Mine forever (San rag )Swasan Part 1

  • A lady is sitting on the floor of hospital tears where flowing from her eyes as her world is collapsed some papers where fallen …….a man comes runningly towards the lady and bend down and hugs the lady
    Man-ragini please control yourself your health is not well
    Ragini -how could I sanskar our child ….

    Sanskar -Ragini it’s not good for your health. ..
    Ragini stands
    Ragini -i know I am dying more than this cancer separation from my child is killing me
    Ragini see a doctor coming by seeing him Ragini’s anger reach peak…in anger she holds his neck
    Ragini -where is my child ….i brought kavya for serogecy. Instead of kavya too whom u did operation
    Doctor -I don’t know madam ….please trust me the girl who was in operation theatre
    Sanskar rescued doctor his gaurds comes and inform that kavya was killed by sahil….and they caught him
    In mm
    Sahil is brutally beated up sanskar…Sahil laughing
    Sahil-beat me as much as u can but I won’t able tell you anything
    Ragini -sanskar increase his torcher ..let see till when he can be quite

    Guards give him electric shock
    Sahil-haha  ……..do what you want to do i want to punish Ragini because
    Of her sanskar rejected my sister kavita
    Sanskar -hell she was mentally sick I never loved her

    Sahil -I am not innocent like kavita …listen I know earlier u will catch and torcher me so I played my card …I also don’t now to whom your baby is planted I given money to the doctor he planned ur baby then I killed her then I destroyed every information regarding the operation

    This angered sanskar he took gun and killed sahil and Ragini falls unconscious ….Sanskar took her in his  arms and take her to the room..her condition is becoming worse ..doctors came and check her
    Sanskar -how is she doctor
    Doctor -to be honest she is not fine..Sanskar I have told u not to stress her but now ….
    Doctor goes sanskar come inside the room and sit near Ragini
    Sanskar -nothing will happen to you Ragini nor to our child ..I will find that girl


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