ISHQ MEIN MARJAWAAN Which pair is better?

OK so before u all start to read I just want to say as I was curious to know that’s why I wrote this and really very sorry if this article is very dumb.

So my question is which pair is better in this show? I am talking about Deep and Aarohi, Virat and Aarohi.

I know that maximum of us like the jodi ardeep and want them to be together, can’t help but I like virat more than deep. No doubt deep is really very good looking has a cute smile and acts really super and looks really good with arohi but virat is also no less he too has a great personality, acts really well and he too have a great chemistry with arohi. And I just love both of them together. I saw many moments of deep and arohi together which were cute and adorable but same will go with lakshya and Aarohi also. When he was a cop and the moments which he spent with aarohi I found them really charming and adorable. I know that like deep , virat too was acting but can’t help I just love virat and aarohi together.

So let’s have some fun.

Which jodi do u like more, is it

1) ARDEEP [Aarohi and Deep]

or is it

2) AARAT [Aarohi and Virat]
[Aarat name is my own invention]….

Drop your comments in the comment section. And for a change let’s do one thing Ardeep lovers click the Like button and Aarat lovers click the Dislike button. That way it will become easy to count.

So enjoy…..

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