Pari screamer 3: Anushka Sharma wants us to be her Valentine but we’ll pass – watch video

Don’t know why Anushka Sharma is doing this to us. The actress has been scaring the bejeezus out of the many with every poster and the small clips (what the makers are calling as Screamers) of her upcoming horror film, Pari. The actress has dropped another screamer last night. In this one, we see Anushka along with her male lead, Parambrata Chatterjee. They both are watching TV when Anushka tells him, “I love you”. He looks at her, gives a slight smile and then Anushka sees a nightmarish avatar of herself sitting on the other side of Parambrata as tears of blood roll from her eyes.
We have to admit, Anushka chose the perfect time to unveil this screamer, and that too in two ways. First she dropped it last NIGHT. I mean, who does that? She could have released it right now when there are many people around me and not when I am alone in my room trying to sleep. And secondly, it’s Valentine’s Day today. Anushka’s caption on the tweet reads, “Will you be her Valentine? (sic).” As much as Anushka’s witch avatar keeps saying, “I love you,” in this video, but we’ll pass.

Will you be her Valentine? @paramspeak @OfficialCSFilms @kriarj @poojafilms
— Anushka Sharma (@AnushkaSharma) February 13, 2018

Watch it right here:

Pari is Anushka Sharma’s third film as a producer, first two being NH10 and Phillauri. We have to appluad her for taking a role, which most of the mainstream actresses wouldn’t have. And Pari is a refreshing change in a time of Horrex (Horror plus sex) genre that exists in our country. What do you think about this screamer? Are you excited about the movie? Tell us in comments below.
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