Exclusive! On Valentine’s day Shantanu Maheshwari shares tips for boys to keep their girlfriends happy

Television actor Shantanu Maheshwari who is currently talking about lovers on the run and why they shouldn’t be on MTV’s Love On The Run turns a love guru for BollywoodLife! He happily shared some tips with us for all the boys, on what would keep their girlfriends happy, not just on Valentine’s day but, in fact, everyday! Check out here…
Do it for her happiness
Try to bring about a change in yourself for her, and something that she has wanted to see in you! It doesn’t just have to be only for Valentine’s day, but in fact, it should be something for the long run, which will always make her happy! Even if it’s something small like shaving or keeping a beard that she likes, or not being the messy type or just showcasing a more emotional you, do it for her happiness!
Appreciation is always appreciated
Keep the compliments going! Girls love it when complimented not only about how they dress or look or their photos, but even small things like their cooking, driving, or even things like certain ways they are able to handle stressful situations. Appreciation is always appreciated, so compliments in even the smallest and most genuine ways will really be loved! (Also Read: Say whaat! Shantanu Maheshwari turns photographer at Jim Corbett National Park; view pics!)
Try to be more of a listener
Being a good listener, something we boys tend to forget at times! Girls seemingly love to do most of the talking and would love to have the boys listen more to them! So really try to be more of a listener and a good and attentive one, with genuine and appreciative feedback, and you will always manage to keep them happy!
Keep it simple but genuine
Be it gifting her something or taking her out, always keep it simple and give it more of a personal touch! Don’t focus on the materialistic stuff, as the girls would surely tend to appreciate something more personal like maybe a handwritten letter, a specially cooked dinner by you for her, or just a simple movie date night! Keep it simple but genuine with a personal touch, which is sure to work!
So are you going to apply these tips? Share your thoughts in the comments below.
Source: Bollywood Life

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