Kuch Toh Hai Tujhse Hai RAABTA (chapter 2)

The scene starts with Arohi confronting Deep and revealing that she is not Tara.

Arohi: look Mr….
Deep: Deep

Arohi: whatever, look Mr Deep…I think u are having a misunderstanding but I don’t know any Tara

Deep: how can that be…? Maybe u have lost ur memory falling from the balcony.

Arohi : what nonsense!! Why would I jump from the balcony? If u wish u can ask these kids…I know them since the past 2 years after I shifted to Mumbai.

Deep: my wife Tara died two years back so which proves u are Tara

Arohi: I don’t like repeating myself…do u have any proof that I am ur Tara?

Deep: here, I have her photo in my mobile( he shows Tara’s photo leaving Arohi stunned)

Arohi : look …u yourself told me that Tara died 2 years ago then how can she be back?. I think she only has same face as mine and that’s it.

Deep: but…

Arohi( getting a call from her bhabi ): ok bhabi…I will be back within an hour.( She disconnects the call)

Arohi: look Mr Deep, u look like u are from a respectable family and it doesn’t look good that u are following me.

Deep: Ok Ms Arohi, but…

Arohi: u won’t easily let me go so pls I beg u for God’s sake leave me alone( Arohi walks past him and Deep’s Ray of hope vanishes)

After walking a while she sees a cab and asks for a lift when the cab driver holds her hand lustfully

Arohi: what are u doing? Leave my hand…I said leave my hand.

Taxi driver: madam, I have only held your hand and I didn’t do anything yet. ( Arohi bites his hand and frees herself and runs .)

The taxi driver calls his companions and they chase Arohi until a dead end.

Arohi: just stay away…don’t come near me…

Just as the man was about to touch Arohi , someone held his hand tight. It was none other than Deep.

Deep: ( ek mard Jo ek aurat ke izzat nahi karta , wo ek mard kehlane ki layak nahi)a man who doesn’t respect a woman doesn’t deserve to be called a man .

Deep beats the goons and the cab driver black and blue until they ran for their life.deep gets injured on his hand in the process.

Deep: Arohi, are u alright( Arohi nods)

Arohi: why were u following me? I could have handled the goons myself and I didn’t ask for help. There’s no point of acting a hero to win my trust. I know u have sent those goons to act as a hero saving me other wise how would u know that I was in trouble…but I am not impressed at all….I know such kind of man who……….. ( Deep keeps his finger over Arohi’s mouth to make her quiet)

Deep: it’s enough….u know what? u can never be my Tara. U have so much hatered in your heart for men that u forgot that I saved u from those goons and instead of thanking me u are blaming me. Great… I shouldn’t have helped u…but my maa used to tell me respect women always, that’s the only reason I helped u.

Arohi: I am sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. it’s just that after getting cheated by someone ,I can’t easily trust any men.deeps mobile falls down and Arohi bends to pick it . The blood from Deep’s injured hand falls on Arohi’s hairline.( Arohi feels it and notices blood dripping from Deep’s hand)

Arohi: looks like u have hurt ur hand.( She takes a bandage from her bag and wraps it around Deep’s hand)

Deep: thanks…but I thought girls keep makeup set in their bag but u have first aid kit .

Arohi: the thing is I usually go for karate lessons and i might hurt someone while practicing so I carry the first aid kit. That’s also the reason I didn’t get scared seeing the goons.

Deep: interesting….come I will drop u to your home if I have your permission. ( Arohi nods)

Arohi: by the way I think I got to know bit of your past but what was the reason for Tara’s death?( Deep tells about his past)

Arohi: I feel bad for both of you but don’t u think Tara just overreacted.

Deep: that’s not overreacting, that is deewanapan ( madness). I was Tara’s weakness and she would do anything for my happiness so she thought as she couldn’t keep me happy by fulfilling my wishes ,she has no right to live. I wish I only stopped her in the nick of the time, I could have explained her and she would be with me.(tears roll down his eyes )

This revelation made a great impact on Arohi’s perspective on Deep.(she hand him tissues)

Arohi:I am sorry I didn’t mean to hurt u. Anyways thanks for saving me from those goons

Deep: if u really want to thank me then u have to do me a big favor.

Arohi: what?

Deep: u have to stay in Raichand mansion for a month. My mummyji became disabled and she can’t talk, walk or do anything by herself after Tara’s death and I need ur help to make her fine. Will u help me in this. I can’t see her in this state. Only u can help me.

Arohi: I would love u help you but I need to ask my bhaiyya and bhabi.

Deep: ok…I will be waiting for your answer.

Arohi: thanks for giving me a lift. She picks her bag and tries to leave when her dupatta gets stuck on the car’s door.

Deep: let me help u. ( He gets off his car and helps Arohi.)

Arohi tries to leave when her dupatta flies off due to the wind and lands on Deep’s face. Deep removes the dupatta and returns it to Arohi.

Arohi: thanks…come inside and meet my bhaiyya ,bhabi and my cute nephew nikku.

Deep: some other time

Arohi: please…(she makes a puppy face and Deep agrees.)

They enter Arohi house and Arohi’s bhabi opens the door and gets shocked seeing Arohi and Deep together.

Bhabi: Arohi tune Shaadi Karli.( Arohi u have got married)

Arohi (getting shocked): kyaaa?

Bhabi: Tere maang mein sindoor. Agar is aadmi se shaadi hi karni thi toh hume batati …hum tumhare Shaadi dhoom dham Kar ke karwati( ur hair line has Vermillion. If u wanted to get married to this man then why didn’t u tell me?, I would have got u married with grandeur.)

Arohi( rubbing of the blood stain from her hairline.): this is not Vermillion and there is nothing like that u are thinking of.

Bhabi: u both come in …have a seat.

Arohi and Deep discuss the matter with her bhaiyya and bhabi.

Deep: I want ur permission for Arohi to stay in Raichand mansion.

Bhaiyya: sorry to say but I can’t allow my sister to stay in your house.u are a stranger and I don’t know u well and people will pass taunts at her and then I won’t be able to get her married.

Deep: I will see about that and u don’t worry I will find a nice guy for her.

Bhabi: oh ji, I think u should agree since helping someone in need is a good deed and who knows maybe by helping this man our Arohi will also get a nice guy.

Bhaiyya: ok fine..but on one condition, nothing should happen to Arohi.

Deep: don’t worry I will manage everything and keep her away any trouble coming her way.

Arohi and Deep take a leave.

Arohi: I am worried

Deep: don’t be worried, I am with u .

Suddenly it starts raining and Deep asks Arohi to come inside the car but Arohi denies and dances in the rain. Deep looks at Arohi lovingly and reminisces Tara’s hatred for rain. He gets off his car and heads towards Arohi smiling for the first time in two years. He gets lost in Arohi’s beauty and playfulness in rain.

Arohi( snapping her fingers):Mr Deep, where are u lost?

Deep(getting back his senses): in you….i mean u will catch cold. Come inside the car.

Arohi: don’t worry Mr Deep I won’t catch cold…I am used to dancing in rain.

Deep: by the way , why do u keep calling me “Mr Deep”? call me Deep.

Arohi: I just got to know u today and u are a stranger and ….

Deep: but we can be friends right?

Arohi: mmmnnn…ya

Deep: come now…it’s getting late.

Arohi : yes let’s go…( Arohi stumbles and deep holds her and they have an intense eye lock)

Precap: Maya : bhoot , bhoot, bachaao
( Maya runs and bumps with prithvi )…..

…..Arohi takes a knife 🔪 and walks towards Deep who is sleeping

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