HIDDEN-HATE ( episode 13) (Separated for Circumstances Bounded By Blood)

Hello friends after so long time.. yeah I know but I don’t think so any one remember me here… By the way I myself has forgotten The story so definitely you All might have.. w… Hope all show your love…and sorry. For late 🙏
“Suna tha pyar main Sab jayaj hai. Kiya tha toh Jana nafrat bhi ”
(Heard Everything is fair in love. But When I did it I got to know even hate also )
I swear my life was never like this until I started to admire him. A man who became my favourite hero. It was my fault I shifted my eyes from my love to A unknown man SANSKAR KAPOOR . Surely I didn’t know that was A damn mistake he is demon. But somewhere I was pissed off him. My brain recalled memories with him
” Are you done Swara” he asked her as it was getting late
” Ummm, yeah ” she got up from chair and joined him
They started to walk entangling their hands. When they were out of college campus she Asked him ” let me talk with your dad about us”
He went on deep thoughts and after sometime sighed as some flashes run over his mind ” I wish but no worries I’ll talk with him”
” laksh Are sure that you want to make me officially yours” she asked being unsure of his behaviour
” You know I can’t leave without you” he said
“Huhh” she made a small laugh ” we both can’t leave without each other hence you are not even ready make it relation official. ” She left his hand and started to walk ” Make sure that anything won’t fall wrong that we may get apart” she always had this kind of fear
He pulled her and kissed her forehead ” and if that happens that will be my last day ”
I smiled ” I time and man change so quickly ”
I was happy with him until other man who happens to be my hero rapped because he wanted to take revenge from my so called love. I hate him so much but still I hate myself more because I’ve did something same him. I am happy that I am away from that traitor knowing it that I’m his brother’s wife how could he even kiss. But fault is mine I shouldn’t have melted I was so blind taking revenge from Sanskar that I forgot Every limits of mine. Before revenging him I shouldn’t have forgotten that he is my husband. Surely I hate him and ever I see his face my soul dies meet with my mother. My case less life now have bounded by him. My small world has turned into broken World. My fault was just loving that traitor man who can do anything what he wants. Did he ever loved me or I was just his obsession?
” Obsession, love , passion and Swara I will end every boundary between us. I will kill every person between us. I will get the every impossible ways to land to you. It’s your laksh’s promise”
Laksh caressed the picture of her in front of him ” you know I-I love you so much Swara. But I mistakenly thought you betrayed me but it was that blo*dy man who happens to be my brother. I should have got it before that Sanskar has chosen you for his revenge”
He said sadly then again caressed her pic ” only one name Swasatika was just in his mouth and I had A crush on Sanjana, Swasatika’s twin sister but Sanjana was quite modern in spite of Swasatika being traditional but again Sanjana had crush on Bhai but she rolled around me to make Bhai’s Attention on her. One night after partying I was under alcohol effect and I ended up on bed With Sanjana but when I got up I got A tight Slap from him. He mistaken that It was Swastika and that Witch also acted being Swasatika. Swasatika’s family got to know about this and they blamed Swastika. So Bhai ran away with Swasatika and married her. Dad become angry on Bhai because he married A bangali girl so he ordered some men to kill them And after some days I got to know Swasatika is dead from that day Bhai hated us specially me as he think I’m the main reason behind him. But his this mistake he has separated my life From me. He has to repent this I swear. I won’t leave you Sanskar Maheshwari”
She was scrolling on floor in Darkness. When he turned on the lights. She whipped her tears and put her head back from floor.
He comes near her and she turned her face from him
” First get up from floor ”
Swara got up from floor. Cleaning her dress she sat on bed
“Ummm, you haven’t eaten anything by now from morning” he said showing plate to her But she didn’t said anything and again turned her face
” Look I hate you and I know you also hate me but what food has done that you are pouring your anger on it” Sanskar said
” It’s not funny” she said
” What funny thing I said. It’s simple you haven’t anything from morning and surely you’re starving”
Swara was again about to deny when her stomach made ” ghur ghur” sound
“Ok”she turned and started to eat
After some time she looks at him ” umm I think haven’t eaten anything also ” he didn’t made any reaction at her
” Ok then” she took some foods in hand and brought near his mouth
“Look I hate you and I know you also hate me but what food has done that you are pouring your anger on it” Sanskar dropped his jaw and some naughty act popped in his mind . He clicked her fingers taking food in his mouth
” Ewe, what you’ve done ” she ran into washroom
” Hahaha hahaha” he laughed at her state
He took the whole plate and started to eat
” My food ” Swara ran to him and snatched from him
” Witch” he again snatched it from her
” Monkey” she throwed food on his face which was in her hand and again snatched her plate
” Foody” he took plate from her and puts all food on her head
” Huhh you donkey”
Sanskar again laughed at her when she poured all water on him which was beside her bed
” Equal revenge” she said laughing
” Uhmm” they both get shocked seeing Sanskar’s mother and badi Maa
” Didn’t you have shame girl. Rolling over on our both sons. I haven’t seen shameless creature like you” Sanskar’s mother Sujata said
Swara lowered her eyes ” I’m sorry mom..”
Sujata didn’t let her complete ” don’t call me mom. You are not worthy of it” she couldn’t even complete he screamed
” Enough mom” He came in front of her
” Why are you faking your fake love now.”
” No beta you are talking us wrong” Ap his badi tried to make him understand
” Why badi Maa when I needed someone beside me that time no one was here but know everyone is here finding problems in my life partner” he was about to say more but Swara held his shoulder
For the first time he was caring for her but he doesn’t know why but seriously they doesn’t have right to talk about her when they don’t know her ” Sanskar you are talking with us like this for this girl. You did that last time also taking support for that unknown girl and still doing you know the end was not good” Saying this sujata went away
Sanskar got shocked seeing his mother threatening him. Swara got confused hearing about girl. Annapurna didn’t moved from her place
She come near Swara and puts her hand on her head ” Swara I don’t know why you did that but I know you have gotten your mistake so I’m not angry with you”
Swara asked “really ”
” I’m happy for the first time Sanskar laughed like this ” she smiled at looked at Sanskar who was smoking standing in balcony.Swara also followed her gaze ” He has suffered alot, take care off him ” saying this she went from there.
Swara was relaxed a bit because someone in the house excepted her but still was confused by hearing about a girl from her mother in law and her thread
Far Away In dark place

A girl was seeing A pic in front of her. her reflection was falling in the picture ” Today I’m getting my love Swara. I am so happy. You always have habit to Snatch my loved one’s from me but see now what life has played Your love got Away from you and I’m getting my love back.” She laughed and thrown the frame in floor
“. You always acted to be best friend and back stabed me. Now I will stab you back dear Best friend”
she called some one” are you ready?”
” No” she got shocked hearing negative response
” What do you mean by that” she asked again
” Laksh has played that game instead of me” the other person said
” Bit why he loves Swara then why will he spoil her Image in front of his family”
” I don’t know but something is cooking in his my mind” the other person said
” Then we have to do something Serious before This” she said
” No not now she has suffered to much now give her rest for some time” he said
” She means Swara Sanskar why are caring for her?” She asked to Sanskar being irritated at his behaviour
” You know she is Asthma patient if something happens to her then what will happen to her mother?” Sanskar said
” Sanskar you’re caring for An unknown lady and I don’t wanna thin about that lady this mother daughter has masters in snatching others love and Swara she is also the lover of Your enemy” said the girl
” She is just beloved of my enemy it’s not her fault still she’s suffering but Ragini She is your Sister how can be cruel to her”
” Just shut up Sanskar she is my Step sister not real got it ” Ragini shouted back on him
” Do hell with your revenge I’m not with you anymore” he cuts the calling barking back at her
” Sanskar he also betrayed me”
” Swara Maheshwari I’ll not leave you anymore” she kicked her broken picture frame and screamed ” I hate you ”
Next day

Everyone got down in dinning room including Sanskar also But Swara was missing. Annapurna and Sujata entered in kitchen for making breakfast but to their surprise everything was ready.
” Arre Ramu kaka you have made everything but didn’t told was ” Annapurna asked
Sujata was about to taste the food seeing the delicious food just the Ramu kaka Answered ” I didn’t do that Swara beti did everything in morning ”
No sooner had Sujata heard this her food got stuck in her neck and she started to cough ” ahhu ahhhhu ahhu ”
Ramu kaka went and gave her water . Sujata drank that in one go. Annapurna smiled and asked her ” let it go. Why aren’t you expecting Swara”
” Because she was betraying my son ” Sujata said being
” It was just her mistake she is repenting now. You know after Swasatika’s dead how broken Sanskar was that he started to hate us but from the day Swara is in his life he started living with us again and somewhere he is expecting us” Sujata thought for while hearing Annapurna’s advice and spoke again
” But what he falls in love with her and she betrays her”
” Nothing will happen ” They both heard A manly voice and turning their heads to that direction they found Durga prasad Maheshwari The head of their family
” Annapurna is right Sujata. What Swara did was not correct but she is now repenting and may there’s some reason behind we don’t know and for her only We are getting our Sanskar back” said Dp
” But Bhai sahab she is A bangali girl also” Sujata said
” I know but I don’t want run same mistake again” dp said when Ram entered and shared his thoughts ” yes Sujata , I got my son 5 years later now I don’t want to lose my son again for your stubbornness”
” Before we lost our elder son in accident now we can’t lost other ” Dp said and went away followed by ram
Annapurna tap her shoulder and said softly ” except her Sujata it will be better for us” saying this she went out
” Never I know my son suffered alot that’s why I won’t let him suffer more”
( Note it: That Sujata is not funny like in serial or so evil it’s a motherly concern)

Dinning Area

Swara come down with a uneasy feeling but felt relieved hearing DP when he asked her to “sit down”
She smiled and Answered ” yes bade papa”
She was about go when her leg slipped And she shut her eyes close fearing she might fall But to her surprise she didn’t As A strong pair of hands held her tightly. Feeling the grip she opens her and got shocked seeing herself on laksh’s Arm. Yes laksh caught him. Sanskar gripped his fist tightly seeing this and shut his eyes close. Everyone noticed this and again were disappointed. Swara pushed him back immediately when Sujata started cursing her again ” See this Shameless Girl How she is Rolling over laksh”.
Swara got teary at her direct taunt And she was about to ran from their when A small hand held her dupatta
” Chachi where are you going?”
Swara whipped her tears and answered without turning ” I’ve some work Avni ”
” Chachu See Na Chachi is going without eating anything” The little girl complaint to her Chachu
She doesn’t Even know The Circumstances and really don’t want to understand also but now her chachi is going without eating and she wants to stop her anyhow. Maybe she has given her The Door of Mother like she did To her Chachu
” Swara please stop” he said not willingly
This situation was getting harder for Swara where Family doesn’t Want her now and this Small whom she started love her As daughter is calling her and her husband is calling her helplessly. She made A small node and Sit beside Sanskar. Actually is was sitting between Laksh and Sanskar. How helpless today her love made her. She is sitting beside him but still her duty is Also Beside Her. Avni jumped on Table and sat between her and Sanskar.
Swara and Sanskar both took food in hand and was about to Feed Avni in Same time. Avni laughed seeing their act and they both got Surprised. Everyone got Dazzled Seeing them.
” Sujata come on Now except Swara ” Annapurna said Admiring them
Laksh heard their whisper and banged his hand on table. All Attention got shifted At him And Dp Asked ” What happened Laksh?”
” I’m done ” Saying This he was about to go when Ram stopped him ” laksh From today Sanskar is joining back into office”
Laksh got shocked where Sanskar smirked
” Back At his position” Ram said
” What?” Laksh couldn’t believe for which reason he used to hate his brother He got his position back
” He is MD of Maheshwari Groups and co. ” Dp said
” We are proud of you Sanskar you have reached our company on new heights But I’m sad that in your Absence we couldn’t Manage it well And lost it place” Dp said
Where laksh gritted teeths ” Thank you bade Papa”
And to Everyone’s Surprise Sanskar replied unexpectedly . Today Sanskar was really happy he got his Hard work back. Laksh was about to leave when Dp called him again ” you are not going office today”
” Why?”
” We are going to See Match For you ”
As soon as laksh heard this He dropped his Mobile from hand. Swara looked blankly without Any emotion to Dp. Sanskar who was drinking water spiked water from his mouth And Started to cough. A drop of tear Rolls Down from corner of her eyes Unnoticed by anyone but it landed on Sanskar’s Hand. He glanced her and sighed.

Sanskar was walking around the cabin. After 5 year He is Here.
SANSKAR MAHESHWARI dust has fallen on the name plate. Tears brim out from his eyes and again Flashes lead his mind

” Swastika get up. Open your eyes Jaan please see me” he said shaking the lifeless body

Please don’t leave your Sanskar” please he cried holding the lifeless body
” Sir ” he got into sense hearing someone calling him
And he entered inside the Cabin. Everything was cleaned by man but when they were About to touch A pic on his table he screamed ” No” all looks at him
” I mean it’s ok .. umm you all can leave” He said and They went away.
Sanskar walked to Table And touched the pic. It was his hand Swasatika’s pic. He let A deep Breath and held the pic close to his heart
” Definitely Love Hurts But It is No Doubt A beautiful feeling”
” Yeah it can break A family. Put Hate between two sisters” A girl said from behind And laughed
He turned And surprised to see Sanjana.
” No ” he said smiling ” Love is Just illusion people changes with Time like I did. Once I used to love Swasatika but now I don’t ”
He laughed And left The picture from his hand and the frame broken in to million pieces ” Got it Sanjana Rathore”
He said while smirking ” I hope you liked my acting of fake love ”
Sanjana went from there being shocked that he doesn’t love her sister anymore which advantage she always used use.

Love triangle…. Tada ok thank you with lots of love
Bye. I hope some remember this story

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