Piya Albela 12th January 2018 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Naina telling Pooja that Naren took her to Satish’s house and also gifted the saree which she is wearing. Pooja says half happiness gives big happiness to others. She says actually this saree was rejected by me and I thought to give it to someone. She says we can share clothes and jewellery, but don’t think about sharing Naren. She says if she thinks like that then she will make him leave the city and country. Naina gets upset. Pooja comes to room. She asks what is going on between Naina and you. Naren asks are you jealous and tells that it is a secret like she is hiding some secret from her. Naina song plays….Supriya and Naina are making the arrangements. Neelima says now Pooja’s illegitimate sister is also doing. Harish calls Supriya and tells that Swami Maharaj identifies the fake people with his siddhis and asks Naina not to come infront of him. He tells that even Harsha shall not come infront of him. Neelima calls Rahul and Surbhi and asks them not to come today as Swami identifies fake people. Rahul takes an U turn and goes back to Dada ji.

Pooja hides the yellow dhoti and locks it. She keeps white dhoti instead. Swami Maharaj comes. Everyone welcomes him. Naren comes wearing white dhoti. Pooja says white color suits you. Harish thanks him for coming. Pooja and Naren do his aarti and touch his feet. Swami Maharaj kicks Naren on his chest making him fall. He asks who is he? I felt impurity in him, asks them to make him leave from there. Naren gets up shockingly. Harish says Naren is our son and asks him not to say it. Pooja says you might have felt it because of me. Naren and Pooja are about to touch his feet. Pooja keeps her hand before Naren could touch her feet. Swami Maharaj nods. Harish says my son and daughter in law will sit in havan. Supriya goes angrily. Harish comes to her and asks her to make havan arrangements. Supriya says swami ji kicked my son and you are asking me to see the arrangements. Pooja comes there and asks Supriya to come. Supriya asks her why did she keep her hand before Narern’s hand. She says there is a defect in you and not in my son. She asks her to sit with Naren as his wife, but don’t try to rule him. Pooja thinks she has to come in between to hide the truth. She fears if Guru ji came to know Naren doesn’t belong to this family.

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