Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 13th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya Escapes!

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 13th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kanak and Uma’s Mehandi Ceremony

Ved tells Aditya that he does not understand why Maasi wants to escape. Aditya says Maasi is an old intelligent goose and can go to any extent. Kanak says Uma trusted Maasi so much and considered her a mother, but she Maasi backstabbed Uma for wealth and did not let him register his medicine formulas so that she herself can register them in her name and amass wealth. She says now she will teach a nice lesson to Maasi. Aditya says let us do it together.

Vansh asks shop keys from Bhabho and says he is ready to take up responsibilities. He gift sari to Payal and then Saras and says he will pay the amount. Saras says it is really costly and she does not need it. Bhabho asks to accept it as it is her husband’s hard earned money, a lot changed in her Vansh.

At home, Uma performs pooja on his infertility medicine. Rani asks what is he doing. Maasi says whenever Uma invents a new medicine, he keeps it in front of her feet and takes his blessings. Uma touches Maasi’s feet and praises that his real mother is Kaushalya, but Nanda Maasi gave him good sanskars, she is his guru and with her blessings and after 12 years of hard work, he made a medicine which will cure infertile woman, he submits this medicine to his mother and Nanda Maasi. He has named medicine according to her nature. Maasi asks what.. Uma says Maatru Dhara, exactly like Maasi. Kanak sadly thinks Uma named his medicine in a mother’s name who is disgrace to motherhood. Uma gives his medicine to Maasi. Maasi smiles thinking she is selling this medicine for 100 crores to Mr. Victor and this medicine is a boon to infertile woman, she does not need Uma now.

Mehandi ceremony starts. Maasi applies mehandi to Kanak and reminds her that she applied medicine to her in the morning and ordered not to go out of house, she is giving her same order now, she smirks and says she is gifting Uma to Kanak, Kanak got whatever Kanak wanted and she got whatever she wanted.

On the other side, Ved points gun at Gabbasa and orders him to say as he orders, else he will shoot him. Gabbasa calls Maasi and informs that he rescued Aditya who is in washroom now. Maasi praises him and says she will reward him. She thinks now she is ready to escape. Constable informs Ved that their plan is working and bird escaped. Ved rushes to Aditya’s room and sees wardboy tied to bed. Constable says Aditya thought they are not watching him, wore wardboy’s clothes and escaped. Ved thinks Kanak was right and reminisces her plan. He asks constable if their men are spying Aditya. Constable says each second. Aditya walks out of hospital wearing constable’s attire. Rani informs Kanak that Ved informed that Aditya has escaped. Kanak says good, now Aditya will reach home directly and meet Maasi.

Dance ceremony starts. Suman announces special performance by Uma. Uma wearing western attire dances on Swag se Karenge Sabka Swagat..song…surprising Kanak and everyone present. They all join Uma and dance with him. Maasi silently escapes. Kanak gets down stage and asks Rani where is Maasi. They both search Maasi, but she has escaped.

Precap: Maasi gives poison to Uma and says money is everything. Heartbroken Uma says he trusted her like a mother, why did she betray him. Maasi challenges Kanak what she will bet for Uma’s life.

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