Savitri Devi 13th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Ayesha traps Veer taking intimate pics

Savitri Devi 13th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanchi falling in Dr. Kabir’s arms. Photographers click their pics. Sanchi removes her sandal and calls everyone including Veer. Veer is much hurt and don’t go on stage. Sanchi calls him. Veer goes and stands beside Sanchi. Sanchi looks at Veer’s pic and thinks he is her strength. She sees group pic and says this pic deserves to be on cover page and emails the magazine guy. Photographer checks it.. Ayesha takes his mobile and says it is boring for cover page. She smirks. Receptionist tells Sanchi that hospital magazine came. Sanchi calls everyone and says magazine is printed. She thanks everyone for their efforts and support and says now it is magazine time. She says surprise and shows magazine to everyone. Ayesha smiles. Veer is shocked and hurt.

Sanchi sees his upset face and checks magazine cover page. She sees her pic with Dr. Kabir in romantic way. Veer claps and says what a cover page. Sanchi says you are having misunderstanding. Mr. Rao comes there and asks if she liked the pic. Sanchi says I have sent you group pic. Mr. Rao tells that she is lying and says she wants to be in limelight and wants her pic only. Veer blames Sanchi and asks Mr. Rao to go. Veer says if you want to be on cover page then you would have told. Dr. Kabir comes and asks Sanchi not to give explanation.

Dr. Kabir tells that he talked to Editor and all the magazines will be destroyed and will be reprinted. Sanchi says what about the magazines which are printed and read. Ayesha instigates Veer against Sanchi. Veer takes magazine from everyone’s hand and burns it. Sanchi comes there and cries.

She tells Dr. Kabir why her luck is bad. Dr. Kabir pacifies her. Veer goes to his room and is heaving drunk. He looks at his pic with Sanchi and throws the photo frame. He sits down shattered. Ayesha comes there and asks why you are getting troubled, and says Sanchi is enjoying with Dr. Kabir. Veer says I hate her and gets unconscious. Ayesha smiles.

Sanchi tells Dr. Kabir that she loves Veer and can’t bear his hatred. Dr. Kabir asks her to give him sometime and asks her to talk to him in the morning. Ayesha makes Veer lie down on bed and also lie down with him. She takes their pics on bed and thinks nice MMS will be made now.

She comes to Gayatri and shows her pic. Gayatri gets happy and hugs Ayesha. Ayesha asks her to give money for pics. Gayatri refuses. Ayesha snatches ring from Gayatri’s finger and says I know how to get my rights. Gayatri thinks once her work is done, she will show her value to her. Sanchi comes to Veer’s room and sees Ayesha there asking him to get up. She asks what you are doing here. Ayesha says she is taking care of her friend. She asks him to have coffee. Veer gets up and says Ayesha is right.

Sanchi asks him to drink lemon water. Veer asks her to take it. Sanchi says she gets affected seeing someone’s pain and says you were once my friend and colleague now. Veer asks if Dr. Kabir took my place. Sanchi refuses to give him explanation. Ayesha asks him to drink coffee. Veer says I will drink lemon water. Ayesha asks if you have self respect or not. Veer says enough. Ayesha says I will make your love story end, that there will be no story.

A man brings his would be wife to hospital and says someone cut her finger having 5 crores worth ring. Sanchi tells Dr. Kabir that the ring is missing. Man blames Sanchi for stealing it.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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