Avni aur Neil hamesha ek saath..OS



The story starts after the leap of 6months neil misses his love avni so much with avni khanna mansions happiness is also gone (as their loving & caring daughter in law left) And in jail avni becomes more and more stronger;brave;&
Becomes like a stone hearted person. One day Neil &neela both left to jail to see avni but she didn’t like to meet them so she rejected meeting them.they left the place.
On the other side in the khanna mansion no one is willing to speak to neil since past 6months. Avni is struggling to get out of the jail but; people generally say na what is written in fate that is only known to god.
From so many days neil is trying to find the evidences against vidyuth on his illegal activities but Neil’s plans gone failed every time. After a week vidyuth left to meet avni
When avni come infront of him he starts to stare at her… she asks what’s wrong with u.. and what’s wrong with u…he says in seconds.. the magical words of the world to her..she gets shocked by vidyuth act.. he says take some time and reply me soon…and says today is ur last day in jail and tomorrow u will be out of this hell and u will me mine.. he didn’t gave a single chance so that avni can speak..he leave the room..

One day neela comes to meet avni. She knew that avni is still angry on neil …so spilled out the truth as avni beared a lot of pain since from her child hood..as soon as she heard the truth she remembers neil & feels bad for thinking him for the cause that she has gone through… and she decides to destroy vidyuth; the day she gets out of the jail. Neela leaves avni with happiness as her daughter realised truth…and asks her to take care of herself.

And on the other side vidyuth collects all the evidences which prove avni is innocent…and make a move to the commissioner office next day. Where as our super cop is also present in that meeting .vidyuth shows proofs to the commissioner and all in office were feeling guilty as they arrested an innocent person so they immediately get avni from the jail with the jailer.but a person is feeling happy as well as getting scared he is no one but our Neil as he don’t know how avni will react,as soon as avni comes a person hugs her all get stunned by his act he is none other than vidyuth. Avni reciprocates to his hug. Seeing this Neil gets shocked. Commissioner say sorry to avni and avni gives a diamond ring to neil which he gave to her while proposing. Neil is left in the state of shock &avni leaves with vidyuth. And Neil leaves the place too.and reaches khanna mansion and on other side DD says about the incident which took place in the commissioner office to neela &shweta. They both console Neil.
At vidyuth mansion avni asks vidyuth I need time to accept you and avni leaves to her room. Vidyuth is quiet happy and orders his servants to cook something special in dinner.

While servants are cooking in absence of their presence she adds sleeping pills & leaves to her room. Vidyuth and all others eat dinner & sends dinner to avni’s room.and all slip into deep sleep. Avni leaves to khanna mansion as she reaches their she sees no one slept their due to the avni’s act ; as all were sitting on sofa. She rushes to them and hugs all.and says nothing to worry and asks about Neil. When she reaches the room she sees he is lying on floor seeing avni’s pictures & crying. Avni calls him .he rushes to avni as soon as he sees her and hugs her.

avni says stop crying but he is unable to do that so kisses him with her soft lips and Neil reciprocates to her kiss after few Minutes she stops kissing due to lack of breathe.neil says iam sorry avni because of me u beared a lot but she says u saved me from vidyuth and says I am not angry on u.avni says but vidyuth made u to bare a lot so I will destroy him…they move to the hall and says the truth & reveal their upcoming plan. All other family members move to their rooms. Avneil also make a move to their room.neil locks the room and moves towards avni and avni moves backwards and finally she reaches the wall and neil is on her..he removes avni’s blouse zip. Avni hugs him tightly & he picks her up and take to the bed ;He removes his shirt.&falls on her ( combining 2 soules into 1 soule) and finally they removed the barrier which was between them…as after a long time they spent a quality of time..at 3 am avni calls Neil… Neil..

But neil is hugging his wifey and sleeping..she wakes him up and says I have to leave now but Neil says no…and requests her to stay for some more time…she says ok and both sleep while hugging each other..at 6am avni gets up and try to get out of bed but she can’t so as Neil was hugging her tightly ..but finally he leaves her when she kisses him on his cheek..she wears her dress and gets coffee for Neil but Neil shares with her. Avni leaves to khanna mansion as to reach vidyuth mansion avni sees all were sleeping at 7am she moves to her room and sleep and sleeps and wakes up after noon with all others at 3pm she gets fresh and goes to champko café & orders coffee at the same moment Neil arrives with DD. Avneil sees each other and both were blushing .At the same moment vidyuth comes for avni.avni sees him and starts scolding Neil rudely and moves to the opposite table and sits.even Neil sits near to her but opposite table to her..

vidyuth shows 2tickets to greece. She asks what is this?He says our honey moon tickets. I said u na I need time to accept you so what is this..& gives a tight slap.. he leaves the place due to avni’s act .even Neil gets angry but he says just pretend until we succeed in the mission & give courage to avni…avni says to neil today I will do something so that makes vidyuth s destruction takes place…and leaves the place. And in night avni goes to vidyuth room and opens his personal locker through hacking and gets all info about illegal activities next day in commissioner she produces all evidences against vidyuth on his illegal activities all are in shock. Even dcp is also their.. Neil says thanks avni but she says ever u thanked u self then why are you thanking me…all were happy as avneil United.avni says one more gift to u he says what is it??? Avni calls madan to get her inside!!!! She is our mishti. All were surprised to see mishti alive.

Mishti hugs hers super man and angel. Avni says to neil that from today mishti is our daughter. Neil accepted mishti as her daughter as his & mishti has a good bonding. Baloo comes to the place and says about vidyuth s illegal activities as he was under vidyuth and helping him.. vidyuth realizes the truth & start to taunt her and women’s. As avni cheated him.she slaps him on his cheek instantly 5 fingers were appearing on his cheek and avni says due to u I went to jail; due to u Neil has beared a lot of pain;due to u mishti has seen hell & what not happened because of u ….vidyuth. he has no word to say ..police arrests him..Avneil becomes one forever and ever…

Avneil marriage happens again..all were happy on this occasion. At night Neil was waiting for avni in their room .avni locks the room and moves towards Neil.. Neil removes her heavy jewellery and her lehanga ..Neel picks her up and make her lie on the bed and removes his shervani and falls on her & starts kissing her making her to moan his name.& they get intimated …at morning Neil was disturbed by sun rays and he was looking his and blushing reminding past night.. as he was completely occupied by her( by hugging him tightly as someone is trying to take him off)he kisses her on forehead and says gud morning wifey and she says bad morning Neil why did u disturbed my beautiful sleep ..he says no I didn’t disturbed but u disturbed me with it beauty… she gets angry and throws a jug of water on neil and runs to washroom with her blanket..before avni could go inside he pulled her towards him and took her to washroom and with her he had a cold shower..they both make each other to wear their outfit..as the days move on … avneil gets good memories…
LEAP…One yearrrr….

Avni was 9 month pregnant…avni was taken to the hospital she was suffering from the heavy labour pain..she was taken to the operation theatre ..After few Minutes ababy cry was hearable the doctor came out and announced about the good news to the khannas . Neil rushed inside and saw the baby boy .he moves towards avni and says thanks for the wonderful gift .And they both decided to call him ABHAY.
All the family members avni Neil and ABHAY.
And finally avneil are together and forever…





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