Half Marriage 13th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandani hides something from Arjun

Half Marriage 13th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Arjun and Chandani leaving the house. Chandani tells Arjun that he did wrong by leaving the house, and says I know you can’t live without me, but you can’t live without Maa also. Arjun says what I would have done, I can’t let you free. Chandani says why did you hurry? Arjun says if we have waited till evening then also Maa wouldn’t have agreed. He says don’t know why God want this and says may be he wants us to be together, if I had let you go then I wouldn’t have forgiven myself. Chandani asks him to rethink and says you have left me before, then why can’t you. Arjun says I can’t do same mistake again. Main Phir Tumko Chahunga plays…..He says we will return home once Maa’s anger calm down. He holds her hand and starts walking. Arjun looks at her. Chandani says I want to talk to you something. Arjun asks her to say. Someone is following them.

They are sitting at tea stall. Arjun asks what she wants to say? Chandani looks at the reflection and gets scared. She says you are away from your family. Arjun asks what she is hiding from him and goes to bring tea. Chandani gets a call and she is shocked to hear something. She says this is the right time to do this. Arjun brings tea and gives to Chandani. Chandani sees reflection and asks Arjun to come. Arjun says I want to tell that…and says you will be with me in all my happiness and sorrows. Chandani says did you think where to go? Arjun says he didn’t think. Chandani says we shall go out of city and says she knows a place. Arjun says ok. She messages the man following her, that whatever is planned will happen there. They take taxi. They come to the resort.

Manager says we have kept program for valentine day and asks them to come and join the celebration. Arjun thinks about their marriage. He asks for Chandani’s opinion. Chandani says we will go. They come to room. Arjun tells Chandani that he knows that she planned this before. He says he got married to her on valentines day, and today he can’t live without her. He says life is full of surprises. He hugs her. Chandani says not now. Arjun says I remember my promise. Later he calls Mannu and asks about Sulochana.

Arjun showers flower petals on Chandani. Chandani smile s and hugs him. Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga plays…Arjun says sometimes you asks me to go and sometimes you get closer. He says he has surprise for her. Chandani’s smile vanishes. He brings red saree for her and says it suits you. They come to the party. Host asks all couples to dance and enjoy. Arjun and Chandani dance on the song Main Phir Bhi…Everyone claps for them. Later Arjun asks waiter to get water. Chandani goes and tells the guy standing that today she will do for which she came here. She takes out gun from her purse. Arjun turns and looks for her.

Chandani aims gun at Arjun and shoots him. Arjun falls from the cliff.

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