Kasam- Tere Pyar Ki 13th February 2018 Written Update Of Full Episode: Rishi and Tanuja celebrate Valentine’s day while Rishi signs the divorce papers

Kasam- Tere Pyar Ki starts with Rishi(Sharad Malhotra) meeting Abhishek and asking him to leave Tanuja (Kratika Sengar) alone so she can decide for herself what she has to do. Abhishek says that he does not trust her with Rishi. Rishi says that he sees a fear in Abhishek’s eyes which shows that he is scared to loose Tanuja. Rishi walks away with that and asks Abhishek to be a good friend. Tanuja sits waiting for Rishi and when he delays she decides to check on him. She sees Rishi with a child and gets lost in him playing as she remembers him with Natasha. Suddenly the child’s mother comes there and asks Rishi for his number. She keeps flirting with Rishi as she gets more and more irritated. Later after Rishi leaves Tanuja follows the woman and snatches Rishi’s number with authority and tells the woman that she is Rishi’s wife. Manpreet watches this and is quite amused. Tanuja sees Manpreet and pursues him as she knows he would tell Rishi everything. She asks Manpreet to avoid telling Rishi anything of what just happened.
Tanuja returns to Rishi and he asks her where she was. Then he says that he loves so many things about her. She eagerly asks him what it is about her and he teases her. Later Rishi woes her in the romantic way as he creates a beautiful setting for her and wishes her Valentines day. She is disturbed as she says that she was here to get a divorce. Rishi says he does not care her reason for being here and he and his father just believe that if we love someone we should set the person free and if the person is his the person will return. He tells her that this is the last time he is forcing her for anything at all.  Tanuja is broken to hear this. Rishi then signs the papers as Tanuja helplessly watches him.
Rishi then wants her to fulfill his wish and have an icecream with him. He orders for her favourite butterscotch flavour. Tanuja asks him if this a joke for him and he says that he does think this is a joke. Abhishek is frustrated to be waiting outside the restaurant as he feels Tanuja is taking so much time inside. He decides to not leave Tanuja alone with Rishi and walks back inside. Tanuja and Rishi eat iceream together. A woman eagerly wishes to see who teh romantic husband is who arranged so much for his wife so he could wish her valentines day. Rishi feeds Tanuja icecream and asks her to feed him too for old time’s sake. Rishi is confident that their divorce appeal will get rejected. Tanuja is awkward when the woman reveals to Rishi that Tanuja was jealous she flirted with Rishi. Tanuja then awkwardly tells Rishi about this and Rishi is extremely happy. Abhishek reaches there and asks them if the papers have been signed.
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