Belan Wali Bahu 13th February 2018 Written Episode Update

Belan Wali Bahu 13th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roopa comes to graveyard at night with candle. Yamraj and Laddo’s ghost hides there and sees her. Roppa lights candle on Peter’s grave and prays. Laddo’s ghost says to Yamraj that she is alone here at night, she is not alive and comes to meet her soul brothers. Yamraj says now I know I have to take her upside, she looks so innocent but so clever, she was hiding on roof for three years, today will be party, he takes Laddo’s ghost with him.

Yamraj drinks wine, he asks Laddo’s ghost if he doesnt drink? Laddo’s ghost says I used to drink but my wife hit me with balen and then I change. Yamraj laughs and says I heard you get beaten a lot by balen. Roopa comes there and hides seeing them. Yamraj says now I know Roopa is a soul and living here in world, thanks to you Laddo, now I know who is a soul here, Laddo’s ghost says Roopa was hiding here in world and didnt want to leave but now we will be free from her,you have come to take her. Roopa is hurt hearing it. Yamraj says I will take her with me but you will miss her right? afterall she is your wife. Laddo’s ghost says yes I do, everyone miss their wives, I will cry but I cant stop this. Yamraj says pray that you get Roopa as wife in next birth. Laddo’s ghost says not at all, I mean I will pray to get her in all 7 births. Yamraj says wow you love her a lot. Roopa is in tears his lies. Yamraj asks Laddo’s ghost that I can take you with her as you love her so much. Laddo’s ghost says no no just take her, she died, take her, you will take her? I can sleep? Yamraj says yes I have no doubt now, case is closed, I will take her. Roopa recalls how Laddo’s ghost kept telling her to do weird things like hugging tree and going to graveyard at night to prove that she is dead. She is hurt and in tears.

In morning, Laddo’s ghost comes to Roopa’s room and sees her doing packing, he asks where are you going? Roopa says you are sending me and you dont know? he says what? Roopa says didnt you tell Yamraj that I am dead in this house and he should take me? didnt you say it? Laddo’s ghost is stunned and says how do you know? Roopa says I heard him and you talk, if you are happy that I leave instead of you then I am ready to leave anything behind for you, even life too. Laddo’s ghost says you wont tell truth to Yamraj? Roopa says thats why I have done packing, I wont tell him. Laddo’s ghost says he is taking sarees on sky too. He says its not allowed there. Roopa says no worries. Yamraj comes there in human clothing, he asks if preparation is done to go? Laddo’s ghost says yes, I told Roopa that she has to leave now, she is lucky that Yamraj came to take her. Roopa says I am ready to go. Yamraj says are you ready to go? Laddo’s ghost says yes take her, its late. Yamraj says not her, Laddo you will go with me. Laddo’s ghost says why me? Yamraj says you cant fool me, I know the truth, Roopa is not a soul, its you who is wandering soul, your overconfidence killed you. Flashback shows when last night Yamraj was busy drinking. Laddo went and passed by door without opening it and Yamraj saw it, flashback ends. Laddo’s ghost says sorry.. Yamraj says enough, you fooled me enough, its time to leave, he tries to drag him but Roopa says please listen to me, take me, I am ready to go, leave him. Yamraj says its his time to leave. Yamraj starts dragging Laddo’s ghost from house, he says sorry, I wont lie ever, please dont take me. Yamraj says I dont like lies, you cheated me, fooled me, Roopa is running behind them too and pleading Yamraj to take her and leave him… Yamraj keeps dragging him. Roopa runs to her room and prays to God to stop Yamraj, I cant live without him, please save him, do something.
Yamraj drags Laddo’s ghost to lounge. Family is there but cant see Laddo’s ghost. Ramnath stops Yamraj and says neighbors are here to meet you, they got to know that our house will be included in wonders of world. Yamraj says why they want to meet me? Ramnath says they want to show their houses to you and see if you can include theirs too in wonders or not. Laddo’s ghost jerks his hand away from Yamraj and runs back. Ramnath stops Yamraj. Katori asks Yamraj to come to her house and check, I have a tunnel in my house that goes to a palace of king. Yamraj asks what king and palace? she says I dont know. Ramnath says she takes sugar from us daily, its must be pile of that, rats must have created tunnel in that. Scrap seller says I have business of antic things, one tailor says my shop is so old that king Shahjahan used to get his clothes fitted there, come with me. Katori says no come with me first, they all start fighting who will take him first. Ramnath asks him to go and check, they all leave.

Scene 2
Yamraj comes to tailor’s shop, tailor shows him inch-tape and says its so old that kings used it, there are no numbers on it as its old. Katori says come to my house. One neighbor says come to my shop. He brings him to his wine shop and says my wines are 200 years old, but no one buys them. Ramnath says because its fake. Seller says nobody buys new ones too, Laddo used to buy a lot, I lost my income after him. Ramnath says dont worry, be calm. Seller says you dont come now because of Lata’s fear. Katori says what? Ramnath you drink? Ramnath says yes sometimes. Yamraj says I take sometimes too. Scrap seller says come to my shop, he brings them to his shop. Yamraj says this is your antic shop? Seller says my things are unique, see this broom, people used to fly on this but now its old. Scrap seller shows him stone and says its from Taj mahal, my son stole it, all are stunned. Seller says do I have chance? Katori says he is not nation’s loyalist, he asks her to shut up otherwise he will break her face with broom, they start fighting, and hits Yamraj with broom. Scrap seller says sorry sir, Yamraj says I will burn your shop, dont come near me, he leaves.

Scene 3
At night, Yamraj comes home and says Laddo hid for too much time.
Laddo’s ghost is lying in Roopa’s feet and pleads to save him, he says I dont want to anywhere, please save me. Roopa asks him to get up. Laddo’s ghost says save me from Yamraj. Roopa says I was ready to go, why did you have to cross wall infront of him? Laddo’s ghost says I did mistake but he will be coming to get me, please save me, please. Yamraj comes there and says enough, I knew you would be hiding behind your wife. Yamraj runs behind him and asks him to come with him. Laddo’s ghost runs away from him and says I dont want go, please sir. Yamraj is tired of running behind him and drinks vodka. He says I have solution for you, he blows air at Laddo’s ghost, Laddo’s ghost becomes mini sized and goes into the bottle. Yamraj takes bottle. Roopa says what did you do? Yamraj starts leaving, Roopa tries to stop him. Lata comes there and asks him where he is going? he says my work is done here. Lata says no dont go out at this time, dogs can bite you.

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