Kaleerein 15th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Meera’s Family Drama

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Silky’s mother Laali walks in shouts how dare Biji is to steal Silky’s alliance for Meera. She confronts each family member Biji tries to calm her down, but she continues and walks to Vivan and says this family is fraud and is fixing alliance wrongly, he is supposed to see Silky instead, this house is also not their’s and owner stays in London. Biji says this is house owner Vivan from London and tells Vivan that Lali is his daughter and is mentally ill. Laali says she is not. Vivan says he knows this family’s intentions. Biji takes her aside. Laali continues yelling how can she do this to her daughter, Silky is also her granddaughter, but she always favors Meera. Biji says Silky is attending Soni Kudi Academy and will get many alliances, but Meera will not, so drop this issue right away. Laali continues yelling and says let Dolly bhabhi decide, she knows how it feels as a girl’s mother. Dolly walks in and asks what is happening. Laali explains her whole situation. Meera also walks in and hears whole conversation.

Meera opposes Daadi’s decision and says she always favored her instead of Silky since chilhood. Biji says she did not and let his alliance happen as Sumer already saw and accepted her. Meera says she will for family’s sake, but only if Silky agrees. Biji agrees.

Meera walks to Soni Kudi Academy and then into Silky’s class. Silky asks how dare she is to snatch her alliance, if she is not ashamed. Meera says let us speak and tries to take her aside. Silky asks if she does not know she is eyeing on already married man, she can sue her. Whole class claps. Silky explains she was practice a situation and asks if she is thinking about Sumer, she is happy for her and does not mind her alliance with Sumer. Meera relaxes.

Vivan speaks to someone over phone. Amaya walks in. He asks if she slept well. She says she slept so well for the first time and asks whom he was trying to speak. He brushes off. Prince walks in and after a bit of jokergiri says Biji asked if they would have dinner with them. Vivan says no, but Amaya says yes. AFter sometime, Doly walks in holding lassi. Vivan says he does not drink lassi. She says alliance is fixed after a great difficulty and everyone thinks they are owner of this mansion, so if he can. Vivan asks if she means he should go out. Dolly asks how does he know. He says he knows this family well now and says he will go out when boy’s family comes. Dolly thanks him happily and leaves…Drama continues…

Vivan sees Amaya with Sumer and asks who is this. Amaya says airport guy.
Vivan angrily holds Sumer’s collar. Meera warns Vivan to back off and scolds him.

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