Kriyam life of a lover (Intro)

So friends i am a silent reader but today i decide to write a ff on kriyam as i lover that couple. Really i want that other writer continue their previous ffs. Stop of my blabbering.

Lets start…..


Krishna :a girl who loves to dance and secretly loves saiyam and daughter of saumya rajput

Saiyam:son of suhani and yavraj birla

Somya and krishan rajput:mom dad of krishna.

Suhani and yuvraj birla:mom dad of saiyam

Rani, sinni, somya, anshika, aman:friends and group member of krishna.

Vishesh, yash, ram, anshu, phiyonika:friends and grp member of saiyam.

Mr. Rajesh sharma:principal of college in which krishna and sayyam study.

A girl is shown in princlpal cabin and she is sitting there bcs she was planning abt prom night.

A boy is shown as flirtling with girls. Another boy called him saiyam and he looked at them.

Saiyam:what yrr! Thodi baate to kar lene deta. U know i like to flirt with girls.

Vishesh :yrr kabhi toh serous ho jaya kar.

Saiyam:stop it. Ok lets go

Just then a girl takra gai with saiyam. Saiyam start scolding her but she didnt say anything. She was krishna. She was so lovely, cute. She left from there. He was surprised at her this behavior..

Precap. Saiyam friends bet him to propose krishna and make her dance partner in prom night. Krishna listen all convo.

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