Bigg Boss 11: From a cry baby to the mastermind, Vikas Gupta had quite a journey on the show – watch video

When Vikas Gupta signed the Bigg Boss 11 contract, he wouldn’t have imagined that a controversy from his past will follow him in the house too. He set foot inside the house with Shilpa Shinde, who accused him of mental harassment almost two years back and left a show, which he was producing. Shilpa was out of work after that incident. Cut to when Shilpa and Vikas came face to face once again, this time on the stage of Bigg Boss 11. Fireworks were obviously expected as Shilpa decided to take her revenge and made Vikas’ life a living hell inside the house for the initial few weeks. At one point, he felt so tortured that he decided to run away from the house. We never thought that they both will let the bygones be bygones, but they proved us wrong as they took a step towards a friendship.
They stood by each other’s side like nothing happened between them. He made some everlasting bonds on the show too, especially with Hiten Tejwani and Arshi Khan. And then there was Vikas, who nailed almost each and every task with his smart moves and went on to earn the tag of “mastermind”. He lost his cool many times, and was stripped off his captaincy for breaking the rules of the show. He was given a chance to be the captain again and yet again, he won that task and earned the captaincy one more time. The man has had an amazing journey on Bigg Boss 11. Watch it right here:

.@lostboy54 showed great strength and resilience when he had to face vicious attacks from his worst enemy the moment he entered the #BB11 house. #BB11Finale
— COLORS (@ColorsTV) January 13, 2018

.@lostboy54 buried his hatchet with Shilpa Shinde while also forming some everlasting friendships with Arshi Khan and @tentej in the #BB11 house. #BB11Finale
— COLORS (@ColorsTV) January 13, 2018

Using his intelligence and quick thinking during tasks @lostboy54, has risen as the undisputed ‘Mastermind’ of the #BB11 house. #BB11Finale
— COLORS (@ColorsTV) January 13, 2018

Despite many ups and downs, @lostboy54‘s strength, spirit and intelligence have made him a strong contender in the #BB11 house.
— COLORS (@ColorsTV) January 13, 2018

We are just two days away from the finale of Bigg Boss 11. Vikas is one of the finalists along with Hina Khan, Shilpa and Puneesh Sharma, and one of them will be crowned as the winner come Sunday. All the evicted contestants will re-unite too. Some of them will set the stage on fire with their dance acts. We have already told you that Arshi Khan and Hiten Tejwani will be shaking a leg together, and so will Benafsha Soonawalla and Priyank Sharma. Akshay Kumar, who is currently promoting his upcoming film, Padman will be on the stage with Salman to announce the winner.
Source: Bollywood Life

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