Can I fall in love, Episode 139

Happy valentines day Yuvanians……..


Suhani was teaching Yuvani cycling, and Yuvani was not letting Suhani take her hand off the cycle.

Suh: Beta, now I am going to take my hand off,

Yuvani: (frightened) Mumma no, please, please, I would fall.

Suhani smiles.

Suh: (comforting her) Beta, listen, I am here, I am with you, nothing will happen, let me take off my hands.

Yuvani: Please Mumma, I am afraid.

Suh: So, you will ride like this, with me holding the cycle? Huh?

Yuvani: (after a thought, a bit confused) well no, you can’t hold it always.

Suh: So let me take it off now.

Yuvani looked at her mother.

Suh: It is ok to fall.

Yuvani: But,

Suh: No buts. To get balance in cycling, you have to fall.

Yuvani: Why?

Suh: Because you are doing this for the first time.

Yuvani looked on confused.

Suh: Beta, if you don’t make  a mistake, then you are not trying something new, and you are here to try something new, and unless you do it wrong….

Yuvani: (still confused) I won’t study cycling?

Suh: Yes.

Yuvani: So I have to fall, and fall,

Suh: Until you get the balance in riding.

Yuvani: And what if I fall after getting balance?

Suh: You won’t.

Yuvani: Pakka?

Suh: (smiling) Pakka.

Suhani took her hand back, and Yuvani fell.

Suhani smiled fondly, and lifted her up.

Yuvani: Mumma, my leg is paining.

Suh: It is ok beta,

Yuvani: You said I have to fall until I get balance, so it will hurt again and agaian na?

Suh: Yeah,

Yuvani looked sad for a moment, then,

Yuvani: (happily) Then I won’t go to school,

Suh: Why?

Yuvani: Because I would have wounds.

Suh: Ok,

Yuvani: (excitedly) so you would let me take leave?

Suh: Only under one condition,

Yuvani: And that is,

Suh: You have to cover up for your classes, do extra work,

Yuvani: I can’t.

Suh: So decide what will you do?

Yuvani: But it would be painful to go with wounds,

Suh: Initially it is

Yuvani: Then,

Suh: You will get used.

Yuvani: How?

Suh: You won’t feel the pain.

Yuvani: How?

Suh: Hm…. Who is the strongest one here?

Yuvani: Anuj Chachu.

Suh: Ok, why is he strong?

Yuvani: Because he never feels pain.

Suh: Why?

Yuvani: He is grown up and grownups don’t feel the pain.

Suh: But you said he is the strongest,

Yuvani: Yes,

Suh: Stronger than Mumma?

Yuvani: Yes,

Suh: Why? Isn’t Mumma a grown up?

Yuvani: (confused) Yes,

Suh: Then….

Yuvani: I don’t know, why is it then Mumma?

Suh: Because he practises with dumbbells.

Yuvani: So?

Suhani smiles.

Suh: Come with me.

She takes her to Anuj’s room and asked her to lift his dumbbells and she was not able to.

Yuvani: Mumma, it is very heavy.

Suh: I know, now Mumma will try.

Anuj looked on a bit confused.

Anuj: Bhabhi what is,

Suhani signed him, he looked on.

She was able to lift it but with difficulty.

Yuvani: Mumma, you look like you are struggling,

Suh: I am.

Yuvani: So it is heavy for you too?

Suh: It is. Now let Chachu take it.

Anuj took it without any trouble.

Yuvani: Wow, Chachu!

Suh: How did he do it with ease?

Yuvani: Because Chachu is strong!

Anuj understood why Suhani was doing all these.

Anuj: No, it is because I am practising it for years, I am used to it. At first, I was like you, I was not able to lift it,

Yuvani: Then, how did you take it now?

Anuj: Because I practised it every day, and then by passing of days, I was able to lift it like your Mumma did, and later it became easy for me, like now.

Yuvani: Because you do it every day.

Anuj: Yes.

Yuvani: (to Suhani) so, if I fall every day, then after some time, it won’t pain me, when I fall?

Suh & Anuj: Yes.

Yuvani: You have to prove it.

Anuj: We can’t.

Yuvani: Then I won’t listen to you.

Suh: Don’t.

Yuvani: Then?

Anuj: Try it yourself.

Yuvani: Ok and I fail then?

Suh: (thinking) if you fail…….

Yuvani: You both will do what I say.

Suh & Anuj: Done!

Yuvani: Pakka?

Suh & Anuj: Yes.

Yuvani hugs both of them.

Yuvani: Ok Mumma, cycling?

Suh: Yeah, we will continue.

They leave.

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