The Past The Present & The Future – Swasan FF – Part – 2…

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The story starts :

3 days passed by,

Sanskar is getting attracted towards Swara.He doesn’t know whether it’s LOVE or ATTRACTION.But he loves her presence.


Swara came to Library for some important books.She’s searching here and there.Finally she saw those books, which are kept in upper shell.Swara saw stool beside her.So she stood up on stool to take those books.Her hands are not reaching there properly.She’s jumping to get those books.Again and again…

Sanskar came to Library on some important work.He saw Swara there.

Sanskar : What are you doing?

Swara lost her balance.

She was about to fall down from stool.

Sanskar came on time and holds her by waist.

Swara closes her eyes tightly in fear of hitting to the ground.

[Swara in mind : What nothing happened to me?Why i am not at all feeling any pain?To know actually what was happening there?Slowly i opened my eyes.To the shock,i saw one handsome boy with attractive black and honey color mixing eyes.His eyes are much attractive. Some what i felt protective in his arms?I totally lost in his magical eyes.]
[Sanskar in mind : When i saw her for the first time,i lost in her beauty.Now i am very close to her.Her beautiful black and orange color mixing eyes are much attractive.Don’t know what’s happening to me?I completely lost in her beautiful eyes.]

So both lost in each other eyes.

After some time,they both came into their senses by some outside sounds.

Sanskar carefully keeps,Swara on the Floor.

Both feels uncomfortable.

To avoid the situation,

Sanskar asks Swara,

Sanskar : What are you doing here?

Swara nervously said,

Swara : Woh…woh…(Pointing her finger towards shell)i want those books which are kept in upper shell.

Sanskar : Ok don’t worry,i will give you.Please wait here.

Swara nodded her head and says Ok.

Sanskar gave books to Swara.Swara thanked him and left the place without turning back.

Kavita : Swara!So you came finally.

Swara : Yaa.Oh actually it’s new place na(Know)?So i am confused a little bit and lost the way.

Kavita : Oh ok.It takes time for us to adjust here.

Swara : Yaa.

Kavita : You are looking mood off.Is everything ok?

Swara : Actually my head is paining.

Kavita : Swara let’s go!

Swara : Where?

Kavita : To home.

Swara : No Kavita.I am ok.

Kavita : Are you sure?

Swara : Yaa i will be fine.

Kavita : Then ok.

Finally Sanskar came to class.

Swasan saw each other.Both feels uncomfortable.

Laksh : Where you went?

Sanskar : To Library.

Laksh : I thought that you went to attend someone’s marriage.

Sanskar Laughs.

Then Laksh too Laughs.
At night 9.00 P.M. (Swara’s Room)…

Swara was about to sleep,but what had happened in the morning disturbing her a lot.

[Swara in mind : I don’t know what is happening to me?I am trying my best to forgot the things which had happened in the morning.I don’t know why but he is affecting me much?He helped me i thanked him.That’s it.It’s over.I did a big mistake in my life(past)by trusting someone.I don’t want to repeat it again.If once heart breaks,we can’t trust any one any more.Same with me.]

Just then,Sharmistha came there to see her.

Sharmistha(Swara’s maa) : Shona!You didn’t slept?

Swara hugs Sharmistha and says,

Swara : Maa…I am not at all feeling sleepy.

Shekhar too came there to see Swara.

Swara ran towards Shekhar and hugs him tightly.

Shekhar : Oh my Princess!You didn’t slept till now.

Sharmistha smiles.

Swara : Papa i am not at all feeling sleepy.

Shekhar : What disturbing my princess?

Swara : Nothing papa.Some past moments.

Shekhar : Past is past princess it passed away.So leave it.Now think about Present and your Future.

Sharmistha : We are with you Shona.We will always support you in each and every decision.We trust you.

Swara hugs his Mumma and Papa and says,

Swara : Mumma,Papa i am very very lucky to get you two as my parents.I love you so much.Thank you for everything.

All shares emotional family hug.

Sharmistha and Shekhar tells some stories to Swara.

After some time Swara feels sleepy and slept peacefully.

They softly and lovingly brushes Swara’s hair and kisses Swara on forehead and left the place.
At night 9.45 P.M. (Sanskar in Hostel Room)…

[Sanskar in mind : Swara…You didn’t said me anything.But your eyes said me many things.I saw fear and pain in your eyes. What’s wrong with me?Why i am thinking about her?Who is she to me?Don’t know,but she is affecting me much.Is this LOVE or ATTRACTION?]

Laksh : Sanskar.

Sanskar : Yes Laksh.

Laksh : I am observing you from past few days.Something is going on in your mind?You can share with me if you want?

Sanskar said everything to Laksh.

Laksh Laughs…

Sanskar : Why are you laughing?

Laksh : I think these are all the symptoms of LOVE FEVER.

Sanskar : Are you out of mind?

Laksh : No.I can prove it if you want?

Sanskar : Ok prove it.

Laksh : I will prove it tomorrow.Now sleep!

Sanskar : Ok.Good Night…

Laksh : Good Night.Sweet dreams…
Precap : Laksh proves Sanskar that he loves Swara.Sanskar proposes Swara.

Let’s see,what’s the reaction of Swara?

Will she accept Sanskar’s love or not?

I hope you all liked it.It takes some time to make the story interesting.Till then, please give your support and lovely comments dear ones.

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