Kaleerein 14th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Vivan Is Meera’s Mansion’s Owner

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Meera walks into Sumer’s room and is shocked to see Vivan instead. She shouts how dare he is to barge into her house. Vivan says this is his house. Their argument continues. He says Indians always try to snatch someone’s properties, earlier she snatched money from him. She says he ruined cab, so she gave that money to cab driver. He says you Indians are so melodramatic. Their argument continues. Someone sees them fighting and informs family. Family rushes to room and parts them ways.

Family tries to create peace between them. Biji asks Meera to calm down and not to fight with Sumer. Meera says he is not Sumer. Dolly asks Vivan to calm down as he is marrying Meera. He asks what, if she is out of her mind, why will he marry arrogant Meera. Drama continues. Meera informs that man is an imposter and is acting as Sumer. Whole family gathers. Bittu chacha angirly shouts at Vivan to come down. Vivan walks down with Amaya. Bittu holds his collar and shouts how dare he is to enter his house. Vivan says he is Vivan Kapoor, owner of this mansion. Bittu holds his legs and apologizes and says he should have informed before coming. Vivan says his secretary informed him around 9 p.m. Bittu thinks he gets inebriated after 8 p.m. and says he gets busy in bhajan after 8 p.m. Biji apologizes and says they are finding alliance for her grandaughter and boy was to come, but he came and they got confused. Vivan says it is okay and asks her to inform her family not to disturb his privacy, looking at Meera.

Vivan takes Amaya back to room. Amaya asks why did not he inform they have a big mansion in India, she will go back to London now. Vivan calms her down. She says she is excited instead. Aman says family how can owner come without informing. Biji says Bittu did not inform us as he gets inebriated every night. Aman says let us make arrangements to invite Sumer’s family. He orders sweets and snacks and whole family waits. Meera suggests them that they should never lie and truth always wins. Family says she has grown up now. Dolly hopes they should not get any problem again. Sweety’s mother walks in. Biji says problem came….

Precap: Sweety’s mother tells Dolly that Biji stole Sweety’s alliance and is trying to fix Meera’s alliance.

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