conversation.
Chayya knew how ethical Twinkle was! Whatever happened she would stick to her morals and values and today was the time she could take advantage of this! She came forward and showed the bond paper to Twinkle. “Just answer in a yes or no. Did you have a deal with Mr. Manohar Sarna that you’ll have a contract marriage with Kunj for six months in exchange of MONEY and leave him once he’s cured of his drug addiction.”
The words were true and so was the contract but the way Chayya presented it in front of Kunj was diplomatic and cunning. It didn’t leave her a chance to say anything else.
Within a split second, Twinkle realized that she wouldn’t get such an opportunity again! Even if Chayya was wrong, she could use it for her benefit. This was what she wanted! Someway to keep Kunj away from her health mess and make him… Hate her! Now if she agreed, Kunj wouldn’t stop her from leaving! Without thinking for a second, she answered, “YES! I DID!”
Kunj after staring her for few seconds sighed. “So what?” He asked calmly.
Chayya was shocked by his attitude. “Kunj! What the hell has she done to you? Don’t you see? She’s a freaking gold digger who…”
“CHAYYA!” He yelled angrily. “Mind your tongue when talking about my wife!” He said in dangerously low pitch and both girls could understand he was hardly controlling his anger.
Twinkle was dazed at how much he trusted her. Making him hate her was becoming more difficult with every passing minute. He turned to look at Twinkle with a week smile. “Twinkle! I always knew that dad had done something to make you agree for this marriage or maybe my mind was clouded with the thought that you’re marrying me for money. So I didn’t care much but now it doesn’t matter. I thank whatever circumstances brought us together. I always will.” He said emotionally but by now Twinkle was determined to do her task. She would never get a chance like today.
“You should care Kunj!” She said slowly removing his hands from her shoulders. “I… I’ve done what I was here for and… It’s time for me to leave.” She said making Kunj as pale as white sheet.
“What’re you saying love! We… We love each other truly. Don’t we?”
“I don’t.” She said turning her face in the opposite direction. “This girl is right. I was here for your treatment at any cost. You had already rejected 30+ therapist and psychiatrist. You left your dad no other option. That’s why he had to do this! I had to do this! Now when you’re alright and everything is in place, I think you should also accept that this is the truth and move on.”
He pulled her wrist so tightly that it hurt and forcefully made her look into his eyes. “If this is some kind of joke, stop it right now Twinkle! And if really this is the truth, then at least tell me, how and when did we go from being so happy to so sad. What did I do?” He snapped feeling himself so week at the moment.
“No it isn’t a joke Kunj! This is how it was supposed to end. This is it. The truth. Why don’t you just accept it!” She said trying to sound cold.
“Then why did you build false hope in me that you LOVE me? Why did you make me REALIZE my feelings for you? Why did you make me CONFESS my feelings? Answer me Twinkle. I was happy without these feelings then why did you ignite the fire of love in me? Speak up Twinkle!” He almost shouted making Twinkle flinch at her place. Now how she would answer his questions. She was speechless because she didn’t expect such questions from him. Kunj looked at her waiting for the answers while Twinkle looked at him puzzled as to what she should reply.

“Kunj I…” She gulped thinking what lie she should present in front of him. “Kunj it wasn’t love. She paused looking anywhere but him. “I didn’t love you. It was just to bring you back to normal… Bring you back to life. That’s why I had to act…. Like this girl said I did it for money… I did EVERYTHING for money. Even I had to made fake confession for… Money!” She wiped her tears quickly which were about to flow. Only she knew how difficultly she spoke those words which tarnished her self respect. “Kunj that’s all I can say. I can’t give you further ex…”
Kunj pulled her by shoulders in a way that there wasn’t an inch left between them. “You’re lying. I can sense it. I can feel it Twinkle because I know as much as YOU know me! That day Twinkle not only you were saying those words but you were meaning it and your eyes were proving that. Why are you doing this to yourself… To me… To us?”
Twinkle jerked his hands angrily. “Just stop it Kunj! I said what I want to. Now. Please. Just. Stop. It!” She snapped helplessly.
Before Kunj could react Chayya stepped forward. “See Kunj!” Chayya said venomously. “This is the girl for whom you rejected me! See for yourself! Watch the mask of innocence shedding of her face! See her fake love! Feel her betrayal and see her double standards! Even now you don’t believe me! She never loved you!” She said cupping Kunj’s face while he was still in shock and too numb to respond. “I was the one who truly loved you. What did you call me a pro*titute, a sl*t! Kunj I at least have the guts to face the truth. I accept what I’m and don’t fake goodness, morals and values like her. This woman played with your feelings. She’s a hypocrite who doesn’t deserve your goodness! Just throw her out of your life Kunj!” She kept luring Kunj’s mind while Twinkle stood there silently taking in all Chayya’s words.
“Leave.” Kunj said shoving Chayya’s hand off his face.
Chayya smirked and Twinkle turned around to pack her bags but Kunj’s next words shocked both girls to the core. “Not you Twinkle! Chayya… You leave right now.”
“But Kunj…”
“I said leave Chayya… Just get out!” He yelled furiously.
Chayya fumed but nevertheless she knew whatever damage she wanted to cause to their relationship was already done. Maybe now he wasn’t in his senses but he wouldn’t believe Twinkle either. There’s an antidote of every poison but none for doubt! Sooner or later, this poison would kill their relationship! She left with the same vicious smirk on her face.
Kunj closed his eyes taking a deep breath before looking at Twinkle. “Love. Now will you…”
“Will you tell the truth…? Why are you doing this…? Is there any pressure…? Etcetera etcetera! Kunj don’t try to give yourself any hope of our relationship because in the end it’ll hurt you more.” She stated bluntly leaving Kunj numb and broken.
“I’m leaving… Soon.” She told him bitterly and Kunj just stood there like a statue.
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Hey fellas! Oh my Allah! What just happened in this episode! I know you guys must be like what the heck is wrong with Twinkle… But remember it’s Chayya who created the mess, Twinkle just took advantage of that! So the culprit is CHAYYA TRIVEDI.
Who thought Twinkle’s plan to leave alone would backfire in such a way! Well Lord exists and works in mysterious ways!
What Kunj will do now? If he tries to support Twinkle, to what extent will she go to make him believe her lies! What if Twinkle leave? Will Kunj let her go? Will this be so easy? Will he ever come to know the truth…? So many questions. Everything is so messed up, right! But let’s see how their love leads them out of this problem!
Stay tuned for knowing that!
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