Heavenly Couple — SwaSan (Fan Fiction) Episode 6 by Marsuu

Heavenly Couple —- SwaSan(Fan Fiction)
Episode 6:
Recap: swasan went to hospital. Ragini followed them. She get to know swara is pregnant but not that swasan are married. Swasan spend time with each other.

At night:
Swara is in her room lying on the bed. Her one hand is placed on her belly and she is smiling reminiscing the moments she spent with sanskar. Swara heard some noise from window and when she saw, her eyes widen as sanskar jumped inside from window.
” sanskar” she gasp instantly sitting on the bed. Sanskar came near her and sat on the bed.
” you came by climbing pipe??” Swara asked narrowing her eyes.
” yes” sanskar smile.
” idiot its too risky don’t you know?? How can you be so careless. What if something happen..” swara was blabbering and beating his chest with her little hands. Sanskar held her hands and pull her closer.
” nothing happened so relax” sanskar said pecking her lips.
” btw what are you doing in one innocent girl’s room at midnight Mr Maheshwari??” Swara raised her brow and asked teasingly. Sanskar lean on her and whisper huskily
” and that innocent girl is my wife so i have all rights to meet her understood Mrs maheshwari?”
Swara blushes and hug him. Sanskar chuckles and kiss her head.
” you had your dinner??” Sanskar asked.
” hmm” She look at him and nodded.
” do you feel like eating something ?? In pregnancy it happens so i came” sanskar said caressing her hairs.
” so sweet of you” swara pull his cheeks.
” but I’m not feeling to eat anything now” swara said pouting.
” Okay so you should take rest” sanskar said.
” you sleep with me” swara requested.
” really.? What people will think swara???” Sanskar asked dramatically.
” dramebaaz” swara hit his arm. Both laugh at their childishness.
Sanskar made swara lie on bed and himself next to her. Swara hugged him keeping her head on his chest.
” swara very soon I’m going to talk to our parents” sanskar said.
” they will accept??” Swara asked hopefully. Sanskar look in her eyes which clearly show fear. She is hell scared of her father’s relation.
” hmm” sanskar kiss her forehead relaxing her.
Later, sanskar senses swara slept. He tried to get up but swara tightened the grip.
” please don’t go” she mumble in sleepy voice. Sanskar signed and sleep there itself. In the morning, sanskar left informing swara.

After two days:
Whole day sanskar work in office and at night went to meet swara and sleep there. He hardly visited maheshwari house. Ragini tried to contact him but he didn’t cared.
As usual sanskar is in office and swara is at home helping shomi in kitchen.
” swaraa” shekar shouted from the hall. Swara and shomi came out and saw he is furious. Shekar got call from dp.
” shekar what happened??” Shomi asked.
” we are going to maheshwari house” shekar said. Swara got shocked like what happened suddenly.
” why baba??” She managed to ask.
” you will get to know” shekar said and went out.
” come shona” shomi said.
” you go I’m coming ma” swara replied. Shomi went out and swara dialed sanskar’s number.
” hello sanskar” she said breathing heavily.
” swara you are fine??” He tensely asked.
” come to your house I’m going with ma baba” swara said.
” why??” Sanskar asked.
” don’t know please you come” swara requested.
” okay I’m coming don’t worry ” he assured before cutting the call.

Maheshwari House:
All are in the hall when swara with shekar and shomi entered inside. Dp seems to be angry. Ap and ragini are standing at one side while ramta are on other side. Swara went to sujata and greeted her. Sujata also hugged her. Swara wished ap but she didn’t replied. Swara noticed ragini who is smirking at her. Swara didn’t got her intentions so she ignored but she remember her as on that day sanskar went to meet her out.
” why you called us??” Shekar asked from dp.
” to tell deeds of your daughter ” dp sharply said.
“mind your tongue” shekar shouted. Swara is standing near sujata nervously.
” swara, sanskar still meet you??” Ap asked moving towards swara.
Swara don’t know what to say, she is very poor at lying.
” your silence means yes?” ap asked.
” swara did you met sanskar ?” Shekar asked loudly. Swara got scared and her eyes are filled with tears. She is silently praying that sanskar should come.
” yes baba we want to convince you all” she slowly answered.
” means you went against me” Shekar said.
Swara has no answer to give to shekar. He warned her but she still kept contact with sanskar.
” swara ” sanskar came hurriedly to swara ignoring everyone in the hall.
” why are you crying?? Don’t stress please” sanskar wipe her tears.
” be away from my daughter ” shekar pushed sanskar. He stumble back.
” baba please” swara requested. Sanskar bink his eyes assuring he is fine.
” sanskar i can understand your situation ” ragini started her drama. Sanskar give her confused look like about which situation she is talking.
” what are you saying??” Sanskar asked.
” i know that you spend one night with this girl and she got pregnant” ragini blurted giving disgusting look to swara.
” shut up ragini you are a girl that’s why I’m listening till now otherwise i won’t mind killing you and swara is not cheap like you” sanskar pointed his finger giving her warning. Fear engulfed swara’s heart as all will get to know about her pregnancy.
” sanskar is this the way to talk to ragini she is your fiance” ap said.
” i don’t have any relation with her it’s you people who started assuming i love swara and will always love her ” sanskar replied. He is not going to be silent today.
” ragini is much better for you” dp said.
” i can’t even think of comparing my swara with this ragini. Swara is my life and will always be so i don’t give damm to anyone” sanskar loudly shouted.
” you will never get swara” shekar shouted back while sanskar chuckle dryly. Swara is already his wife.
” sanskar i know why you are supporting this girl bcoz she is pregnant with your child ” ragini tried to act innocent. All got astonished to know swara is pregnant. Sujata is so happy but she is controlling her emotions infront of all.
” i love swara that’s why I’m supporting her” sanskar sternly answered.
Shekar came infront of swara and asked
” you are carrying his child??” Shekar pointed towards sanskar who is standing next to swara.
” baba i can exp..lain” swara stammer out of fear.
” yes or no” shekar asked.
” yes” swara nodded looking down. She closed her eyes as shekar raised his hand to slap her but she didn’t felt it. When she open her eyes she saw, sanskar stopped shekar.
” it’s not her mistake ” sanskar pleaded.
” swara you have to choose me or sanskar and come with us and abort this child ” shekar said. SwaSan got shocked. They are not that cruel.
” i will not abort our baby” swara said.
” so sanskar became more important for you. Come with me i will tell how to answer back to elders” shekar held swara’s wrist.
” shomi make sure she will not come out of her room” shekar further said.
” you can’t take swara” sanskar said.
” she is my daughter and you have no right to stop her” shekar smirk.
” i have all rights ” sanskar replied.
” but how sanskar? You have no relation with her” ragini said.
” swara is my legal wife we had done court marriage so she has all rights to be with me” sanskar smirk shocking all.
” swara how can you stoop so low” shekar shouted and leave her hand.
” baba please listen we don’t want to go agsinst you but the situation was like that we were helpless” swara pleaded.
” you are not my daughter swara, shomi she is no one to us” shekar declared breaking his all ties with swara.
” ma please” swara is crying bitterly while shomi give helpless as shekar is very stubborn.
” never show me your face” shekar said last time and left the house. Shomi has to follow him as she has no other option.
” shh it’s okay we will pacify them” sanskar console swara as her tears are not ready to stop.
” sanskar you have to leave this girl if you want maheshwari empire” dp said.
” if you marry ragini then only you will get place in this house and our property otherwise you can leave the house” dp ordered.
Ragini smirk as she herself is moneyminded so thought sanskar will obviously choose property. Swara look at sanskar and slightly smile as she very well know sanskar’s decision. Sanskar is thinking deeply.
Will ragini be proved wrong…????
Swara has left her everything for sanskar will he also support her????
To be continued…

Hey guys!! I’m telling now itself this story has so much of drama so if you all don’t like tell me honestly i will stop it.
Thank you

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