Jiji Maa 15th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Niyati’s plan fails

Jiji Maa 15th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Falguni welcoming Vidhaan by doing his tilak. She does the rituals. She cries happily. He asks what made you cry. She says its tears of happiness. He says if Suyash was here, he would have not let you cry. She says these tears should flow out, its big day for Niyati. He asks where is Niyati. She says she is ready as your bride, get ready for jaimala. Shom asks Uttara what if Suyash doesn’t come, will she keep marriage tomorrow. She says cowards wait for tomorrow, both marriages will happen today, Falguni may refuse after Niyati’s marriage.

Niyati comes. Falguni sees her and smiles. She recalls their childhood moments. Niyati and Vidhaan exchange the garlands. Sunder asks Zeenat about Suyash. She says he would be coming. He thinks Suyash has run away, why will he marry Falguni. He goes to ask someone about Suyash’s room. The man takes him to Suyash’s room. Sunder asks about his sherwani and pays him some money. The man asks why are you changing. Sunder jokes and sends him. Falguni says Vidhaan was looking handsome today. Niyati sends Zeenat. Falguni says your marriage will happen first, just go. Niyati hugs her and says sorry. She takes her phone. She goes and locks up Falguni. Falguni shouts open the door, what are you doing. Niyati and Zeenat play loud music and leave.

Pandit asks Uttara to call Suyash. Jayant says I will talk to him, start Vidhaan and Niyati’s rituals. Uttara asks Vidhaan to please wait. Sunder comes wearing Suyash’s sherwani. Uttara gets relieved. She takes him to the mandap. Heera and panna plan to steal shoes. Shom asks them not to get mad, groom’s family doesn’t steal shoes. They say we are just one who takes money. Mangla says they went on me. He says that’s my problem. Pandit asks them to call brides. Niyati asks her friend Lata to walk with confidence and not get scared. Sunder smiles seeing the bride. Uttara sees Niyati signing Zeenat. She gets doubtful and asks bride to lift her ghunghat. She sees Falguni. Niyati and Zeenat get shocked seeing Falguni. Falguni recalls how she has thrown the vase down and took help from Gayatri. Gayatri opens the door. Falguni thanks her. Gayatri blesses her. Falguni runs to Lata. FB ends. Uttara asks pandit to start rituals.

Jayant stops the marriage. He says when Suyash isn’t in the city, how did you come. They get shocked seeing Sunder. Uttara says both marriages will happen together, else it won’t happen.

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