Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 14th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Will Uma, Kanak Get Caught?

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 14th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Uma and Kanak hope Aditya brings Palomi to them. Aditya knocks door. Rani peeps via keyhole and informs them. They both hurriedly disguise as Harpreet Singh and Diana. Aditya walks in. Harpreet asks Diana not to cry as Aditya has supernatural powers and will let her meet her mom’s soul tomorrow. Aditya says not tomorrow as mom has invited Sir David to Matruveda’s office as he is coming in town. Kanak and Uma get tensed and think how will that happen. Kanak then says Sir David stays in his hotel itself, so they have a chance.

Mangayyysh briefs hotel staff about sir David’s arrival and warns them not to do any mistake. He then resting on beach chair writes mail about sir David’s schedule to someone and keeps laptop aside searching for charger. Uma emerges from water. Mangayyysh gets mesmerized seeing his body. Maa ka laadla bigadgaya…song..plays in the background. Uma comes and stands in front of Mangayyysh and calls his name. Mangayyysh says he liked the way he called his name. Kanak silently picks laptop from behind. Uma says Mangayyysh’s body is tanned, so if he can apply sunscreen lotion. Mangayyysh happily agrees. Uma applies lotion to his back while Kanak changes schedule nd adds Matruved office visit and keeps laptop back. Uma silently slips off.

Aditya tells Nanda that sir David will come to them for sure, and wealth always comes on his way. Nanda says she is sure Diana is fake and sir David will not come. He says let us see. Nanda then goes to Palomi and says she has one more day for plastic surgery, so she escaped for 1 more day. Palomi thinks she has to escape by then.

Vansh heats milk and it curdles. He gets tensed. Payal smirks reminiscing adding lemon juice in milk to spoil it. Vansh says how will he complete customer order now, he has to bring more milk. Saras says he does not have to as customer changed order and they needed khova instead, they can charge more from customer now. Vansh says she is too intelligent. Saras says they will open a branch from profits. Vansh says they will repay loan and open many branches in whole state. Payal gets more jealous hearing them.

Uma and Kanak go on a romantic boat drive. Uma says she has to bear so much because of him. Kanak says they are partners for life and hopes sir David calls her daughter when he visits Matruveda office.

Precap: Nanda tells Aditya that her doubt regarding Diana will be true.
Aditya touches sir David’s feet. Nanda says he is seeking blessings. David asks who is he. Diana/Kanak gets tensed.

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