That Falling Kite – part 1

That Falling Kite – one shot

“Cheeku , get that kite….fast….cheeku fast, we  don’t want to lose that ?” The boy not more than 15 yelled to cheeku  of same age who had been running to grab that falling kite before others so he and his friend could fly that.

In those narrow lanes he kept chasing the kite which had been falling freely after the owner had lost it to another kite and finally before he was to collide in that fruit-cart he grabbed it. Muttering a few abuses the fruit vendor pushed his cart forward, but who cared about those; they have got the kite and only this mattered.

“Here, give me the string, I’ll tie it to the kite.” Cheeku said getting the loose end of the kite.

“Hey Ragi, Remember today that Dr. didi will come to distribute the medicines.” He reminded him noticing the almost vanished left thumb of his friend.

“hmmm, I remember. Lets now fly the kite.” Rangeela aptly called Ragi said balancing the wooden reel in his palms.

And in a few moments udi udi jaaye udi udi jaaye, dil ki patang haaye udi udi jaaye.both sang the song from their favorite Shahrukh’ s movie whirling their kite who was now touching the heights of sky and giving them the pleasure of flying high along with it.



“Anika…don’t irritate me.” he shifted in his pillow rubbing his cheek which was being assaulted with something prickly from some time now. But the person leaning over his nose has different plans with that weapon of their.

And in response he only got the sensation a bit more rudely and thinking to capture his sometimes haughty wife he tried clutching the wrist and as he caught the wrist rather rudely his eyes shot open with the realization but it had been too late and a shrill which turned into a cry started.

Getting up he rubbed the little wrist and scooping his little daughter into his lap he told her many sorries which were not enough he knew as the wail was growing up only.

“Hey, hey my strong girl is crying!! What we have decided….Hun? We won’t be crying on little things….he tried reminding her the earlier promise, the sleep already escaping from the scene.

“but Daddy, it hurts here..” she said in between her sobs.

“yeah… daddy is so sorry and daddy will do something for it.” And rubbing the little wrist he carried her to the little corner shelf and made her stand on top of it and taking out the small tube, squeezed out a little gel and applied on the wrist, the girl smiled with the coolness it was giving her.

“daddy, rub it on my cheeks too…

“why, it hurts there too?”

“no …but its so cool cool.”

And smiling they both returned to the bed. “so I guess your mummy is giving you trainings ?”He asked sitting her in his lap.

“For what daddy” she was still engrossed in checking her wrist .

“For troubling me and what was that …he asked looking under the other side of bed for that prickly thing.

And as his eyes landed on that lathering brush of his shaving kit, he again smiled.

“So you were trying to help daddy in shaving  …not bad.” He said picking up the brush. “but don’t climb on stools alone ,you might fall. Okay?” he warned her.

“okay daddy- and they were interrupted by someone.

“Shivaay get up, you said you had to go for some important site seeing.” The lady pregnant of a few months entered the room with a tray.

“We are already mummy.” The little girl said from behind her daddy and together they both smiled.

“little troublemaker ! I was searching you in kitchen and you were here all the time.” She said walking cautiously to the bed.

“Okay, now let’s go .you too have to go school….Right? Come soon, so daddy takes you school with him.” She said putting the tea cup before him and before anything the girl vanished from the room.

“Did I just smell the ointment here?” she thought trying to smell again.

“Yeah, a little mishap happened here. But nothing to worry.” He shrugged and nuzzling into her neck from back lightly patted her bulging belly, “so how are my babies doing?”

“They are doing fine, both the big baby and the little baby.” and turning in his embrace she looked up . “Remember, today we have to go for the check up?”

“Yeah, I remember .i will try coming soon otherwise go with Ma, It’s an important day today; some important site-seeing.” He said loosening the hug.

“Okay, I‘ll call to confirm in evening.” She said kneeling to open the drawer where her vitamins had been kept. “And hurry, otherwise you both will get late.” She suggested.

“By the way, are you giving her some training?” he asked as she turned.

“Who ?” she asked turning back.

“Our daughter…..he smiled and she made a She-Did-Not-Get-His- Point face.

“She had been waking me up today with this- he pointed the brush.

“Really…I must say our girl is taking after Me.” and she laughed.

“Then I want this coming baby to give me a team.” He muttered entering the balcony with his tea.

“My god, You always gave me more than what I asked, now I am only asking for a healthy baby,” she silently prayed looking at the luxurious life she was living which was a dream she was still trying to adjust.



Days were different for the men who had a purpose in life, who had to think about their next move next day. For a slum boy like him his days were the same every day.

But yeah; sometimes he too got a pinch of fresh air when he used to get a kite and with his friend and not more than his four years old sister he used to fly it on the barren plateau away from the city where many of the slum children used to play.

From a few days the plateau had been hustling with big shiny cars and many highly posted big men were visiting their Peace-place. Maybe they were thinking something big again in their big minds and the usually Shaded Eyes were seeing the future of the barren plateau.

Like every day he woke up early to take his sister to the old lady in slum who used to take care of her sister when he was gone and in return he used to cook for her too; it was this simple in his place.

The ladies who had no one, used to take care of the kids when their parents or guardians were to their duties and in return they used to give them food. And thinking about it he looked at his palms colored with the dyes which were not going away for months. He used to take care but a little carelessness and the color from the glass bangles used to color his palms too.

He had to reach the factory before 9 so his owner didn’t shout on him.

“My little sister,” he cooed to her lovingly. “wake up .we have to go to Maayi* and balancing his little bag on one shoulder and  lifting his sister in his hands he walked out of the tin shell they called home.



Hey Guys, so another shot or this time a short story has been updated. A very happy MahaShivratri and Yes a very lovely Valentine’s Day too ❤❤❤❤

This time I have tried something totally new which I am doing after this devastating thing I read a couple of weeks back. Maybe I am cheating a bit – calling it a fan fiction but guys I only want you to read some real things too sandwiched between the romance genres. J

This chapter is only the first part and more like the character sketch/ storyline but I have hinted what this story is going to be and in upcoming chapters let’s see how the fairytales turn the nightmare in a moment (and vice versa) or maybe we just need to change the demeanor.

 Maayi – Another word for mother, out of immense love to a lady.

Now Thank you so much guys for the likes and comments on the introduction earlier, this time too I will be waiting for your response J

Also next part will be updated in three days.

With love, Morusya.


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