Ishq ka khel ishqbaaaz khelte hai…..Episode 14 ( ANIKA IS KIDNAPPED!!)


Shivika’s room

Shivay gets a call

Caller – hello shivay singh oberoi……

Shivay – who are you??

Caller –  vo chodo…..tell me one thing bhot pyaar krte ho na tum apni wife se

Shivay – (angry ) kon bol rahe tum……

Caller – agar apni wife ko bacha sakkte ho toh bacha lo!
( Save her if you can!)

And call was disconnected

Shivay is now sooo…….. tensed

Anika – shivay mujhe shopping pe Jana main jaaooo……
( Shivay I wanna go for shopping can I go)

Shivay was not listening to her

Anika – shivay….shivay!! ap sun rahe hai!!
( Shivay……Shivay!! Are you listening )

Shivay – realizes what she has said now.

Shivay – no you will not go anywhere.and holds her by her shoulders

Anika ( confused ) why ??? I’ll not go ??

Shivay – I said na no means no!! you will not go anywhere…….

Anika – but…..

Shivay – noo….

Anika turns her face to other direction  because of anger

Anika – tadibaaaz kahin ke

Shivay – okk…..anika tum shopping pe chalo par mere sath akele nhi okk…..
(Okk let’s go to shopping but you’ll not go alone i’ll come with you )

Anika – sachhi…..

Shivay – muchii……

Suddenly Shivay gets a call

Mishra – sir meeting 2 bje ki hai
( Sir meeting is at 2 )

Shivay – mishra yeh meeting cancil krdoo because I am going out today
( Mishra canvil this meeting I m going out today )

Mishra – but sir……..

Anika snatches phone from shivay

Anika – don’ t worry mishrji shivay aa jayenge
( Don’t worry Shivay will come)

Shivay – anika par

Anika cuts in between

Anika – koi baat nhi shivay main akele nhi Jaaoongi gausom mere sath ajajayengi….aur mujhe pata hai unhe bhi shopping krnii hogi
( It’s okk Shivay I’ll not go alone gausom will come with me I know that they also want to do shopping )

Shivay – okkk but apne sath body gaurds KO bhi le Jana
( Okk but take bodyguards with you

Anika – okkk….

At hall

Saumya – wow Di I am so excited itte dino baad hum shopping if
Krne jaa rhe hai
( Wow di I am so excited from so long we didn’t go for shopping )

Anika – hmmm……

Gauri – I am ready let’s go

Anika – Kitti der laga Di Gauri…….

Gauri – sorry dii……ab aa gyi na chale…….

Dadi – puttar sambhal k Jana

Three together – jii dadi…….

They leave
After 3 hours
(Girls shopping you know😅)they were returning

Anigausom are in car
And one car is following them
Car in which body guards are their

Body guards cars stop and they were not able to find what happened to their car.

And anigausom   not  realize that their are no body  guards behind them.

Anika – wow…..itne Dino baad shopping krke bhot maza aya.

Gairi – yaaa…I got this jewelry at  cheap rates.

Suamya – jewelry is okk…..but that milkshake which we had at last it was very tasty……

Anika and gauri gave her iska kuch nhi hoga vala look


Their car gets stop

Gauri – what happen driver??

Driver – mam patanhi
Main dekhta hoon
( Mam, I don’t know let me see )

All came out of the car

Suddenly  goons came and holds anika’ s hand

Anika – what is this leave my hand!! (Shouted)

Gauasom were so shocked and trying to save anika

But another car came and goons take anika with them and anika was shouting and trying to free herself from those goons

Anika – where are you taking me!!!

Goon – just shut up…..

He made anika unconscious.

Gausom are crying and don’t know what to do.

Saumya – dii hamare peeche body guards thee kaha Gaye
( Dii bodyguards were following us where are they)

Gauri – patanhi yeh body guards kaha gye…..

They came back  home

Gauri was crying

Shivay – what happen Gauri!?? and where is anika???

Saumya – anika didi KO kisi ne kidnap krr liya
( Someone has kidnapped Anika di)

All were shocked

Shivay is shocked and tears are flowing from his eyes and he is standing still

Omru came and holds shivay

Om – shivay….sambhal khud KO

Shivay – om anika kidnap ho gyii…and he  cries that’s all because of me mujhe Anika ko protect karna chaiye tha but…….

Now shivay is having full anger in his eyes
his eyes goes red

Shivay – I will not leave that person who kidnapped anika.

Shivay remembers

that on his phone he got one call…..

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