Priya Prakash Varrier, The Girl India Wants To Date On Valentine’s Day, Reveals Her Plans For Feb 14

When Priya Prakash Varrier agreed to be all cute in the song Manikya Malaraya Poovi in the Malayalam film Oru Adaar Love, little did she know that she will become an internet sensation. The actress has gained immense popularity and followers on her social media account ever since the clip with her cute, old school romance expressions went viral. Her phone hasn’t stopped ringing as well, with friends, family and media calling her up to congratulate her and to get her reactions to this sudden, unforeseen fame.

In an interaction with a national daily, the actress has revealed that her mail box is full with messages from men who want to ask her out for Valentine’s Day. Flattering it is. But is there any offer that would accept or is there no scope for that due to the presence of a special someone in her life already? Talking about matter of her heart, Priya shared, “There’s no one special in my life. My studies and my dream of becoming an actor are the two focal points of my life.”

Meme Comparing Priya Prakash Varrier And Katrina Kaif Goes Viral And You Have To See It Right Now!

Meme Comparing Priya Prakash Varrier And Katrina Kaif Goes Viral And You Have To See It Right Now!

But it is Valentine’s Day tomorrow and she ought to have some plans? To this Priya revealed, “I’ll have to go to college because attendance is a problem.” Stepping out to go to college after becoming a sensation will be a task. What if fans throng her college making an attempt to get a glimpse of her or get a picture with her? “I am not thinking much about getting mobbed — after all, I go to a girl’s college,” Priya Prakash Varrier shared in her brief interaction. The actress has tasted with her very first film. Now, only time will tell if this internet sensation continues to has audiences’ hearts when Oru Adaar Love hits screens on 3 March, 2018.

Source: India Showbiz

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