Piyaa Albela 13th February 2018 Written Update Of Full Episode: Pooja decides to fulfill the duties of being Naren’s wife

Piyaa Albela starts with Pooja (Sheen Dass) seeing miss calls from Chandrika and calls her back. Chandrika worries over her and says that sh is coming to get her and also that she does not trust Naren(Akshay Mhatre)  with her as he can do anything with her now in his anger. Pooja says that she will meet her the nexrt day and asks her not to worry over her anymore. Pooja sees a familiarity in Naren’s eyes now. Later Neelima tries convincing Rahul not to marry Naina but Rahul says that he is not changed one bit and that he just wants to get Mayank’s part of the property from Naina and after that he will leave Naina. Next morning Dadaji is happily arranging for the breakfast as he wants all the family to sit together for breakfast. Dadaji welcomes the family and says that he has asked Pooja’s favorites to be prepared today. Naren is not happy with this but says nothing. Harish fights with Dadaji as he says he cannot accept a child born out of wedlock as his daughter in law. He turns to see Pooja behind.
Pooja says that nobody needs to walk away from the table because of her and that she will eat afterwards. As she begins to move away Naren stops her and says that his family will not let anyone walk away from the table hungry. He asks Pooja to have the bland food that his mother eats and hands her the plate as Anuj in disguise is angry seeing his sister suffer. Pooja takes the plate and walks away as she tries to tell Naren that she does understand Supriya’s pain and that she prays that Supriya recovers soon enough and also her attackers get caught soon. Naren watches Pooja walk away as he is also sad. Pooja reaches her room to eat when she imagines Naren feeding her and asks him why is it him that makes her cry and also makes her happy later.(Also Read: Naren torn between his love and hate for Pooja)
Later she thinks that her dream will come true soon. She then finds a very old pizza in Naren’s room and she calls the servants to take it away. The servant tells her that Naren orders food from out after Supriya has fallen sick. Pooja says that she knows Naren is too good and will not trouble anyone while he suffers. Naina asks her fake uncle and aunt to get ready as Dadaji will soon arrive there. The fake couple demand for Vyas mansion and says that Dadaji will have to give them the house if he does not want Naren’s truth to be revealed before Naren and the family. Next morning Pooja gets up in the morning so she can cook for Naren while Supriya too wakes up and prepares food for Naren. Pooja misses seeing Supriya but sees the food there also Supriya leaves her rings there on the slab. Supriya runs to hide from Pooja and sees Naren walking in. She hides from the two of them. Naren and Pooja see each other as they walk towards each other. Pooja purposely falls and Naren holds her. The rings fall from Pooja’s hand and Naren asks her where his mother is.
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