Kriyyam OS ‘Tere Ishq Mein’ (Valentine’s Day and Mahashivratri Special)

Hey guys….I’m back again with another OS on Kriyyam as I mentioned in my earlier post. So this story is a Valentine’s Day and Maha Shivratri special story. And I hope u guys will like this one too.


Happy Valentine’s Day and many many wishes for Mhashivratri…May Lord Shiva bless u all and make ur lives happy with


***So Let’s Begin***


Almost all the members of the Birla Family are sitting at the dining, hving breakfast. Sayyam is also there. Suhani, Bhavna and Krishna along with the maid, bring other dishes and serve them. Kriyyam look at eachother.


Sayyam was waiting for Krishna to come and sit on the chair beside him for breakfast. Unknowingly enough, he loves to spend little moments, with her or at least in her presence.


But Krishna doesn’t do so, rather she goes back to the room. Before going she asks Yuvaani to come to her room after she is done with the breakfast. Sayyam gets confused. He stares at her, going to the room.


Yuvaani was sitting on the other side of Sayyam. She notices the confused look on his face.


Yuvaani: Krishna aaj khana nahi khayegi…she is keeping fast for Mahashivratri.


Yuvaani whispered to Sayyam. He looks back at her, surprised. Yuvaani smiles.


Sayyam: Par tum toh kha rahi ho…


Yuvaani: Haan toh maine brat nahi rakha…isliye kha rahi hoon.


After sometime


Sayyam goes to room. Krishna didn’t see him as she was back facing the door and she thought its Yuvaani.


Krishna: Yuvaani…plz help me…I can’t decide which one to wear for the puja…


Then she turns back and was shocked to see Sayyam there.


Krishna: Tum…maine socha Yuvaani…


Krishna again went near the cupboard. Sayyam went near.


Sayyam: Yea…she is coming…but..


Krishna looks back.


Sayyam: Tum…tumne aaj fast rakha hai?


Krishna was surprised as she couldn’t understand how Sayyam came to know about that as she didn’t tell him anything. She looks at him. Sayyam was waiting for her reply.


Krishna: Haan…but who told u?


Sayyam: Yuvaani told me…but why did u keep fast?…that day Maa forbid u to keep fast since u can’t stay hungry for long time…then what’s the need of all these?


Krishna was amazed to see Sayyam’s hidden care and concern for her in his words. She smiles to herself.


Krishna: Kuch nahi hoga…and I won’t be fasting for whole day…I’ll eat after puja.


Sayyam: But puja is in the evening right…and that’s a long time.


Krishna keeps on staring at him, enjoying his concerned words for her. Sayyam looks at her, staring at him. Both look away.


Yuvaani comes there.


Yuvaani: Haan Krishna bol…kya bol rahi thi tu?


They look at Yuvaani.


Krishna: Wo Yuvaani…I can’t decide which one to wear in the evening…plz choose one for me.


Yuvaani happily smiles.


Yuvaani: Ohho…toh iska matlab tum dono bhi jaa rahe ho?


Kriyyam gets confused. They look at eachother. Sayyam asks Yuvaani


Sayyam: Kaun kahan jaa raha hai?


Yuvaani: Tum dono…aur kaun?


Kriyyam again looks at her confused.


Yuvaani: Ohh Plz guys…don’t start to act now…I know…u guys are also going out in the evening as Yuvaan and Baby…to celebrate Valentine’s day…right?


Kriyyam were shocked. They again look at eachother. Yuvaani smiles and selects a dress for Krishna. She hands it to Krishna.


Yuvaani: Krishna…u wear this one…u’ll look beautiful…hai na Sayyam?


She winks at him. Sayyam looks away. She selects a baby pink colored halter neck salwar for Krishna.


Yuvaani: Waise…tum log kahan jaa rahe ho?…I mean any restaurant or long drive?


Kriyyam were speechless. Yuvaani gets there is something wrong. She looks at Krishna and asks by gesture if so.


Krishna: Yuvaani…I had to choose dress bcz I hv to go to temple in the evening…for Mahashivratri puja…we are not going anywhere else.


Sayyam looks at her as her voice was little different while saying the last words. Krishna again gets busy in folding her cloths.


Yuvaani: Ohh…ok then…Krishna u can wear that red one…it’s beautiful too.


Krishna smiles a bit at her. Then she leaves from there.


Now only Sayyam and Yuvaani were there. Sayyam was also going out but Yuvaani stops her.


Yuvaani: Wait bro…


Sayyam stops on his track.


Yuvaani: Sorry…I didn’t know…I mean…


Sayyam: It’s ok…


He was again going and was again stopped by Yuvaani.


Yuvaani: Waise…puja toh shaam ko hai…par uske baad toh tum log jaa sakte ho na?


Sayyam looks at her.


Sayyam: Means?


Yuvaani: Now this is overacting Sayyam…


Sayyam gets really irritated with her.


Sayyam: Will u plz clear what u want to say?


Yuvaani: Ab isme kehna kya hai?…Aaj Valentine’s Day hai…yani pyaar ka din…aur tum dono ek doosre se pyaar karte ho…toh bolne mein kya problem hai?


And these words of Yuvaani make Sayyam hell shocked. He was not able to think or say something. He stares at her.


Yuvaani sits on the bed and also pulls Sayyam beside her to sit. He was still shocked.


Yuvaani: Look…I know u both very well…tum aur Krishna…dono ek doosre se bohut pyaar karte ho…but no one will say that.


Now Sayyam tries his best to deny what Yuvaani said. He stand up.


Sayyam: Aisa kuch nahi hai…u r just overthinking.


Yuvaani too stands up.


Yuvaani: Oh hello…I’m not overthinking…u guys r overacting.


Sayyam looks at her. She smiles like an elder sister.


Yuvaani: Ab aur acting mat karo…go and tell her that u love her…that stupid is dying to hear that…u’ll…right?


Now Sayyam feels himself being unarmed, his skill of hiding emotion has stopped working for now, in front of his friendly elder sister.


He unknowingly smiles, lowering his head. Yuvaani’s smile got wider. She hugs him.


Yuvaani: Yeesssss….


Sayyam too hugs her.


They break the hug after sometime.


Yuvaani: I’m so happy for both of u…


Sayyam: But how r u so sure that Krishna…I mean she also…


Sayyam doesn’t know how to pronounce the word ‘Love’, that too for himself, from Krishna. He just don’t hv enough courage to believe that. Yuvaani understands his dilemma.


Yuvaani: I know Sayyam…she loves u…and u know what…she has keep fast for u.


Sayyam: What?


Yuvaani: Haan…u know right… that day Maa asked her not to keep fast as she can’t stay hungry as me…I asked Mumma and Masi…how can u stay hungry for whole day…I can never do that…so they said when we do something for loved ones…it never feels bad…rather it makes us happy…and Krishna took their words so seriously and wanted to do this…even when Mumma forbid her…she didn’t listen…and u know she loves mumma and papa most…but still she didn’t listen to mumma just bcz she wanted to do it for u…her loved one.


Sayyam was in a state of absolute dumfounded.


Yuvaani: Believe me bro…she loves u.


Now Sayyam smiles, genuinely. Yuvaani too.


Yuvaani: So…now tell me ur plans?


Sayyam: Yuvaani…u know…I don’t hv any plan as I…


Yuvaani: Ok ok…but u can make one…and I’ll help u.


They smile.



Time skips to evening


Krishna was getting ready to go to the temple and Sayyam was sitting there with his laptop, occasionally looking at Krishna, and looking away soon when she looks back at him.


Krishna’s salwar chain gets stuck in her hair and she can’t take it off. Sayyam saw that and went near her to help. Krishna feels embarrassed as he slides her hair and gently remove the stuck hair and pulls the chain upwards.


They were looking at eachother in the mirror but suddenly Krishna feels dizzy and closes her eyes. She falls backwards but Sayyam holds her in no time as she supports herself on his chest.


Sayyam: Krishna…Krishna…what happen?


He takes her in arms and goes to the bed.


Sayyam: Krishna…open ur eyes…Krishna.


He sprinkles water on her face. She slightly opens her eyes.


Sayyam: Are u fine?


Krishna nods and tries to get up. Sayyam holds her.


Sayyam: Ye paani pee lo…u’ll feel better.


He tries to make her drink the water but Krishna doesn’t take it.


Krishna: No Sayyam…I can’t drink water.


Sayyam: But Krishna…u r not well and…


Krishna: Sayyam plz…aur bas kuch der ki baat hai…


Sayyam: Krishna…nothing is more important than ur health…drink the water.


Krishna: Sayyam…Sayyam plz…I’m fasting whole day for puja…and now it’s only half an hour left..plz Sayyam…let me complete my puja…plz.


Sayyam feels bad as he remembers what Yuvaani said, that Krishna kept fast for him.


Sayyam: But Krishna u can’t walk properly…how will u go to temple?


Krishna: Tum le chalo…


It took only a split of second for Krishna to understand what she said and she was embarrassed at the very moment she finished her words.


And above on that, it was Sayyam’s killer gaze that was dwelling on her flushed face. She felt like going under the earth. But then, Sayyam flashed a grin as he took her hand and helped her to get up of the bed and head out for temple. Krishna too, smiled.



After sometime


They all go to the temple. Sayyam doesn’t leave Krishna’s hand. They complete the puja together and go back to home. All the ladies break their fast. Krishna feels good and Sayyam feels relieved.



At night


Krishna goes to her room. She opens the door of the room and was shocked.


The room was beautifully decorated. A dim light was on in the room and there were so many heart shaped red balloons on the floor. A pleasant smell of scented candles has made the air heavy.


Krishna was awestruck. But little did she know, there are so many more surprises waiting for her.


Krishna: Ye toh hamara kamra hai…par yahan pe ye sab kya hai? aur kisne kiya?


She was asking to herself but without any known answer from herself. Then someone said from her behind.


Person: Maine kiya…


Krishna gets whose voice it is but still she turns with a surprised face as she really couldn’t believe her ears and sense.


But she heard right, it was Sayyam. And he as more shocked to see him, smiling.


Krishna: Sayyam…


Sayyam smiles and takes her hand in his. He takes her inside the room. Krishna was still under a spell of disbelief.


Sayyam closes the door and goes to her, holds her hands. Krishna now comes to sense, feeling the warmth of his touch.


Krishna: Sayyam…ye sab tumne kiya?


Sayyam nods, smilingly.


Sayyam: Tumhare liye…u like this right?


Krishna now looks around the room. It was so beautiful. She looks at Sayyam and smiles.


Krishna: Hmmm…


Sayyam holds her more tightly and kneels in front of her. Krishna now doesn’t get shocked or surprised, she prefers to enjoy the moment as it was being quite clear to her what was coming. She could see her dream coming true, slowly, unimaginably, beautifully, towards her.


Sayyam said


Sayyam: Krishna…I’m sorry…sorry for every bad thing u hv gone through bcz of me…and bcz I can’t change it…but plz don’t think that I’m saying sorry bcz I had to say it as I  but I can still change somethings and I’ll do that today…


Krishna holds her breath, started countdown to touch the dream.


Sayyam continued


Sayyam: Krishna…I Love You…with all my heart…and I don’t know where did I find this courage to let my heart out today but believe me…it’s true.


And here Krishna touched her awaited dream. Sayyam said that he Loves her. But may be he didn’t know that he need not ask Krishna to believe that.


Sayyam stands up on his feet and cupped Krishna’s face, to help Krishna clean her blurred view due to her overflowing happiness. She smiled and hides her face in the nook of his neck. Sayyam too smiled and grabbed her strongly, not to let her go, ever.


The time seemed to stop there, for them. Only the sound of Krishna’s happy sobbing was disturbing the calm serenity of the room. It was not that bad though.


But it was being long time, she didn’t stop her sobbing. Though it was for happiness, still sobbing is sobbing and Sayyam can’t withstand it for long when it’s of Krishna. He breaks the hug. Krishna looks in his eyes.


Sayyam smiles and again wipes off her tears. Now Krishna smiles, broadly. Sayyam too did the same.


Krishna: Ye sab tumne kab kiya?


Sayyam: That’s a secret…


Krishna: Okk…but where is my gift?


Sayyam: Yea…I hv…


Krishna smiles, happily. Sayyam takes out a beautiful blue box and then a slick chain with a small pendant from it. Krishna’s eyes sparkle with happiness. Sayyam makes her wear the chain.


Sayyam: Beautiful…and welcome.


Krishna: But I didn’t thank u…


Sayyam: Maine tumse nahi kaha…iss pendant ko kaha…this pendant thanked me as I hv increased it’s beauty by adorning it on u.


It took few seconds for Krishna to get what Sayyam meant and when she understands, she was dumbfounded for sometime. Sayyam smiles. He sits on the bed.


Sayyam: Now its ur turn…to give me my gift…after all this is first Valentine’s day…


Krishna sits beside him.


Krishna: Ek toh kanjoosi karte ho…upar se gift bhi chahiye?


Sayyam: Maine kya kanjoosi kiya?…


Krishna: Really?…Whole Valentine’s week hv passed…u didn’t give me anything…and today also only this chain…tum kanjoos nahi toh aur kya ho?


Sayyam: But u like the chain…


Krishna: Yea off course…but where is my chocolate, teddy and rose?


Sayyam smiles and goes up to the table. And then brings everything that Krishna mentioned one by one. Krishna was again surprised.


Krishna: Sayyam tum…


He smiles gives her rose, chocolate and small cute teddy.


Krishna hugs him.


Krishna: I Love You Sayyam…


She caresses the teddy.


Sayyam: u could tell me first na…I would give u…then I don’t had to wait this long to hear this from u.


Krishna looks at him, again surprised.


Sayyam: Now give me my gift.


Krishna: But Sayyam…I really don’t hv nothing for u…I didn’t know u’ll do these…


She said genuinely. Sayyam gets that.


Sayyam: Krishna…don’t get it so seriously…I was just joking…I don’t need anything.


But Krishna was feeling bad. Sayyam thinks to change her mood.


Sayyam: Waise agar…tum chaho toh…I mean…if u want u can give me something.


Krishna looks at him.


Krishna: Kya chahiye tumhe batao?


Sayyam goes near her and gestures a smile on her face. And it worked. Krishna smiled.


Sayyam: That’s what I want.


They again hug eachother. And now Krishna kisses Sayyam on his cheek. And it was his turn to be surprised.


He smiles.


Sayyam: Not bad…actually…it’s the best gift I could ever had.


Krishna smiles, shyly.


Sayyam: Waise tum mujhe kanjoos bol rahi thi…par tum toh mujhse bhi zyaada kanjoos ho.


Krishna: Kya?…ab maine kya kiya?


Sayyam: Maine tumhare liye itna kuch kiya…wo bhi itni kam time mein…and u r just kissing me on my cheek…that’s not at all fare.


Now Krishna understands what he meant. She feels shy.


Krishna: Sayyam…


Sayyam smiles at her cuteness.


Sayyam: It’s ok…now don’t overthink…come sleep…u r not well.


They lie down on the bed, facing eachother, holding hands and smiling. Suddenly, a confused look craved on Krishna’s face. She pinches Sayyam’s hand and he screams.


Sayyam: Ouch Krishna!!…Kya kar rahi ho?


Krishna caresses his hand.


Krishna: Sorry Sorry…


Sayyam: Why did  u do that Krishna?


Krishna: Actually na…I was not being able to believe what’s going on…I thought I was dreaming…so…


Sayyam sighs.


Krishna: Sorry!!


She makes a cute puppy face. Sayyam can’t help but smile. Krishna too smiles and keeps another sweet kiss of Love on Sayyam’s cheek. He was literally happy. They spend the night, looking into eachother’s eyes, dreaming of a beautiful dreamlike life with the other.


The blessed night of Mahashivratri and Valentine’s day, fades away after spreading the light rays of Love to Kriyyam’s life. The beautiful rising sun starts arranging for their welcome.




So guys that’s it. Hope u all like it. Sorry for any typo…didn’t hv enough time to check.

Waiting for ur comments.

Thanks for reading😘😘😘😘😘

With Love❤




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