Everything Is Fair In Love Episode 14

Episode 14


Laksh returned to India two weeks before the completing the  project successfully and Maheshwari’s has thrown a grand party on the success of their son. Adersh had himself  came to receive him from airport… but he was really restless to reach home.

L: Come on bhai who drives this beauty like a bullock-cart??? ( referring to the new Porsche )

A: Let it be lucky its dad’s new obsession. And only I am allowed to drive it other than him even if there is a single scratch on car he wont mind my face having more scratches….

L: Come on don’t be dramatic like mom….

A: I wish it was drama…. And whatever you say I am not going to let you even touch it brother….

L: We will see to that…..

A: yes we will do… and by the way you have been behaving strange in last few months. What’s the matter bro?

L: What???

A: Well you have been working like a dog, finishing the project in impossible time frame… even dad was shocked. And some of my very reliable sources inform me that there has been zero parties… no page 3 girls…. just home and office….. And a rush to come back here…. A place which you had often described has stagnant and boring….

L: Well to work hard and is in the office most of time and even when you party  now a day’s its only with bhabi or your few close friends…

A: Well I have always been like that. But on the other hand is the social butterfly of our family or for the case whole country

L: Then maybe I matured I guess… Congratulation your prayers are answered!! (well he knew the reason)

A: Ho please don’t give me this crap!!! I know you better than this…. Is there something I must know brother….

L: Shut up bhai!!! And stop spying on me or else I will tell bhabhi….

A: Ok lips sealed…!

L: And how is everybody at home… how are Shekar uncle and Shomi Aunty???

A: Really won’t you ask about Swara now also…. When you were here it’s always about her…..

L: Why must I ask about that trouble I was happy far away from her pranks and enjoyed a period of peace…..

A: Really then there is happy news for you…

L: What?

A: Well a boy has come to see her. If everything is fine then she will be married off soon and you can have a lifetime of peace…..

On hearing this news I really turned numb….. How could this have happened? How can she even agree to see another guy?? Isn’t she too young for this marriage stuff??? Isn’t her studies still left???? All this questions were really killing me….

A: Hey…. Earth to Lucky….

L: Well she agreed for this marriage!?

A: No…

L: Then..

A: You know mom and Shomi aunt na….

L:  Hmmm…

As soon they reached their farmhouse which was the pooja and party venue, he was restless and he ran. There were so many people how could he get her here alone… just than he saw his dad

Rp: Hello beta you are back….

L:  Ya dad I have to rush

Ram prasad was shocked no one other than his wife has ever brushed him like that. Laksh soon realized his mistake and bend down and touched his feet…

L: Sorry dad I was in a bit hurry….

Rp: It’s ok you go and freshen up we will talk later…

Then he saw Shekar there so he bent and touched his feet too…

L: (thought) (if I can impress dad than impressing daughter will be easy)

Good morning uncle (touching his feet)

Sk: Bless you son…. And congrates..

L: Thanks uncle and where is mom…

Rp: Ho she is near garden…

L: I will go and meet her too than bye….

As he rushed towards garden he saw his mother standing there with few ladies along with Shomi aunty and Parineeta… As he was reaching them he was stopped by some random Girl

Girl: How are you? When did you come back? I missed you a lot darling..

L: Well I never missed you….

Girl: That’s the rude way to speak to someone….  Specially people who are close to you…

L: Sorry but I am in a rush now…. You enjoy the party…. And try not to live in past…..

Just than Sujata called him. She was surrounded by many women but just not her….

Sj: Wow when has my prince returned…. ( Caressing his face)

L: Just now mom and please don’t embarss me….

Sj: Well I am your mom dear….

L: ok… and where is….
Sh: Swara… ( Shomi completed for him)

Sj: you just stay away from her at least for today ok….

L: And why must I do that?? (He asked without thinking) I…. I mean what’s so special today?

P: Well she is meeting a boy today after lots of pestring and we don’t want you to ruin her mood…!

L: ( he was losing his patents now, and felt like shaking the three musketeers, but he somehow controlled) Now where are they…

P: They are at the pool side where its much quieter…. They need some time to know each other…

L: Ok well I am going to change (and walked towards pool)

Sj: Hey where are you going your room is in the other direction….

L: Sorry mom I have been here only a few times so lost the way.

And he rushed outside went to pool taking the long route and as soon as he reached there he saw Swara sitting there with an idiotic guy showing his teeth… he was like a long lost desert traveler who had found an oasis. He saw her and was lost in her beauty, she was looking heavenly in her peach dress, her hair which was open was flying in the evening breeze which he was itching to touch, her hands were just perfect which he wished to hold and never let it go…. Her smile that angelic smile he wanted it just because of himself…. Her red petal like lips wanted to taste them…. He thought that he was really blind not see this beauty before…. His eyes really needed specs.  But he was not letting her go now… He just went to the place where they sitting….

L: Hiii…(with a fake smile)

Swara was really shocked seeing him there and she was at lose of words, she could just say Laksh….. Laksh….

He again heard that but it was his bhabi calling who broke his train of thoughts, and brought him back to present…..

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