Shani 15th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Devraj fills Hanuman’s ears against Shani

Shani 15th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shani tells his mother he is feeling strange today. I feel as if something is about to go wrong. It seems as if some old memory is trying to come alive again and again.

Screen shifts to Hanuman.

Ravan says a monkey. Devraj Indra confirms that there is a monkey who can get Shani under his control. He will hurt Shani so much that Dhamini will be forced to beg Shani’s life from you. She will then be ready to do anything for Shani’s sake.

Shani is thinking about Hanuman. Where are you Hanuman? I will never be able to forget you but look at my fate. You cannot even think of me! I pray to Mahadev that you are safe and a winner always.

Hanuman easily lifts his opponent in the air and throws him away. Is there anyone else who can challenge me and let me practise for war? Is there anyone in the world? He hears someone calling out his name. He looks around puzzled. A guy attacks him from behind. Hanuman pins him by his throat. It is no fun fighting with kids like you but one thing makes me really happy. I hear strange sounds. It is as if someone is calling out to me. It seems to be some friend or it is possible that it might be my imagination. This imagination of my friend makes me happy. you ruined that and have made me angry. You will now bear the brunt of it. He beats that guy and all those who come in his way. Next time remember that when I am dreaming with my eyes closed, don’t interrupt me! Someone asks him why he hurt all those guys. Vanarraj Bali wants to meet you. Hanuman agrees to come soon. I wonder who this friend is, who is in my thoughts but whom I have never met. When will I meet him? IS there something that is in my subconscious but I cannot remember it? Who can it be?

Shani tells Shukracharya he has no time. I will take you to Lanka. Are you coming with me or not? I will be bound to force you otherwise. Shukracharya tells him he cannot do it. I dint expect it from you. Shani points out that he has chosen his path. Are you coming with me or not? Shukracharya refuses. I neither support Ravan nor will I let you become a part of his bad deeds. Shani is bound by his promise to Ravan. Shukracharya chooses to fight with him then. Shani attacks him. Asuras get angry seeing this and attack him but Shani easily manages them. I will cast my Maarak Drishti on whoever will try to stop me now. Asuras stand their ground while Shukracharya fights with Shani. Shukracharya loses in no time. Shani catches hold of him. He folds his hand to seek his forgiveness. Shukracharya calls it wrong. Why are you doing this? Shani replies that time will tell you this.

Dhamini wakes up mumbling Shani’s name. She wakes up and finds him standing before her. She coughs and is really weak. She realises it to be Ravan. Ravan tells her there is no need to apologize now. Shani has surrendered. You too should accept my proposal now as your freedom is in my hands. Dhamini shares that she is in a fix sometimes. Every sinner hides their sins from Shani but you are instead instigating Shani to attack you. I wonder if you are most cruel or the most foolish person! Ravan boasts about himself. Shani is trying to bring Nav-graha’s here while his friend is deciding to teach Shani such a lesson which you would not be able to imagine. Shani cannot hurt him.

Devraj Indra keeps a proposal before Vanar-raj Bali. Bali is in no mood to take part in this but Devraj Indra tells him he only has to go against one person and help Ravan. I have told you already that I need only person to do this task. Only one Vanar can do this task. It is Hanuman. Hanuman greets Bali just then. Bali introduces Hanuman to his father Devraj Indra. Hanuman recalls how Devraj Indra had hurt him with his Vakra when he was a kid. A God’s son is a Vanar? It is so strange and unordinary. Bali reasons that the world is full of such differences.

Surya Dev asks Shani what his next plan is. Are you sure Ravan will free Dhamini if you will take us to him? I feel we should consult Tridev. Shani replies that they did come there but they were helpless too. We have no other option left. Yam tells him it is enough. You seem to forget that one son of Surya Dev is still alive. I will free my father from you! If you can face Mahadev for your mother then I too am ready to fight you for my father!

Bali asks Indra Dev who he wants to hurt with Hanuman’s help. Indra Dev takes Shani’s name. It sounds familiar to Hanuman for some reason. Indra Dev it is because he is the one who is responsible for giving pain to the world. You too are a part of this world as well. Shani is very strange. He is shrewd since his birth. He cast eclipse on his father the moment he took birth! As he grew, his cruelties increased. He tortured us Gods; even killed his sister and then killed Surya Dev’s wife Sanghya! Ravan could not bring his Aradhya to Lanka because of him. He is always eager to kill people with the help of his Maarak Drishti anytime. You have to kill that Shani only! Hanuman feels as if he has heard all this before and has experienced them himself. Indra Dev worries that if his memories return then Ravan’s plan will fail. He tells Hanuman that Shani’s cruelties are known all around in the world. You too would have known it for sure. You are a fighter. As a fighter, you should finish what is wrong!

Precap: Hanuman hits Shani using his mace. Shani’s dear friend has returned in the form of his biggest enemy. What will be the consequence?

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