Dil Se Dil Tak 14th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Family to create misunderstanding between Shorvari and Teni

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Dada ji tells them that it’s their matter, in the pooja as well Shorvari will be Ipshita’s mother and not Parth’s wife and Teni will only act as Parth’s wife. If any of them fell weak, he won’t accept their interesting relation.
Bharat apologizes Jalpa and demands a chance from her for Jayu’s sake and future. Jalpa says she will think about forgiving him, but on a condition. Bharat was confused initially but accepts it for their relation. Jalpa hugs him happily, and feels mischievous.
Shorvari convinces Parth that it doesn’t matter who sits as his wife in the Pooja. It is for him and his wife and they are both equally his wives. Mohini overhears this. The family decides to make their challenge a little difficult now.
In the evening, Parth returns from office. Teni greets him and pours him a glass of water, while Shorvari calmly sits with Ipshita. Mohini tries to fill her ears but Shorvari says Teni has equal rights over Parth. Later, the three have a happy dinner together. Ipshita begins to cry so Shorvari feeds her with the bottle. Teni was happy that Ipshita was comfortable with Shorvari. Mohini was unhappy watching this all. Later, Parth was looking for the keys. The family ask where they are going, Parth says Teni wish to have ice cream. Baa suggests him to take Teni. Parth qualifies he is taking Ipshita with him. Baa discuss with Dada ji that their closeness has increased. Dada ji was happy about it, then asks Baa to call Indu and Mohini.
The next morning, Indu comes to Teni and complains that Shorvari has already decided to sit in the pooja. Teni says Shorvari has a right over Parth as well, she will tell about it soon.
In the room, Mohini fills Shorvari’s ears against Shorvari. Teni is trying to take her place in her husband’s life.
Indu tells Teni that she is closer to her heart, she can’t bear that her house is broken. When Parth brought Shorvari as a wife no one accepted her, but she won her place in their hearts later. But unfortunately Shorvari couldn’t bear an heir for them. Teni says she doesn’t understand what she intends to say. Indu tells Teni she bear the heir for this family. She is afraid if Teni doesn’t sit in pooja and it proves harmful for Parth; what will happen then.
Mohini tells Shorvari that Teni charged them for what she came into the house for. Now she is greedy of the Bhanushali’s money. Why would anyone marry an already married man, she didn’t want any love but money only. Shorvari must remember that she is Parth’s wife and has a right over Ipshita as well. Even the law doesn’t accept second marriage. And this pooja is very important for the health of Ipshita, but the Pandit warned there must be no problems during the pooja. She must be the one to participate in pooja so that Ipshita stays healthy.
Teni assures Indu that she will be the one to participate in the pooja with Parth now. There Shorvari agrees to Mohini and says she and Parth have struggled a lot to get Ipshita, she can’t risk her life and will sit in pooja as Ipshita’s mother.
In Dada ji’s room, Indu and Mohini tell Dada ji they have filled both minds against each other. Baa was sure they will have an argument with each other now. Dada ji says their behavior will now tell if they will be able to walk together in life. They must take care that Teni and Shorvari don’t meet till tomorrow.
In the evening, Parth asks Teni if she told Shorvari about her decision to sit in the pooja. Teni says Shorvari won’t mind, she won’t say anything as she is his wife according to the conditions today and is Ipshita’s mother as well. Parth fears this will create misunderstanding between them.

PRECAP: Shorvari and Teni have a confrontation with each other over sitting in Pooja. The family watch them argue over the right to sit in pooja with Parth

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