I’ll Live Till You Live (Kumkum Bhagya, Ishqbaaz, DBO) Episode(Final).

Hi guys this is sowji.thank u for my readers..I completed  successfully  this ff.I got 1k+votes in whatpadd.thank u for all my TU and whatpadd viewers.I especially  thanks abhigya,mythili,alekhika20,krittika,tarini,ishni,sethidisha002,samyusam,shafia,lonelygirl,neha_pheonix,kkk,nikita_jai29,sugan,palak,dhar,lopez,honey,sonalika,masssneha,shailaja banthia,any,shashi,preetha,rabul,SMC,riya,shreya.these people’s  are commented for this ff.thank u for your comments. If I missed  anyone.I am asking  sorry for that.thank u silent and regular readers.keep support  me guys..this is first time I tried 2ff in 1 episode.I get good response.it’s  all because  of my TU viewers.once again thank u.lets move to final ff.

Abi said listen miss.pragya arora.I know that.u can hear my voice.if u won’t  wake up now.I will decide to kill myself.I just give  you 2minutes time.u have to decide what will you do.whole family looks  shocked except  jerry. Jerry thinks I hope so now he will die.she will never wake up till last minute.purab asked what are you speaking  abi??abi said yeah purab.she is my jaan.I can’t  see her in this position.I was trying  to wake her up.still she won’t  wake up.now she can  decide  it.u told huh she will never get conscious. She will go to coma  stage.she knows that,I will live till she live.if she never wake up,so better I will kill myself. purab said no abi don’t  do this.all was trying  to convince  abi..he never ready to listen  anyone words.abi started to count number.pragya can hear his voice.she thinks no suniyil,I will never allow you to go away from me.you are my jaan.she is trying  to get up.jerry feel very happy..ali said listen  abi immediately stop this.abi was continuously saying count down number. Now number is 110.only balance  is 10.bulbul  said please di wake up.abi hold knife in his hand.purab stated abi give that knife.pragya heartbeat started raise fast.now count down is 115.whole family  was trying  to stop abi.suddenly  they heard loud noise suniyil..whole family  turned.abi sees his pragya.jerry looks shock.she removed wire in her hand..she goes towards  abi.she started to beat him..how can you thinks to kill yourself after how will I live.rabul,ali looks on.they looks stunned.sarala looks surprised.then only she understands their love..she feel guilty.abi looks very happy.he get happy  tears in his eyes.abi  said pragu finally  u woke up.she stopped to beat abi.abi said I know that..u will never allow me to go away from you.i love you my pragu.immediately  pragya hugged abi.whole family  looks very happy.sarala get happy  tears.rabul,ali granted.abigya break their hug.she saw rabul,ali.she hugged them.after she look at sarala.she goes towards  her.they get tears in their eyes.pragya wiped out her mom tears.her mom wiped out daughter tears. Sarala claimed I am sorry beta.I hurted you.now I understand  your love.pragya said maa please  don’t  say sorry to me.I know maa.u need time to know  about  him.maa I will wait for your wish.when u like abi.after we will marry.sarala smiled.sarala said suppose I will never accept  him.what will you do.pragya said I will live with his memories.he will wait for me till his last breath.sarala looks on.pragya father said u saw in your eyes.still u never understand they are made for each other.sarala said As a mother,I failed to understand  their love.now I realized my mistakes.I thought  to mend my mistakes.I have no problem.I too like him.he is perfect  match for my beti.whole family  looks very happy. Sarala said I am sorry beta.can you please  forgive your mother.pragya said maa.she hugged her.rabul screamed we are very excited to see your marriage. Jerry left from there..he looks very angry.Few days later,pragya discharged  from the hospital. Pragya sees jerry.she called jerry shall you free??shall we go out??. Jerry said no di I am very busy.pragya asked oh!!you are very busy.now again you are planning how to kill me and my suniyil.may I right?.jerry looks shocked.ali passed by their room.suddenly  he heard pragya voice.he looks shocked.ali screamed what are you saying  pragya.jerry looks tensed.pragya said your bhai brother  doesn’t  like me and my suniyil.I know that,he was trying  to kill my suniyil.he only mixed poison  tablet in my coffee..ali said no pragya.he will never do this.pragya said ask him.ali asked jerry is this truth?.jerry never look at his face.ali slapped jerry.he asked jerry say the truth..jerry accepted his mistakes. Ali was trying  to slap jerry.pragya hold his hand.ali said y ru stopping me pragya.pragya said it’s  not his mistakes.jerry look at pragya.ali said because  of him,you were hospitalized..pragya said yeah I knew.but he did everything  for you.ali looks shocked.he asked what do u mean.pragya said he loves you more..he never want his brother  lose his love.ali  looks at jerry.his eyes filled with tears.pragya said when I see him in our home.I thought he come to meet our maa.few days before only,I found..he  did everything.first I got anger..after I understands his pain.that’s y I hided this  to our family.jerry realized his mistake.jerry feel guilty.pragya goes towards him.she said jerry.I accept that.u did everything for your brother sake.one thing u must understand I never meant to hurt your brother feelings.I really like him.ali and you are my close friend.I never loves your brother..he is very nice guy.I truely loves my abishek.I never wanna hurt your brother.that’s  y I shared my love for abishek with him..he accepted my feelings..I know that it hurts him a lot.he will get better  girl than me.please try to understand my feelings.I am sorry jerry.if I hurted you.jerry said no di.I am very sorry.I did very big mistake in my life.please forgive me..I will never repeat this mistakes again in my life..ali looks very anger on his brother..pragya convinced them.after they patch up with each other..they shared group hug.few month later,   abigya family  fixed their engagement and marriage. abigya,rabul,ali,jerry started to do abigya wedding  shopping.. They finished their purchase after they return back to their home.few days after,they conducted abigya engagement, marriage  in MM.so pragya family  comes to MM for their engagement. Whole Mansion decorated  beautifully.The priest claims good time begin just call bride and groom.abigya come towards  the stage..they looks very elegant..abi winked his eyes.pragya blushed. after that they exchanged their rings.rabul,ali,jerry performed the dance.they rocked the floor.after they finished  their dinner.they went to their respective  rooms.next day morning,groom is sitting  in the mandap.pandit called bride.pragya come towards  the stage.abi mesmerized in her beauty.pragya winked her eyes..abi smiled.abi whispered  u looks very hot.pragya blinked her eyes.abi give naughty  smile.after they started to do their rituals.finally  abi tied mangalsutra around  pragya neck.he filled her mang with sindhoor.pragya smiled.after they get blessing  from their elders.they arranged reception  at evening..after abi was waiting  in his room.pragya come towards  their room..abi saw pragya.he come towards  her..they started  their life..few years abigya blessed with baby girl.they kept her baby name as rabul.rabul blessed with baby boy.they kept their name as prabhi.abigya called everyone  to their home..all had dinner together..all enjoyed  together.finally  they took family  picture.
      ——————the  end—————–

Shivay and om look at each other..again anika,gawri stopped them.suddenly  they saw omidy.anika,gawri was blinking  their eyes.shivay ,om stared them.after 
 Anika sees shivay.gawri sees om.after shivaika,omri laughed loudly…omisha asked baiyya y r u laughing..just tell us..we are too laugh..om asked we caught  them when they did watchman duty for our rudy.omisha and rudy looks at each other..omisha said sorry bhai.actually!! Shivay said no problem  choti.today we are really  feel proud of you choti..we are very happy..omisha said bhai i can do anything  for my family.anika claims u slapped very well omi..she deserved that slap.gawri said exactly  di..if I get a chance, I will kill her.om  said just leave her.now thinks about rudy and omisha wedding…they discussed their wedding  plan..after omisha,her family  left from there…next day morning, they decorated the whole house..now time is 6pm,they started to welcome their guest..omisha come along with their family.the pandit called bride and groom..they exchanged  their rings..shivaika,omri started to sing a song maahi ve song…shivay hold omi hand.anika hold rudy hand..they started to perform a dance to this song.At last whole family are performed. They had dinner together.they look very tired.all went to their respective  rooms.shivay saw anika..she was thinking  about  something..shivay touched her shoulder. Anika look at shivay.shivay asked what happened?.anika said shivay i feel very happy.tomorrow  omisha will join with  our family.gawri,omi are also similar like om,rudy.shivay said yeah,they are very nice girls.anika said shivay I am very excited  for their marriage.shivay smiled.shivay asked next??anika asked what is next?.shivay give naughty  smile.anika understand  his mindvoice..anika said good night shivay.shivay pulled anika towards  him.anika said shivay leave me.tomorrow  we have lots of work..lets we sleep.shivay hold anika chin.anika look at his eyes.he said I love you anika.anika smiled.she said I love you too shivay.(background  plays oh jaana)shivay hold anika in his arms.he placed her on their bed.anika hugged shivay.anika dozed off slowly  on his chest.shivay kissed anika forehead.next day morning, om is getting ready in his room.suddenly  he turned..he saw his beautiful  wife gawri.she looks very elegant.om saw gawri face in mirror.gawri was trying  to wear her earrings..om come towards  her.he bought  earrings  from her hand.gawri looks on.he wear her earrings  in her ears.she closed her eyes.(background  plays saathiya).she can feel his breath near her neck.om said I love you gawri.she opened her eyes..she look at om.om said I never seen beautiful  girl like you.gawri blushed.om asked you are changing  my mood.gawri said omkara ji we have lots of work.get ready soon.she pushed omkara.she left from her room.she smiled.she thinks about  om.she blushed.@mandap,the priest started to do chant.the priest called groom.shivay,om come to rudy room.rudy hugged his brothers. Shivay said u look very handsome rudy.rudy smiled.rudy said bhai bless me.rudy fell on his brothers  leg.shivay,om stopped him.shivay  asked what are you doing? U just fell Badi papa,badi ma,paa,maa,dadi leg.rudy said you are not brother.you are equal to maa,paa.first I need your blessing. Shivay looks emotional. He hugged him.after they shared group hug.shivay asked shall we go ??.rudy smiled.they reached the mandap.rudy is sitting  in the mandap.@omisha room,gracy hugged omisha.she said after marriage  u will never come to our home.omisha said  no maa, that is my home.I will come to my home.gracy said but after marriage, this is your home.omisha hugged gracy.she is crying..anika ,gawri saw them.anika said maa don’t  worry we will take care her.anika,gawri consoled her.gracy said I know beta.you are also my daughter..anika,gawri looks emotional. They hugged gracy.omisha said di i feel jealous  on you.anika,gawri look at omi.omi said you are hugging  each other  without  me.they smiled.gracy said dramabazz.after they priest called bride.omisha come towards  the mandap.they started to do rituals.it’s  time to their  round around  agni..they started to walk around agni.whole family, the guest started throw flower on them.the priest give managal sutra.rudy tied mangal sutra around omi neck.all smiled.he filled her mang with sindhoor.whole family  looks very happy. Omisha get happy  tears.rudy wiped out her tears.she hugged him.after the priest told get blessing  from elders.they got blessing.they arranged  reception  at evening…they took pictures with their family and the guest.few days later,the police man produced svetlana in court.omisha give all proof against  svetlana. She get 7years jail punishment..whole family  looks very happy… Few years later,shivaika,omri,omidy blessed with 3 baby boy.they keep their baby name as rihaan,meeraan,karan.whole family  happily lived in their life.

          ————–the end—————–

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