Swasan – A Despacito One Night Stand (#18)

A Despacito One Night Stand (#18)




She said my name and wonders happen through my cells…. mia tigersita, she launched toward me and pour her lips over mine, my fire player, I kissed her and sucked her plump lips and my hands roamed freely feeling each part, my hell f**king awesome.. i forgot everything and all i care was to have her again…. to feel her again…


I pushed her to the wall and warped one hand around her neck possessively, showing her that she was f**king god damn mine… she moaned when my other hand squeezed over her br*ast and bite her low lip but did I budge??, hell no… I slipped my tongue in her mouth and flipped every corner, I played her tongue with mine while her protest increase.


Her hands messed my hairs and flipped open the node of my mask and she removed it away, then moved all over my back rubbing and pulling my blazer that I felt she would tore it apart, I felt her pushing my chest, she needed air but I didn’t stop and f**ked her mouth with my tongue in and out grapping her neck to keep her in place.


I felt her knee rubbing my thigh close to my throbbing dick and I let her lips go


“f**k” I breathed


She was a breathing mess, getting her breaths fast…


“yes… f**k” she breathed back


I hold her tight to me


“where did you disappeared? Where did you go? I looked everywhere for you?? Why did you f**king leaved me?”


She looked sad, hurt, void then smile “tigerita follows no one, I am free playful wind, go when I want and come when I wish. No one have rule over me”


I tighten my hold around her neck “No, you are f**king mine swara, just mine”


I saw anger flicker her eyes like fire cinder and her nails dig in the palm I have around her neck painfully as she stap me with her nails


“my name is f**king tigersita… who is this b*t*h swaraaaaa?”


I hissed in pain and let her neck go, it was sudden painful,


“you are. Don’t play now. I know who you are really is swara gadodia, your secret is safe….”


“I think you are so drunk. I don’t know who you the f**k god damn you talk about you good for nothing….”


“then you tell me who the f**k are?”


“I am the girl you f**ked to oblivion 2 month go f**ker”


I was beyond angry, if she wanna play I am no hell mode for it. I grap her shoulders with my might “give me a f**king name, a f**king id”


“T I G E R S I T A” she hissed in venom dripping very letter. Her fire, her breaths, f**k, her lips swollen to my kiss and I wanted even more…


“be mine”


“No, I don’t belong to anyone”


“did you f**ked anyone after me?”


“that’s mine to know… are you gonna keep talking… or… let me fling your fancy pant zipper…… master”


Holly shit, this girl…. Too much, I f**king addict to her wild side. She cant be swara…. Or can she?!


“be my mistress”


I saw shock cross her eyes and her eyes went wide like soccer balls “what!!”


“be my mistress. I will buy house, maids and all you think of, I will pay you money, name your price and i….”




For seconds I didn’t know what happen, I didn’t progress anything in my brain but the ringing sound snapped in the air, and then utters silent and utter shock. Ever slowly I felt the heat sting my left cheek, what is that?? … did she slapped me?? As I felt my brain start working I answered myself, yes she slapped me…


My head didn’t turn and my eyes never left hers, and if looks killed I would have been six feet buried right now, the fire in her eyes weren’t playful like I saw before, this fire is bad type like she burn me and bury me without a flick, right here and right now.


“I. am. Not. Cheap. Girl… and If I want to sale myself I would have done that when you took my virginity…. If I ever had a price you will never be able to pay”


He words shocked me and paralyzed me, what the f**k I did? I felt her jerk my hands and pushed me with force that I lost my balance and I stumbled my steps backwards. She unlock the door, looking back for a second “goodbye mr. maheshwary”


Then she ran out…..





Was this really swara?? The soft, fragile, snow flake like girl I meet today. She couldn’t even be 10 steps near me, very shy and very soft, barely talking and she hide her smile so she don’t show her lips in display. He voice barely passing her lips and don’t talk much. That was the swara I met.


This girl is nothing, NOTHING like her, this is a tigress indeed, so wild and brave like I never saw… when she took meuu from my side I felt bang of possessive struck me and when she danced as much as I loathed it, I took pleasure in it, unlike tigress her moves were calm and steady, not jumping and all this, her eyes smiled for the first time and I loved it, I felt my heart skip a beat at the twinkle in her eyes.


I was shocked when I saw sanskar beside tigress or swara or whatever that is, that too dancing,,,….. Sanskar Maheshwary dances and get touchy with a girl… does judgmental day on doors? I was hell shocked but smiled… sanskar was free. In seconds he danced and sang too without caring his dad and family and all this bullshit that keep him from living.


Kapeer released a whistle that left my ear ringing, when sanskar looked at us I hoped he can see how happy I am for him but he seemed bit lost, he turned and that’s when my eyes went wide… she is gone!!! Shit… then I saw him going for meuu… double shit… he choked her, triple shit and a f**k… by time reached them from the dancing bodies he was gone and she was holding her neck and try breathing…


“hai… calm down”


“i… I did ….. nothing… wh…. Y… ahh ahh”


She started shaking and sopping and her neck was red already. I took her hand in mine and she snapped looking at me and our contact, I took her with me outside the club and open my car door for her, she didn’t got in rooted in her place looking at her feet….


“don’t play shy girl role ok… just get in”


She lowered her head even more and sit inside and I got to the driver seat, I had ointment in car so I pick it “rise you head” I said and she did and I apply to her. She would hiss and slightly twist her head bit I did it.


“sorry about my friend, he isn’t in his mood today”


She nodded… we sat in silent that was toring me… finally she spoke


“I will go now, excuse me”


“in a hurry back to that useless”


“why do this to me? Stop it.. I didn’t do anything bad to you…” she snapped at me and then her tears came “I know what I am and I know what you think of me… just stop reminding me of it every second”


She ran back inside and guilt squeezed me, I have always been good to any girl even bad ones, never thought of hurting any, but I don’t know this feeling I have toward this girl and why I hate everything she does… I ran after her, I am wrong and I must sorry to her… when I enter again I forgot all as I saw sanskar on the bar drinking like the last of his breath…






She said those words and got out.. I was rooted for seconds, how did I say those words?? I ran after her but she vanishes in the thin air…


“swaraaaa” I called and called but got no reply, I searched but I felt like she is gone like the last time, I lost her again….


I went to the bar and I asked for something strong… first one it sting a lot and burned aall the way to my stomach but I didn’t stop, I drink another and another… and I cant see or feel anything anymore…




I felt my body being twisted, I try look and see and I barely regonized the face


“al… all”


“shshshsh mi amigo … te tengo shh ”


*shshshsh amigo… I got you shshsh


Later that I welcomed darkness


I was walking, or flying or what I don’t know, all I know it was just so dark and then I am in purti rico again, the same street, and she was there, standing emotionless, with void empty face, here cloth was same as I saw her first time, hot short and top, just looking to me….




“sanskar ji”


I snapped my head to the other side and that was her too, but in kurtha and marwadi look




I keep look at them both….. were they same person?? No different… no same… no…




I screamed at both but all I got is both open their arms to me, calling for me…..


“help me…..” swara whispered and pearl tears pour of her eyes…


“sanskar…” said tigersita…. “come to me”


“help me”


“come to me”


“help me”


“come to me”


Their voices cooed through my head ripping my space, my sainty, my uncousions…




Breathing so heavy as I felt my lungs may burn, not releasing where I am but all I know I was dreaming . I felt arms around and a voice… what it was saying


“sans……, look ……. its ok… sanskaaar”


I looked and my senses where coming back now…




“it ok amigo… it was a dream… shshsh , I got you amigo.. shshs”




He poured some for me and I drank so eagerly like I was dying of thirst and alano was rubbing my back… when I finally calmed down I remembered all had happen…


“where am i?”


“my home… you was too drunk to get you to yours, or even call any of your brothers, I know you don’t get along with”


“good you did”


“its still 4 am… sleep more amigo”


“she is driving me mad alano… I don’t know why or what to do, it was swara right… that was her?”


“I don’t know … face was surly same… but come on, swara shivers in shy if any man is 5 steps near her”


I throw my body over the bed, dizzy and mind exhausted… alano was leaving


“wont you ask what happened…”


“when you wake again I will”


“where is kapeer”


“urrgh as much as I wanted him to get himself with some chick but for my bad luck he is snoring outside on my baby coach waiting for the prince to wake up”


I chuckle deeply and closed my eyes… by heart brothers, without them I would have surely wasted.. as sleep was taking over I knew today was going to be a one of hell day, when dad find out I didn’t sleep at house he will collapse the house upon me…

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