Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 13th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Shakti proves her innocence

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 13th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Shakti telling Rahul that Thakur has framed her in Durjan’s murder case, she was sent to jail for 14 years. Rahul says I know you have come back after 11 years, where were you then. She says Thakur had become powerful and led the village, how could I come back, I used to stay here in this haveli and know about Thakur’s deeds, I heard about the temple aarti done at ghat and the mysterious death, this never happened when my dad was alive. He says it means you believe that some human is doing this. She says no, temple has Divya powers, I don’t doubt on Lord and his powers, I m sure Shivgan do aarti inside, if anyone disturbs them, Lord punishes them angrily. He asks what were you doing in the temple that night. She says I was finding jewelry, I didn’t get it anywhere, I was thinking my dad’s saying gets right and I get it inside the temple.

FB shows Shakti finding jewelry in the temple. She says it wasn’t easy to look for jewelry in day time, I knew after sunset, I can find the jewelry box, I was finding a good chance. Shakti looks for jewelry. Rahul says you didn’t think for Kaal Bhairav’s curse and risked your life. She says my Guru said Shivgan punishes only those who disturb them. FB shows Shakti getting shocked seeing the aarti. She hides behind the pillar and prays. FB ends. Shakti says I was hidden at aarti time. Rahul says you knew my brother was stuck there, you didn’t save him. She says trust me, I didn’t know he will come there, it was a coincidence. She says I was hiding with closed eyes, I didn’t know when your brother was attacked. She says after aarti ended, I came out and saw your brother dead, someone had hidden his dead body, I didn’t know anything, I saw that camera, I understood everything is recorded in the camera, so I removed it, I was in temple all day, temple door opened with sunrise, everyone was seeing Indra’s dead body, I left from there, trust me, I m not lying, I have no reason to lie to you.

Rahul says I m not reaching any conclusion, I have more questions, how did you come out when you got trapped in temple again, you would be knowing the secret way leading to jungle. She says no, I woke up at night, I was tensed and running, I fell inside that tunnel, it was very long tunnel, I wasn’t seeing anything, then I saw some light and came out of the tunnel, I found myself in the jungle. Rahul asks her about Pashunath and Sukuma. She says I don’t know anything, its true Gauri has seen the horse yesterday, I have lied to Gauri that I didn’t see the horse, I didn’t wish Gauri to get trapped in this mess, I have lied to you also when I told you that I didn’t see the dog.

She says I got to know Pashunath’s secret, he used to sell drugs, he got much money which he used to hide in jungle, when I learnt this, I asked him, he has given me assurance of help, since then he is with me, trust me I don’t know who pays him money. Rahul confronts her about Sheru’s death. She denies to frame him. She says I have always helped him, I had sent tamrapatra that night when you were in temple, so that you can go ahead in your search, I saved you from Thakur, I thought the day you find the mystery of the temple, I will also find the jewelry box, this is the complete truth. He asks you mean human didn’t do this. She says no, its Lord, but if you feel any human has done this, just think who will reap much benefits, he will be your culprit, I have told you truth, if you think I have killed Indra, punish me, I m ready. She gives him the gun and asks him to shoot. Rahul throws the gun. Shakti smiles and leaves. Rahul says whatever is happening in the temple, one who has big profits will do this, if I get him, I will find all the connections, temple mystery will come out in front of the world.

Namrata asks Thakur why is he silent, is there any other secret, which they don’t know. Aditya looks on. Namrata asks why did you hide this from us, why don’t you answer us.

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