Regretted Revenge (SwaSan) Shot 11 by Marsuu

Regretted Revenge (SwaSan)
Shot 11:
Recap: sanskar get to know the truth and he feels guilty. Swara’s condition is critical.

Sanskar hurriedly enter inside the hospital and ran to swara’s ward. Shomi is waiting outside and saw sanskar.
” why you again came sanskar?” she asked harshly.
” ma please once i want to see swara please” he pleaded as tears made their way through his cheeks. Shomi felt bad for him, she can understand even he got biggest shock about his father and bua’s deeds.
” okay but only once when swara will gain conscious i don’t want that she should see you and get hurt” shomi said rather ordered.
Sanskar silently nodded as he don’t have any other option.
” may i go??” He asked. Shomi nodded.
Sanskar enter inside the cabin and fresh tears fell from his eyes as he saw swara lying lifelessly. He with baby steps approached her and sat on the chair near to her bed. For several minutes, sanskar keep on staring her.
Sanskar picked her hand slowly than taking near his lips, kiss her palm.
” I’m so..rry” he mumble cryingly.
Sanskar know he hurted her badly and now she hate him and that’s stabbing his heart.
Sanskar close his eyes and rest his head on her hand.

SwaSan are sitting at the edge of the cliff with swara’s back resting on sanskar’s chest. It’s night with sky full of stars. Swasan are going to marry soon so they want to spend quality time with each other.
Sanskar is playing with swara’s fingers and kissing her neck.
” sanskar where we will go for honeymoon??” Swara asked turning towards him.
” where you want to go??” He questioned nuzzling his nose in her cheeks.
” hmm let me think” she said placing her first finger on the chin. Sanskar smile at her cuteness.
” what’s the need to go anywhere when we can do that in our room” sanskar naughtily whisper in her ear. Swara stiffened as his cold fingers touch her belly.
” do what???” She raised her eyebrow teasingly.
” you don’t know??” He asked narrowing his eyes while swara shook her head innocently.
” than let me show you madam” sanskar smile and open first button of her top. Swara stare in his eyes and her breath got unstable as his fingers trace on her neck.
” we are out” swara whisper and sanskar give several kisses on her pinkish cheeks.
” let’s go inside the car” sanskar winks and smile as swara was crimson red by now. Sanskar faceplam and lean towards her. Swara close her eyes in anticipation and sanskar slowly place his lips on her, kissing her soflty. Their eyes got close tightly as the kiss turn passionate. Sanskar pull her more closer pressing her chest on his torso. Sanskar break the kiss when he felt swara need air. He join his forehead with her, still their eyes are shut.
” swara” he called her. Swara look at him with so much of love.
” I’m scared” sanskar said.
” why??” Swara give him perplexed look.
” i don’t want to lose you. I had seen many couples get separate after marriage” sanskar confessed his fear.
” bcoz sanskar they don’t trust their partner but we will always trust each other promise” swara asked showing her palm.
” promise” sanskar smile placing his hand on her.
” i love you swara” sanskar shouted. Swara laugh as the echo was heard for long time.
” wait let me also shout” she excitedly got up. Sanskar also stood beside her.
” i love you sanskar” swara shouted and then she again started laughing as her voice echoed at the silent cliff.
“Always keep smiling ” sanskar pull her closer wrapping his hands around her.
” i will smile bcoz you are in my life” swara said kissing his cheeks. Sanskar hug her tightly.
Flashback ends.

” i break your promise. I didn’t trusted you. How can i believe that you will kill me when you used to say me as your life” sanskar was bitterly crying remembering their happy moments.
” I snatched everything from you swara especially your beautiful smile” sanskar was regretting sitting next to her while she was deaf to his words.
” i know you don’t want to see me but i don’t want to lose you swara, bcoz you are only one whom i can say that you belong to me” sanskar was blabbering trying to express his pain and how he is feeling.
He felt swara move her finger, he saw that she is moving her head in sleep.
” swara” he caress her forehead getting up from chair.
” ahh” swara winced as she felt severe pain in her head.
” swara you are fine” he panicked.
” wait i will call doctor” sanskar rushed out and shouted for doctor. Soon doctor and nurse came. Shomi and sanskar are also there.
” ahhhh” swara is screaming in pain. Sanskar ran to her but doctor stop him as they are treating her.
” why she is feeling pain?” Sanskar shouted at the doctor.
” Mr Maheshwari may be she got her memory back” doctor assumed.
” really!! My old swara will come back” sanskar’s eyes shinned. He knew he did wrong but he will plead her, request or what ever she want but will get her back and rectify his all mistakes. Doctor give injection to swara bcoz of which she calmed and slept.
” she is out of danger and will soon gain conscious than only we can say about her memory” doctor said after checking swara.
” okay” sanskar signed in relief that swara will be fine soon. Doctor and nurse left leaving shomi and sanskar inside the cabin.
Sanskar smile with teary eyes and kiss swara’s forehead.
” sanskar i said you to be away from her” shomi said rudely.
” ma i want to talk to her and clear all misunderstandings” sanskar said.
” but it’s too late moreover she is already suffering from so much pain let her recover.” shomi was also stubborn. She don’t want her daughter to suffer. Sanskar nodded as he himself don’t want to stress swara. He just want her to be fine.

After an hour;
Shomi and sanskar are in the cabin sitting on the couch. Swara slowly open her eyes as she gained conscious.
” ma” she whisper seeing shomi. Shomi ran to her and hug her. Sanskar also went close to her.
” ma I’m do.n’t cry” swara said as she felt shomi was crying.
” thank god you are okay” shomi said kissing her forehead. Swara slightly smile but soon that smile vanished as she saw sanskar.
Sanskar’s eyes are soft and filled with guilt. There is another element that’s love which he has suppressed in his heart.
” ma i remember what i forgot those three years of my life” swara said.
” swara it means you got your memory, thank god” sanskar cups her face but she turn otherside.
” ma when we can go home?” swara asked from shomi totally ignoring sanskar’s presence.
” swara we will go to our house Trust me i will not hurt you” sanskar said with wet eyes. Though he know she won’t come but he want to be with her.
” ma i want to go to my house” swara said not even giving a look to sanskar.
” i will talk to doctor than will go” shomi said.
” now you take rest” shomi said. Swara nodded and kept her head on the pillow while shomi went to talk to doctor.
Sanskar helplessly stare swara whose gaze is fixed at the ceiling.
” swara” sanskar again call her with the hope that may be she will react but no, swara close her eyes pretending to sleep. Sanskar signed sadly. He wipe his tears and sit next to her. He won’t leave her side even if she don’t want him near her.
To be continued…..

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