HE IS DANGEROUS (SwaSan) Epilogue by Marsuu

Hello guys!!! Here comes the epilogue after long timeπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ i was not going to give but wattpad readers asked so here it is. I hope you will like it.
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Recap: swasan and seerat live happily as all problems got solved. Adarsh got his punishment.

After Two Years:
” Today sanskar is gone. Does even he have time sense” swara said pacing here and there in her room. Seerat and sumit are staring her with full concentration. Sumit is swara and sanskar’s son, their second child who is one year old. Tonight is deeraj’s reception party and they have to go to attend it but sanskar is still in office and that’s getting on swara’s nervous.
” papa will come mamma he has so much of work” seerat protected sanskar being very loyal daughter.
” stop supporting him papa ki chamchi” swara scrunched her nose. Seerat make faces. Sumit is giggling, he is not understanding what’s the matter just having fun time.
” what makes you laugh?” Swara asked to sumit. He place his first finger on lips and shook his head. Sanskar has taught to seerat and sumit when swara is angry keep silence.
” sorry sorry i got late ” sanskar said running inside the room. Swara glare him crossing her arms at chest. Sanskar look at seerat and she gesture him that you are gone.
” swara” he whisper extra sweetly. Seerat and sumit are laughing.
” why are you late??” Swara asked sternly.
” i was stuck in traffic ” sanskar excuses.
” same lame excuse” swara retorted sharply.
” actually i was busy in work and forgot that i have to come early later deeraj called me then i remember sorry” sanskar held his ears.
” awww mamma papa is asking so cutely how come you are not melting ” seerat squealed. Swara suppress her laugh. She has to admit sanskar is super cute.
” please” sanskar requested kissing her cheeks.
” okay for the last time ” swara said.
” thank you ” sanskar hugged her.
Swara give his clothes and he rushed to washroom.

SwaSan enter with sumit in sanskar’s arms and seerat is holding swara’s finger. They went to deeraj and his wife vinny.
” congratulations” swara said giving them gifts.
” so finally you are married deeraj so let me give you some husband tips” sanskar said.
” sure sure ” deeraj laugh.
” never speak in front of your wife when she is angry bcoz your life is at risk” sanskar said ignoring swara’s glares.
” okay i will definitely follow” deeraj said.
” sanskar think before you speak bcoz at the end you have to come home” swara warned.
” i know baby” sanskar wink at her.
They keep on chitchatting and teasing each other. They have their dinner and danced. Later at night they came back.

After One Month:
” sumit” sanskar shouted his name as he is no where. Swara went to school to bring back seerat and sanskar was left with sumit as he is at home. Ramta and ansh are in their room.
” where this boy has gone” sanskar mumble searching him in the room.
” paaa” sanskar heard sumit calling him. He don’t speak much just mamma, pa and di to seerat.
” sumit ” sanskar didn’t got from where the voice is coming. He very properly heard and bend down as it was coming from bed side. Sanskar saw that sumit is under the bed smiling at him. He signed and went near him and picked him carefully so sumit’s head should not touch sharp edge of the bed.
” what were you doing there naughty boy” sanskar pull his cheeks. He is laughing and stucking his tongue. Sanskar made him lie on his chest and pat his back. He is almost sleepy but jumped in sanskar’s arms as he heard his didi’s voice as seerat is back from school.
” sumit you sleep” sanskar tried to make her sleep.
” di” sumit spoke looking at the door. Seerat came running and hugged sanskar and sumit. She kiss sumit’s cheeks.
” how was your day?” Sanskar asked kissing her head.
” awesome” seerat show her all teeth to him.
Seerat open her bag and take out books. Sanskar made sumit sit beside seerat. She start showing him pictures from book and he love to see them.
” seerat first change your dress” swara said taking her clothes. Swara change her dress and seerat started playing with sumit.
” only one and half year more is left” seerat happily said.
” for what??” Swara asked sitting near sanskar.
” for sumit’s schooling then we both will go together that’s going to be fun” she sequealed.
” yeahhhh” sumit also jumped in excitement.
SwaSan smile at them and they both are again busy in their studies.
” got tired??” Sanskar asked holding swara’s hand.
” little bit ” she rest her head on his shoulder.
” swara if you want you can leave the job” he said.
” i love to serve people so i can’t moreover mom is there to me in household work” swara said.
” i know even i will try to spend more time with you and kids” sanskar said kissing her head. Swara smile at him and closed her eyes.

On Sunday evening, swara and sujata went out for shopping household stuff while ram and ansh are out for their respective work.
Sanskar seerat and sumit are in garden. They are smudged in mud playing in it. They are enjoying and having great time.
” omgg” swara shouted as she is back. She came out of the car and got shocked to see trio totally covered with mud.
” all are kids” sujata signed and went inside taking the things.
” what’s going on??” Swara asked placing her hands on waist.
” come mamma let’s play” seerat said.
” yeah swara join ” sanskar also spoke.
” I’m not kid like you sanskar look at you all. Looking horrible ” swara role her eyes.
” its fun ” seerat shouted. Sumit also screams agreeing to his di.
” come out and take bath” swara strictly said.
” let’s go kiddos” sanskar picked sumit and seerat in his both hands and they went inside.
SwaSan Room:
Swara came out of washroom after giving bath to seerat and sumit and changing their clothes.
” mamma we are going to play with dadi” seerat said holding sumit’s hand.
” okay” swara said. She saw sanskar is sitting on the couch with his muddy clothes.
” sanskar couch is spoiled get up and take bath. I really feel you are more childish than seerat and sumit ” swara is speaking. Sanskar got up and pull her closer as the rest she strike with his chest.
” sanskar” she gasp and look at him.
” let me go” she whisper trying to come out of his grip.
” go” he said but tightened the grip around her waist. A naughty smile is playing on his lips. He rub his thumb on her lips, she closed her eyes. Sanskar remove her clutches eventually her messy bun open. Her uneven breath is hitting his face as he joined their forehead. Sanskar remove her hairs from back and caress her back with his cold muddy fingers. Swara shivered under his touch.
” sanskar” a husky mourn escape her lips.
Sanskar admire her face and pressed his lips against her. He softly start kissing her, swara’s fingers crawl in his think black hairs pulling him more closer. He deepen the kiss feeling her essence. They are totally lost in each other. Sanskar has to break the kiss to breathe. He broke the kiss but his lips didn’t left her skin. He give wet kisses from her cheeks to her neck.
” go and take bath” swara whisper in his ear.
” come with me” he demanded.
” no way” swara slightly push him. Sanskar pouted.
” my cutie pie” swara said and tightly peck his lips.
” i love you ” sanskar mumble.
” love you too ” swara smile blinking her eyes. Then only seerat and sumit came.
” i love you both” seerat shouted. Sumit pouted as he don’t know how to speak this much long.
” love you to sumit from all” swara said and tickle him. Sumit giggle.
Sanskar and seerat smile at them.

The End.

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