Recap: swasan marriage😍 and swara’s contract😄

Swara’s pov:
I signed in relief as finally I’m out of that heavy bridal dress. I’m in guestroom with twinkle and sanskar is in my room. My house is not big just two bed rooms, hall and kitchen but i have arranged everything properly. I went to kitchen where twinkle is preparing dinner.
” what are you making??” I asked leaning on the slab.
” pasta!! For the time being” she shrugs.
” go and call sanskar it’s ready” she further said after a min.
” you go please” i don’t want to face him.
” he is your hubby baby” she teases me while i make faces.
We started arranging dining table and sanskar came himself, thank god otherwise i have to call him.
” heyy ladies!!” He said dragging the chair from table and taking his seat.
” Hi jijuuuuuu” twinkle said showing her teeth. I felt like hitting her head with something hard for calling him jijuu. I served in his plate silently while he was staring me as if he has only that work to do. His gaze affect me but i won’t show.
” it’s yummyyyy twinkle, kunj is really lucky” sanskar praised her. BTW!! What does he mean??? I also know how to make tasty pasta so sanskar is also lucky.
” i only taught her” i said rolling my eyes, sanskar chuckles taking another spoon.
” then I’m more lucky” sanskar said winking at me. Yeah that only i want to listen but i think he is teasing me, never mind ignore him swara otherwise he will win the challenge.

After we finished eating, i and twinkle washed utensils and came out of the kitchen. I thought sanskar must be in the room but he is sitting in the hall using mobile. I move towards guest room with twinkle when i heard him.
” where are you going swara??” He said. Sanskar came near us and stood infront of me.
” to sleep” i answered giving him a look as if is this a question to be asked?.
” ohh but you are going in wrong room” sanskar again said. So he is expecting me to come with him ‘neverrr’.
” no bcoz i will sleep in guestroom” i said shrugging my shoulder.
” that’s really unfair Mrs Maheshwari, it’s our first night and you should be with your husband, it’s it twinkle???” He first look at me and than at twinkle. I’m sure this girl will speak something rubbish now.
” yeah!!! I agree but sorry i didn’t got enough time to decorate your room with roses and candles” as expected twinkle blurted trying to act innocent. How can he take my friend on his side.
” never mind!! I will make it special for swara without roses” his words and naughty smile send shivers down my spine. His intense, desire filled eyes are making my knees weak.
” I’m sleepy” i said controlling my inner turmoil and turn to leave but sanskar held my wrist.
” sanskar….” i angrily started but he place his finger on my lips.
” sshhhh!! You are coming with me” he said with finality. I was not able to deny him and went to my room i mean now it’s our room.
” have great time guysss!!!” Twinkle shouted and giggled. This girl is too much.

We enter our room and sanskar close the door.
” sanskar I’m not going to share bed with you” i said getting irritated. He is so dominating.
” we will sleep on bed bcoz there is no couch” sanskar said setting the pillows and blanket. Yeah!!! I don’t have couch in my room and he is going to take advantage of this thing.
” but still i won’t sleep with you” i said being stubborn. I have little fear also in my heart that may be he will yell at me for showing tantrums but no he is still so cool.
” so my closeness affects you??” He asked smirking. No he don’t affect me.
” no” i said joining my arms at chest.
” alright!!! Come and sleep in my arms then i will believe” sanskar said lying on one side of the bed. He is again challenging me but i won’t let him win.
I went to other side of the bed and lie down far from him.
” challenge is in my arms baby” he said. Should i move close to him?? My heart really wants to feel his warmth and now it’s nothing wrong swara. He is your husband and you are not betraying anyone.
I slowly shift towards him and the next moment i was on his chest as he pull me closer. I close my eyes as his hands wrapped around my waist. Even above clothes, i can feel his cold fingers. I felt his lips on my head, he kissed me. He is so gentle that my heart is melting. I also wrap my arm around his chest and i know he is smiling.
I want to ask him somthing, should i??? But what if he got angry and don’t want to share with me. He claims that he love me so he should answer.
” sanskar may i ask one think??” I should take his consent.
” hmm” his fingers are playing with my hair strings and it’s soothing.
” do you smoke??” I asked slowly.
” why did you asked?” He cross questioned me.
” bcoz when you kissed i felt…” i felt shy to expain him.
” i do smoke when I’m hyper, you and smoking are my addiction and when I’m not able to see you or listen your voice i feel restless so i smoke” he told. What is the conclusion? that I’m the reason that he smoke??? Bcoz if i will be near to him, he won’t touch cigarette. I will try if he can leave his bad habit. Don’t think i love him, it’s just out of humanity, i convinced myself.
There is silence, i can feel his heart beating under my head.
” sanskar i want to continue my job” i said bcoz i want to build my own career rather than getting tagged as the wife of multibillionaire Sanskar maheshwari.
” you can swara” he said. I’m glad he agreed.
” thank you” i give him a smile. He lean on my face merging our foreheads. His breathe is striking my face making me breathless.
” sanskar” i gasp as he kiss corner of my lips.
” may i kiss you swara?? And i want you to react” he said. My heart will burst in excitement. He took my silence as “yes” and capture my lips. Today his taste is minty but yesterday it was of cigarette, very suffocating. Swara stop enjoying his taste and control your hormones. His one hand is caressing my belly under my top while other is pushing me closer.
” kiss me back” sanskar mumble in my mouth. Ohhh i forgot to kiss him while enjoying his taste. Me and my thoughts🙊.
I crawl my hands in his hairs kissing him back. It was magical, it’s going to be really hard ignoring this super handsome man.
Will he stop after kissing or not??? I felt little nervous but then i remember my contract. He can’t touch me then why he is kissing me.
After a second, sanskar stopped as we really need air to survive otherwise tomorrow headline will be
” a couple died kissing each other ” stop your stupid thoughts and concentrate on contract.
” sanskar according to contract you can’t kiss me” i said showing fake anger.
” it was with your consent and you too enjoyed” he said hugging me tightly. Yeah!! He is right, i enjoyed it so stop thinking and sleep. I nuzzles in his chest closing my eyes. I felt he kissed my forehead before sleeping. Hayeee! So sweet of him😍.
To be continued…….

Precap: Rain romance or bonefire romance?????(choose one for next part and in whose pov you want swara or sanskar?)

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