Prisha : Sign Of 7 Days Of Friendship By Fenu (Pearl : 05)

2nd Day

Kunj wakes up early and get ready he goes in kitchen and prepares breakfast for both. Then goes in their room and sees her still sleeping. He clicks loads off selfies with her in sleeping zone.

Kunj : Twinkle wake up !!

Twinkle : Good Morning Kunj.

Kunj : Get ready fast breakfast is ready.

Twinkle : What !! Who made breakfast?

Kunj : Me , I am best cook u know.

Twinkle : Self praising , kya baat hain.

Kunj : then why don’t you praise me…what say ?

Twinkle : mad…first let me taste it don’t know how much salt and mirchi you have added.

Kunj : You Mad go and come soon after bath.

Twinkle : What Bath ? I always eat breakfast before bath.

Kunj : what…you stupid girl, you are dustbin that’s why you eat before brush,bath…ewww yuck.

That’s shit le liya na panga Twinkle started beats him with pillow and didn’t gave chance to Kunj for defense….by taking chance Kunj held her hands and pins her to bed Twinkle is in between Kunj and Bed head…Kunj leans more down towards and Twinkle’s heart beats get speed of Karnawati Express …he leans more and  her eyes gets close automatically…

“I am Sorry” He said and stood up near window.

Twinkle opens eyes after hearing “I am Sorry” and went up to him.

“Why you are sorry..mistake was mine?” Twinkle says nervously.

“I called you stupid and dustbin…all start because me only.” Kunj speaks still watching outside of window.

“Yaa for that I’m forgiving you and even I had called you Mad and you was just explaining  me little thing that take bath before eating oky from now on I will take bath before eat but not today you know what Y’s day when woke up for eat something there was nothing prepare and I am hell hungry now.” Twinkle said.

“Ohh you should ask me I would prepare something for you” Kunj said while dragging her on sofa table where he has place breakfast.

“You were sleeping peacefully”

“Oky don’t worry about it and don’t ignore hunger you know mom was always woke up whenever I woke up in middle of the night if I was get hungry and we both enjoys a lot …you know one day in middle night we both are hungry and preparing something and doing mashti and whole vessels  stand fall down then because of noise neighbors came on door with weapons  thinking thieves enters in our home….after explaining them when we closed door we both laughed like anything thinking our stupidity in middle of the night.” He finished saying and started laugh while all time twinkle was admiring him and joins him in laugh.

“ seriously your mom also…?”Twinkle asked being still confused.

“yaa, She is the main dramebaaz then me…”

“You love her that much that you got ready to marry me “

Both became silent and eats breakfast without saying a words.

Later , they eat breakfast and Kunj shows his selfie with her.

“OMG You are so bad see how many and that too goji goji selfie” Twinkle said all shocked seeing all weird pics.

“One second…what that Goji Goji?” Kunj asked being not able to understand that weird word.

“it’s bad or spoiled”

“See this pic was so yuck…my saliva are coming from mouth on pillow and you clicked it also…so bad “

“No this pic is more popular , I have sent all to Kanishtha and Papa and Shiv Bhaiyaa…they all asked about this pic and laugh…so I think it’s best pic.”

“hwww you sent all this to them also , in this pic you are making mustache with my hairs only.”

“That’s cool na just imagine The Great Twinkle Taneja with Big Mustache…wah wah kya ruaab hain”

“Ohh pls stop it…I will see you later..i am going for bath then we will go temple be ready “ Twinkle said and went.



Twinkle : Oky , thank you for making my favorite dishes in breakfast.


At Temple

They takes pooja items.

Panditji : Give me plate I will do pooja.

Twinkle gives plate and prays for her love,Family and kanishtha.

Kunj : krishnaji , 7days ka promise hain , 7days aapko Twinkle ko sahi salamat rakhna hain. Kanishtha ka jo trust hain mujhpe usko bhi sambhalna hain. Mom ka bhi khayal rakhna waise Kanishtha hainso I have no worry…Kanishtha ,don’t know kis mitti ki bani hain kabhi mujhse kuch mangti nahi dusro ki khushi mein hi hamesha khush rehti hain pata nahi apne liye kab soch hoga usne har time mere aur mummy ke bare mein tension leti rehti hain aur see today also she sent me here with Twinkle for Twinkle’s happiness and there I know she must be doing hardwork for managing money for Mr.Taneja’s loan , don’t know I deserves her not but she deserves a lot , don’t know how I will make her happy…TRUST me if anything wrong happened in these 7 days and hurts her I will end my life, how will I face her.


They ate Prasad sits on bench at garden area of temple and enjoying cool atmosphere.

Twinkle : Kya manga krishnaji se?

Kunj : Well being for all nothing else.

Twinkle : Ohh really then how those lone tears were coming from your eyes when you were praying.

Kunj : I have allergy with that Havan’s smoke nothing else.

Twinkle : Are you sure?

Kunj : Yaa I am sure now say where we can go for in noon.

Twinkle : Kunj  , lets go for movie.

Kunj : Oky

They leaves from there.

They watch “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil”..they both cries and Kunj understands her one sided love. They had lunch and came back to farm house.

To Be Continued…

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