Falling for Grace (Kanchi) – Part 2

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At night:

Sanchi was lying on bed nd lost in some thoughts-“so finally u r coming my wait of 2 years finally get over now just some more time” nd slept smiling


At morning:around 11 am

A man was coming towards SDCH in black suit his eyes have passion his smile was breath taking nd his face it can make anyone fall for him in just a second😍😍none other than our dashing Kabir Kapoor he was welcomed by everyone he saw Sanchi but ignored her  nd meets with Jaya nd Savitri

Sanchi (in mind)-huh!….can’t he even looks at me how can he ignores me…….mr.Akdu

After sometime:

Sanchi comes in Kabir’s cabin

Sanchi-Sir I think u must have forgotten me…….right

Kabir looks at her nd replied-aa…..no Dr.Sanchi it’s nothing like that….umm…..I have work I will talk to u later—nd goes from there

Sanchi to herself-what happened to him

After 5 months:

Everything was going on normally in SDCH nd now gang was discussing something with Dr.Kabir when Sanchi slips nd was about to fall Kabir holds her nd they share an eyelock but was disturbed by the sound of gang’s”ahm ahm” nd Kabir immediately left her nd she fell down Sanchi looks at him angrily nd goes out of his cabin murmmering


Sanchi(murmmering)-stupid Akdu Hitler Khudus Idiot—-nd sat in the cafeteria gang came behind her

Veer-relax Miss Golgappa relax

Isha-yaa Sanchi cool down it was just by mistake

Sanchi-whatever……but I fell down na nd he don’t even say sorry….huh

Pragya-yrr forget about it…….ok guys now bye break time is over nd now I have a Surgery too

Sanchi-bye guys I am also going to check my patients


Veer-wanna come with me on a date

Isha-stop it Veer

Veer-hey from when u start to say no


Veer-ok ok after duty


Veer-that’s like my girl—-while Isha blush


After sometime

Sanchi was going in Kabir’s cabin to give him some files nd there she sees a girl hugging Kabir Sanchi feels jealous


Sanchi-Sir here the files u asked for

Kabir-Thanks Sanchi

Mehek(Kabir’s frnd)-oh so u r Sanchi whom Kabir always talk about btw I am Mehek I am here to invite Kabir on my wedding

Suddenly a wide smile crept on her face nd she replied-oh nice to meet u

Mehek-same here ummm…..Kabir now I am going nd Sanchi if u get time then plz come on my marriage

Sanchi-I will try

Mehek smiles nd replied-Ok—nd goes

Sanchi-hmmm so Sir so what u told Mehek about me

Kabir-aa……Sanchi I told her about……


Kabir-about…….about ur dedication towards ur work

Sanchi-oh btw sir meet me tonight at 9pm at ab place

Kabir-u r giving me order don’t u know I am ur senior

Sanchi-we r not ur interns now ok

Kabir-whatever but I will always be ur senior

Sanchi-yeah but meet me—-nd goes Kabir smiles


At night:


Kabir came where Sanchi asks him to come nd found it beautifully decorated Nd his eyes went on an angelic figure who came there wearing a beautiful saari not looking less than an angle Kabir was mesmerized to see her

Sanchi-Sir where r u lost—Sanchi said waving her hands in front of her

Kabir-Nowhere but Sanchi what is this

Just then Sanchi bent on her knees nd says-I will tell u directly………..something something………..nd something……huh finally……….i luv u will u marry me?

Kabir was shocked at first but after sometime came out of shock nd replied-u know what someone told me that I don’t even know the meaning of love nd I don’t deserve love…….

Sanchi remembers when she said these words to Kabir nd says sorry

Kabir-ok I forgave u I have a very big heart

Sanchi-my ans

Kabir-oh yaa let me think about it nd pretends to think

Sanchi-Mr.Kabir Kapoor give me the answer fast Sanchi said shouting at him

Kabir- ok ok I accept u

Nd Sanchi immediately hugged him he responded to th hug

Kabir-I luv u 2


Nd after 6 months they married nd soon blessed with a baby girl named Kiara


The End


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