I LOVE U…Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheswari(Season 2)episode-6

Episode 5

Ragini brings coffee for sanskar who jst woke up…
Sanskar(looks at her from top to bottomm):kya bath hai..after very long u wore chididar..but this mein bhi..u r looking hot..
Ragini glares at him..
Sanskar( raised his eyebrow):seems angry??but why
she forwarded coffee to him while looking away..
Sanskar took d cup nd kept on table.ragini turns to go he holds her wrist nd pulls her on him..both fell on bed..
Ragini:leave me
Sanskar:kya hua my baby ko..bahut gussa mein najar ah rahi hai..

Ragini:leave me..i have to go
Sanskar:u r angry naa..so i have to make u cool na…
He winks at her nd tries to kiss her..
Ragini(stops him):hav some shame sanskar..u didnt let me sleep whole night..nd u started again..
Sanskar:y do i hav shame infront of my wify..(he brushed his lips on her cheek)
Ragini:stop it sanskar
Sanskar:ok tell me..y are u angry on me..

Ragini:bcz of u i had to wear this dress..
Sanskar:what i have done dear
Ragini:u only did..u bited all over my body..u didnt leave even 1 inch..(she pouts)
Sanskar:i love u that much dear
Ragini:those are clearly visible sanskar…what to tell if maa ask y did u wear chudidar..
Sanskar:tell ur son loved me so much last night
Ragini hits him playfully pouting…
Sanskar smiles..

all sat for bf..Ragini serves..
Sanskar(to tease ragini):areh ragini..u stopped wearing chududars naa..then what special today..u wore chudidar..
Ragini glares at him..sanskar winks at her without suji ram knowledge..
Suji:ha ragini beta..i thought to ask ..there is any special today..
Ragini:vo..nothing maa..i jst have worn casually..
Sanskar:achaa..but i didnt like this dress..go nd wear saree
Ragini looks at him angrily..sanskar smiles seeing her face..
Sanskar:go naa

Ragini:vo..i will wear later..first u hav bf
Sanskar:i will have..first u change ur dress ..
Ragini:teeke sanskar..i will change..
she moves to him nd whispered in his ear see how will i book u..she smirks..sanskar widened his eyes..
Ragini turns to go..
Sanskar:no..its ok ragini u sit
Ragini:no no sanskar..u didnt like this drees na..i will wear saree(she slowly whispered in his ear that too backless)
Sanskar:im telling u na..no need..sit nd hav bf..ok fine sorry for teasing(he said slowly)
Suji:kya sanksar..u r only asked to change na..
sanskar:vo maa..i was jst kiddiong..this dress looks really beautiful on her..
Sanskar(he signed her):sorry leave it…
he pouts..ragini smiles..

Sanskar got ready for office..
Ram:sanskar,badi papa called nd said there is urgent work in office…we should leave to mm
Ragini( gets upset):maa u should stay na..papa will go..
Suji:do u stay without sanskar..
Ragini(holds sanskar hand tight like a child):no
suji(smiles):then how can i stay here without papa..
ragini looks at her with puppy face..
suji(kissed her forehead):we will come again..
ragini nodded..
Suji:i will pack bags
saying suji,ram goes..
ragini:again i have to be alone
sanksar: if u want i stay with u..(he winks at her)
Ragini:no need ..go office..
sanskar smiles..

Sanskar came home from office nd sees ragini was in angry mood again..
Sanskar:uff again drama..this time i will not become fool..
Ragini:but u really made me fool sanskar
Sanskar felt pain in her voice..he immediately cupped her face nd askd what happend..
Ragini jerks
Sanskar:dont make me mad tell..what happend..

Ragini took some papers from cupboard nd throws it on floor..
Sanskar shocked..it had happend what he was scared about…
Ragini:what is this sanskar
Ragini:how could u do this sanskar..how could u hide this big thing from me..i never expect this from u this sanskar..
Sanskar:ragini forget about what have u seen..

Ragini:what??how could u talk like this sanskar…i have a chance to get preganent but u hided that from me..u knw how much i craving for my motherhood but u r asking me to jst forget about this..what happend to u sanskar..y r u talking like this..
Sanskar:bcz it was risk…u may loose ur live in this process…i need u ragini..
[Ragini have a chance to get preganent by some operation..but it was risky,in this ragini may die..thats y sanksar hided it from her..]
Ragini:think positive sanskar..we may get chance

Sanskar:what if not..doc told there is 5% chance…nd u knw i cant take risk in ur matter..
Ragini:plz sanskar..try to understand..nothing will happen
Sanskar:dont argue about this ragini..
Ragini:no sanskar..i will call doc nd say im ready for this.
Sanskar:are u mad..u cant do this..
Ragini:Sanskar plzzz…i want to be mother.i want to feel motherhood..i wnat to becme a good mother..
Sanskar:but i want u alive
Ragini:sanksr plzz

Sanskar:we are enough for each other ragini…nd will happy with eo..no one need.
Ragini:i need sanskar..i need kids..
Sanskar:i need u ragini..i dont wanna loose u..
Ragini:u r selfish sanskar..u r thinking about urself only..
Sanskar:haan..im selfish..i jst want u..nothing matters to me..nothing important to me..did u get that(he shouts )
Ragini(get angry by his words): so listen ..kids are important to me sanskar more than u..
Sanskar:so u loves ur motherhood than me right..

Ragini:haan…i cant be happy without kids..
Sanskar:u cant be happy with me right
Ragini:haan sanskar haan..im telling u na…my happyness was in being a mother not in u..
Sanskar eyes got moist..he leaves angrily…
Ragini collapsed on floor crying…Sanskar came to garden nd cries..
Ragini:y dont u understand my pain sanskar…u dont knw how much it pained to one women..

Sanskar(in garden):y cant u understand ragini..i cant live without..u r my life..how can i put ur life in risk…
Both cries…
1 hour passed
Sanskar comes to room,ragini looks at him painfully..he sat beside her,ragini immediately hugs him,sanskar hugs her more tight…they stayed for sometime hugging like that…
Sanskar brk d hug nd wiped her tears..
Sanskar:shhhh..we will talk later..first stop cry

Ragini:first u stop cry(she said while wiping his tears)
Sanskar smiles through his tears..
Sanskar(placed his finger on her lips):leave it…come hav dinner
Ragini:im not hungry
Sanskar glares at her

Ragini who sleeps on sanskar chest says in mind.. i knw sanskar u r scared to loose me..but i hav faith on god…nothing will happen to me ..i will make u agree..but how…
Sanskar:dont think too much..sleep

Sanskar hugged her tight..

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