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Happy Valentine’s Day.

As we all know Valentine’s Day is not only for lovers. We can also celebrate it for many other relationships. I don’t need to describe.

It’s my gift to all my loved ones.


Let’s start with a smile.





I entered my house. There was a complete silence. As I took some steps there came voice.

“so finally you are here. ” said my mom.

“I’m ashamed of you Kunj. You played with that innocent girl. ” he said.

“but dad. ” before I can protest mom said

“I don’t want to listen anything. Marry that girl. ” she said. I was beyond shock.


“I can’t marry that girl. I can’t spoil someone’s life. ” I mumbled.


I entered into her house.

“such a cheap girl. ” said a women.

“don’t you have some shame. Because of you, your parents heads are down. If I had a daughter like you, I would have killed her with my own hands. ” said another woman.

They were just blaming her and abusing her.

“ENOUGH. ” I yelled. All turned there attention towards me. I went towards Mandir and took vermilion and filled her hairline. All looked shocked. Even Twinkle too.


What do you think?

What happened with Twinj?

Why their parents and relatives are abusing them?

Why Kunj can’t marry her?

What would be Twinkle reaction?

Will she accept it?


How was it?

Hope you all liked.

Do share your views.

Once again Happy Valentines day.

Don’t forget to share your views

Love you all.

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