Preetan FF : Truth of life Part 15


Preeta takes Karan at terrace to have him find name on her Mehndi. He eventually have hard time but ends up finding it much to her happiness.

Preeta : not bad, my future husband (puts hands around his arms) so what do want from me

“One small goes near  her

Preeta closes her eyes with small smile

“Romantic drive distances away little bit and laughs

“Tonight? gets restless

Karan ; you don’t have to agree if you are not comfortable

Preeta : anything for you, by the way you are forgetting something

“That you wore my given necklace softly whispers in her ears almost touching it

Shrishti calls both of them downstairs

Priest tells the auspicious day for marriage is after two days.

Tanya looks at her parents picture while sitting outside near pool.


“Tanya, why do you never listen to me her mom Nandini is shouting because of clothes she wears

Tanya : mom, chill I am a doctor’s daughter, I am taking extra clothes for safe side

“Are you trying to fool your mother, don’t even think about that, put those small dresses back twists her ear

Her father Vikram comes to save her daughter. Tanya has been a princess of her father from childhood.

Vikram : why are you scolding my daughter again?

Nandini : you pampered her so much that she does not have any shame, look at her clothes see (shows small dresses)

Vikram : we are living in London, for god sake and my daughter is not less than anybody (gives her high five)

Nandini : okay spoil your daughter, when you will have hard time finding boy for her then don’t come to me alright

“My reserved mom, you don’t have to look guys for your daughter, boys will come running after me, you just wait puts hands around her mother

Nandini : you father daughter duo always are on side, I wish I had one more child to be on my side

“Mom, I don’t have anybody other than you both, what will I do without you both, and don’t worry even if dad does not support you I will always stay on your side batters her mom

Nandini : don’t try to bribe me with your sweet talks, it won’t work with me

Tanya ; you are my super cool mother, love you (hugs her)

Nandini : my princess now get ready your flight is within few hours

Flashback ends

Chaaya ; sis, Sameer has come to meet you, should I call him

Tanya : okay, tell him I am here

Chaaya : yes sis

“What is he doing here right now confused asks herself

“Pinky, what are you doing enters near the pool

Tanya ; I should I ask you the same, why are you not in Kritika’s function

Sameer : can I not come to meet you? I was just missing you

“Sameer, please don’t lie if you don’t know how to, tell me truth demands him

Sameer ; it is family function, there is no need for outsiders

Tanya : what are you talking about?

Sameer tells her about Kareena’s behavior towards him as well Rishab’s temperament.

“Why do you pay attention to that woman, she herself is selfish, because of her you will break ties with other explains him

Sameer : sometimes I feel I was better in that orphanage, this world is not good as we think it is

Tanya ; you know what mom always say, the biggest healer of wound is not time but love, if you get from one all your pain will go away in a moment

Sameer ; so much time has passed but still our heart are still one

Tanya ; okay come on now cheer up, lets have dinner

Sameer : thats so sweet, I am so hungry

Tanya : fresh up I will set the table for you lets go (goes inside)

Tanya sets up the table for Sameer to lighten his mood up.

Sameer : pinky where did you learn cooking, did you do some classes

Tanya : no way, you don’t know mom she made do everything in india people do

Sameer ; I am so happy you were raised by such great parents, who loved you like daughter (holds her hands)

Tanya : thats right, I feel lucky sometimes, they both did everything to give me best lifestyle they could

Sameer : I want to talk with aunty please, you might have told her about me

Tanya : of course I would but right now she is not good terms with me to talk

Sameer ; come on, don’t be so formal, you are her daughter, it happens, at least you call her and ask

Tanya : okay I will have her talk with you happy now eat

Later after Sameer leaves Tanya’s picks up knife recalling his pain because of Kareena’s taunt. She want to cut the tongue who dared to hurt her brother’s feelings and emotion.

Chaaya : sis, please control yourself

“This time I won’t because it concerns with Sameer, I will show that Kareena Luthra what is the result of hurting my loved one plays with knife and slices between an apple rapidly.

After ceremony Karan and Preeta goes for small drive in city.

Karan : why are you so quiet?

Preeta : this functions make me so tired, by the way you did not tell me how was I looking today

Karan : is that really the reason for you to remain quiet, do you need me to praise you, come no baby doll

Preeta : why not, I am not asking for much, at least you could have told me that I looked good

Karan : you are being influenced by me not bad, started praising yourself

Preeta : there is no need to be happy, where are we going

Karan : I am not telling you

Preeta : why? I asked one simple question

Karan stops the car near beautiful small lake shining with light of moon.

Preeta : wow, this is so gorgeous, looks like you visited every beautiful place of city with other baby doll

Karan : for your kind information, I don’t come here with girl, you know why because this place is for somebody special I reserved

Preeta : so nice of you

She remembers about Tanya’s promise and gets guilty of hiding biggest truth related with his life.

Karan : where did you get lost? do you have anything to tell me

Preeta : you will know when right time comes

Karan remains confused about her words. Their conversation is interrupted by his phone call.

“One minute  goes to the other side to talk on phone

Preeta : why did you do this Tanya? I have to lie to my Karan when I always yell at him to messing up

Preeta sees Karan tensed and ask him the reason for his mood.

Preeta : is everything okay?

Karan : actually tomorrow coach called me in early morning to meet with some sponsors, he sounded tense

Preeta : don’t worry everything will be fine, I am sure it will be some good news, now come on smile

“Not bad, you sound like totally like me pulls her towards him

Preeta : why will I not be, I am going to be Mrs Karan very soon right

Karan : you are in so much rush to get married, any reason

Preeta removes her hand from his arms hearing him.

Karan : what happened?

Preeta : you know after Prithvi’s mess, people are talking rubbish, I won’t be able to tolerate anymore insult this time

Karan : and I won’t let that happen this time, no one would dare to say anything

Preeta : I trust you a lot but please don’t break my faith

Shrishti call Preeta to come home. Later Karan drops her back to her house.

Shrishti shares the incidence of Sameer with Preeta.

“Shrishti, give him some time, maybe he have some problem going on he cannot share with anybody Preeta tells her

Shrishti feels relaxed after hearing her sister’s advice. She decides to give some time to Sameer to share his feelings.

Karan is passing from Tanya’s house and sees the light on. He gets chance to tease her again.

“You? opens the door with shock

Karan ; can I not come at your house? after all we are friends now

Tanya : sure, come inside

“Actually no, I have come here to kidnap you tells her

Tanya : that was so funny, I got scared (Gets sarcastic)

Karan : you didn’t sleep yet

Tanya ; I am not feeling sleepy, so just doing some time pass, I am missing my house London

Karan : wanna take ride with me

“What? asks him again

Karan : come I will take you to such good place that you will forget your London

Tanya ; really? then I want to see that place where people can forget their life

Karan : lets go

Both of them goes to Karan’s cricket field in midnight. He jumps from wall with her

Tanya : what are we doing here?

Karan : see this ground carefully, every time when there is match, people come here with so many hopes

Tanya looks around every corner of seats thinking about his words.

Karan : come sit here, will you have something

Tanya ; no thanks, but at this time are you allowed to come here

Karan : not really, maintenance staff is here always so they limited people

Tanya : you were right, this place is heaven, anybody would forget their routine life here

Karan : this place has seen my every victory, and saw me lose, but somewhere it gave me strength to fight

“Very few people can achieve what you did at young age, having your name is better than people seeing you with your parents  identity Tanya tells him

Karan : now enough of my stories, tell me something about you, I never heard about you except you are Sherlyn’s sister

“I am raised in London from childhood, my parents settled there when I was very young, but my mom is very conservative, she is very strict about our culture laughs remembering her mom

Karan : she should be after all her daughter is danger to society, and wearing such short clothes

Tanya : shut up, I don’t know why people are so much into what I wear

Karan : just kidding, but your mom is right this world is not that decent

Tanya : thats the thing, one should know how to protect self, thats where mom and dad always had fights, my dad always raised my like boy, sent me to self defense classes but mom controlled my steps

Karan : I want to meet your mom, she seems very interesting to me

Tanya : yea right, you won’t even stand with her for one minute, she is my hitler mom not your cool Rakhi mom

Karan : mom is very romantic

“That reminds me, why do always bully your dad, I can see you and Rishab always mother’s son, thats not new but at least sometime see him as your dad Tanya complains him

Karan : bully? thats only time we tease him, he always pull leg of mom and then we love our mom so much

Tanya : can I ask you something?

Karan : why so serious?

“You and Rishab are like soul of each other, if somebody you have to choose between your love and brother, what will you do asks him with curiosity

Karan : I don’t know how will I face if something ever happens like that in my life, its true Rishab is everything to me, I will give up my life for him

Tanya ; what about friendship? you might have somebody in your life who is special

“Please Tanya, don’t ask me something I cannot answer Karan stands up rejecting her question

Tanya ; I am sorry if I hurt your feelings, I didn’t mean to do that, in my life I don’t have any sibling or friends to call my own

“Remember what I told you that after today you are not alone, you will remain my bestie wipes her tears and gives friendly hug but she considers it more

Tanya’s feeling grow more seeing his concern for her even after being stranger to him.

“I feel God has given back my precious gift back in form your friendship holds her hand gently

Tanya is extremely touched by his gesture. Later he goes home after dropping her. Somebody clicked their hugging pictures in field.

Nest day Kritika calls the designer at home to try for her bridal dress. All the ladies join them too to get their dresses. Tanya and Preeta comes face to face again there.

Preeta : how are you? you didn’t came yesterday

Tanya : I had some important work, nice to see you again

Preeta : lets see the dresses here, come

Kritika tries on the bridal dress and everybody confirms its good.

Kareena : my daughter should look beautiful, remember there should no mistake in any fitting

Designer : don’t worry, we will make prepare dress perfectly

Tanya get flashes of Sameer’s face due to Kareena and decides to make her pay. Preeta sees Karan coming downstairs hoping to see the dress she selected.

Karan : mom, what is going on?

“What do you think is happening, you should have your eyes checked Tanya interferes

Karan : Oh I see, but I cannot see you, are you invisible like Mr India for me

“Wait, I will show you where I am runs after him around whole house. Tanya accidentally falls in Karan’s arms

Preeta gets bit jealous seeing their closeness but also how Karan didn’t even notice the dress she choose. Shrishti selects a dress for her and tries in mirror. She is confused between two of them when Sameer from other side gives her signal about his opinion. She is overjoyed with his gesture and takes the one Sameer chooses for her. Preeta leaves from there after seeing Karan busy with Tanya who is unknowingly his bestie. He tries to find Preeta around but she is nowhere to be seen.

Later the designer sends Kritika’s wedding attire at Luthra house after some fitting.

Rakhi : dear put his properly in your room and open it only during your wedding day

Kritika : okay aunty, but this is so beautiful though

Kareena ; is there anything that won’t suit my daughter, now go and put this carefully in your room

Tanya sees Kritika putting her dress in room. The whole family decides to go temple for prayer except Rishab who is still in the house. Getting chance she sneaks in Kritika’s room opens the bag. She spills some chemical on the dress  and leaves hurriedly before anybody comes there.

While passing from Rishab’s room she sees him holding his head but also works on his computer.

“Rishab, are you okay goes to him

“I am absolutely fine, you are still here asks her

Tanya : get up from the computer right now, and sit here

Rishab : what are you doing?

Tanya ; whole day you are busy in your files, of course you will get bad headache

Rishab ; thats okay

“Did you not hear what I said makes him sit forcefully and goes to kitchen.

She asks for oil to massage to one of the servant and goes to room.

Rishab : what are you doing? that smell so disgusting

” Sit quietly and close your eyes, today you will thank me for doing this starts massaging his head in spite of his stubbornness

Tanya : did you feel better

“Actually yes, i must say your hands have some strange magic compliments

Tanya : thank you, I don’t like to praise myself but thats what my mom always said to me too

Rishab : sometimes I feel you are not from London, like you are raised here, everything you do is something we do in India how come

Tanya ; people have this misconception that whoever lives outside of India are familiar with our culture, thats not true

Rishab : but today you proved that wrong, at least to me

Rishab enjoys her massage company when Karan comes there to taunt again

Tanya : what stress you have? your brother is always mentally and physically loaded with work

Karan : who said that its only for stress, this should be for enjoyment

Tanya ; Rishab, one thing you are still wrong that people living here, nobody can say they are raised in india just like your twisted brother

“Absolutely right, even I feel that he is born from different planet talks while closing his eyes

Karan : bhai, and you don’t behave like my brother, always insulting me

Rakhi and Dadi gets happy seeing Rishab getting massage from Tanya.

“What am I seeing, mummyji, are we in the right house Rakhi asks Dadi

Tanya : yes aunty you are but just people have changed nowadays

Rakhi: you are massaging my Rishab, in so many years he did not even sit like this with me and heard your order

Tanya : he had to, aunty, nobody can resist me so easily

Rishab ; now thats enough, thank you so much for this, you can ask me return gift anytime if you want

Tanya ; I don’t do things to expect something back

Preeta is organizing her room when her eyes falls on the dress she got from designer. She tries that in mirror with confusion.

“You will look angel in that dress somebody whispers in her ears

Preeta : finally, you got time for me, you were so busy to not even look at me

Karan : what are you talking about?

Preeta : nothing, forget that, what are you doing here

Karan : why are you giving me this attitude today

Preeta : I said its nothing like that, I am just stressed out

Karan : you won’t believe what happened today

Preeta : what?

Karan : Rishab was following Tanya’s orders, can you imagine that

Preeta ; wow, you came here to give me this headlines

Karan ; is that not enough for you, my brother never let anybody do his work

Preeta : and you make others do your work Mr Luthra, how convenient is that

Precap :  Karan helps Preeta tying knot on her dress during marriage ceremony. Rishab starts seeing Tanya from different angle

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