A Hate Story SS – (Saathiya ) – Shot 4

Episode 4

“Dark secrets”


@Maroon Lounge

Kyra  – answer me Dhroovik ????

Dhroovik falls on his knees…

Dhroovik – im sorry baby. Pls forgive me . I love u with all my heart…its just that..our wedding lakced se*ual pleasure and that’s how I got tangled with swanshi…

Dhroovik starts Crying….

Kyra looks on tearfully…

Saransh looks at swanshi…Tears roll down her cheeks…

Swanshi – Saransh I ….

Sransh looks on tearfully…he is shown bent on his knees, inconsolable..Swanshi holds his hsoulder and gets him up..

Saransh – I loved u so much…

Swanshi – and I …..

Swanshi’s expression chnages to a smirk, and she slaps Saransh hard !!!!!! Greyscale effects are shown !! Dhroovik and Kyra are shown shocked as hell too !!

Saransh gets angry and screamss – U !!!!!

Swanshi – sorry baby !!!

Swanshi starts laughing hysterically. Suddenly, Dhroovik gets up and starts laughing too..Kyra remains confused, however, saransh’s forehead stats formng sweats…

Saransh – u…

Dhroovik – wow, Mr. Saransh , such a business man u are…and Kyra u shall remain a s*xy b*t*h forever !!

But saransh, I don’t do things for free…as I believe in give and take, or give then take !!!

Saransh and Dhroovi get shocked…

Dhroovi – well, I always loved Kyra only…and I had tangled with Swanshi , not to get pleasure, but get revenge !!! I wanted to expose u both !!

Kyra panics – what..what do u both mean ???

Swanshi – nothingm uch , u sensitive soul, u had been engaged in a love affair , an illegal love affair with my husband for 6 months !!! and thus we did it to reveal u  !!!

Kyra and Saransh get shell shocked !!!

Swanshi smirks disgusted !!


Bankok is shown….

@Led Lagoon Hotel

Dhrooky are shown arrived in holidays….Beach is shown ……

Dhroovik is shown smoking electronic cigar (vape), in his black boxers ,and lying to enjoy sunlight and get tanned….Meanwhile, Kyra is shown in a hot bikini enjoying in the water, and playing with herself…

After a while, Dhroovik doesn’t find his beloved wife, and goes into the bathroom to find her…

He enters the area, and bumps into aother lady (Swanshi) who is also shown in a bikini…

Swanshi – oh im so sorry…hey..Mr.Dhroovik divan ?

Dhroovik – yeah…u know me ???

Swanshi – who doesn’t know u?? btw, im Swanshi singhania !

Dhroovik – umm.. nice to meet u..have u seen my wife naywhere, she is tall, fair, was in a green bikini !!

Swanshi – yeah, I saw her leadingh ere, maybe she is…

Suddenly, they hear some moaning sounds…Dhroovik and Swanshi look on suspicious…

They go close to sound.. a door is shown slightly open..Swanshi opens it a bit…They get sheel shocked to the the scenery !!!

Bold content

Saransh is shown in his underarment lying on the dry bathtub, drinking white wine. Kyra is shown in her lower undergarment only !! half lying …

Saransh grabs her upper sensual portions and kneads them ….Kyra moans in pleasure…

Saransh stucks sucking on them !!

Kyra makes sounds….

Swanshi whispers – no !!!

Dhroovik starts to get tearry…


Saransh holds her legs and puts them on his hsoulders…

He starts liplocking her …She grabs his hair…

Saransh rubs her lower private part by inserting his hand

Under her garment !!!


End of Flashback


Sransh and kyra look on shameful and shocked…..

Dhroovik looks on in disguist….

Dhroovik – and then…………


Flash back


Swanshi hiddenly searches Saransh’s phone and sees his texts with Kyra. She informs dhroovik about the same. Dhroovik smirks and decides to punish Ky’Ransh .


End of flashback

Dhroovik – howver, I forgive Kyra, as its not her fault. She is an heel. That is attacked by a disorder, which makes her genetically and biologicall unloyal and attracted to many men…

Kyra looks on embarassed…..

Swanshi – and my dearest hubby took advantage of that…..

Saransh looks on mortified….

Kyra kneels down and holds Dhroovik’s feet…

Kyra – im sorry…I know u have loved me truly, sand now also u love me, as bcoz acceptng an heel is not that easy….

Dhroovik moves away and goes close to Saransh…

He is about to give him a slap when….suddenly !!!

Police comes inside the lounge….

Kyra gets up !!

Inspector- constable…

Suddenly, hospital staff brings a covered corpse inside. All 4 look on shell shocked….

Inspector – Mr. Dhroovik Divan..u r under arrest !!!!

Dhroovik – what >??? But why ???

Inspector – in the blame of murder Ms. Synthya Garewal !!!

Dhroovik and kYra look on shocked. Swanshi looks on. Saransh screams…

Saransh – What !!!!!!!!!!! Synthya !!!!!!

The cover moves away from her face. Synthya is shown bruttaly bruised and dead !!

Saransh breaks down…He holds her hand…

Saransh – Synthya…babe…wake up plz….Synthya…!!! synth ya u cant leave me plz…

Saransh cries miserably..Swanshi looks on in disappointment, and shame….

Saransh – inspectr..if this Dhroovik Divan has murdered my synthya,. Then take him away…and punish the sh*t out of him !!!!

Kyra – how is this possible….as Synthya was ….

Saransh – take him away !!!!

Inspector puts handcuff on Dhroovik’s hand….he looks on shocked..Swanshi looks confused…

Kyra – but listen to me….

Police force ignores and takes her away….

They get on their jeep and see off. Kyra gets on her car and follows…

Saransh comes close to Swanshi..They share and intense eyelock !!!



@Singhania Mansion

SarSwan’s bedroom is shown decorated in lavender balloons, flowers, and candles…

Swanshi is shown in  a strappy lace lavender nighty …while, Srabnsh enters in a white pant, shirtless….

He sits beside her, and caresses her face….

Swanshi – welcome babylove !!

Saransh – Make a wish honey !!!

Swanshi smirks and orders – Worship me !!!

Saransh bites his lips naughtily….


Maahi Ve, Maahi Ve,
Maahi Ve, Maahi Ve,
Maahi Ve, Maahi Ve,
Maahi Ve, Maahi Ve,


Saransh smiles, and makes her lie on bed sensually….she closes her eyes….

Heslowly goes to her toes and sucks them..she giggles softly….


Maahi Ve, Mohabbata Sachiyane

Maahi Ve, Mohabbata Sachiyane
Mangda Naseeba Kuchh Aur Hai


He goes kissing on her legs, calves, knees and reaches her thighs..he sucks and bites on them pationately…Swanshi moans his name..!!!!

Maahi Ve, Mohabbata Sachiyane
Kismat De Maare Assi Ki Kariye
Kismat De Maare Assi Ki Kariye


Kyra is shown in front of the mirror…she reminisces her moemnts with Dhroovik, their love , romance, her betrayal, his going to jail…

Tears roll down her eyes…she cries miserable nad thorws a vase onb the mirror…the mirror breaks in slow motion…


Kismat De Maare O Assi Ki Kariye Kismat Pe Kis Da Jor Hai
Maahi Ve, Maahi Ve, Maahi Ve, Maahi Ve

Saransh is shown kissing on her hands, arms, shoulders….she smiles and shys and turns araoung…he lies on top of her..he kisses on her shoulders, neck, and back after undressing her back…he sucks her back…..


Ek Taraf Ishq Hai Tanha Tanha, Ek Taraf Husn Hai Ruswa Ruswa

Ek Taraf Ishq Hai Tanha Tanha, Ek Taraf Husn Hai Ruswa Ruswa
Dono Bebas Huye Hain Kuchh Aise, Kare Toh Kisse Kare Hum Shikwa


Kyra breaks the whole house’s furniture in rage…she sits down on a furry carpet…

She removes her clothes, and is shown completely naked…

She pleasure herself with her own hands, by cupping her upper sensual parts, and licks her lips….

Maahi Ve
Maahi Ve Shikaeta Sachiyane, Mangda Naseeba Kuchh Aur Hai
Maahi Ve Mohabbata Sachiyane, Mangda Naseeba Kuchh Aur Hai
Maahi Ve, Maahi Ve, Ve


Saransh kisses and sucks on Swanshi’s navle, stomach and reaches to her upper private area…he kissses and sucks it with pleasure…


Dil Naa Tute Khuda Kaayeh Ghar Hai, Tere Sajde Mein Mera Yeh Sar Hai

Dil Naa Tute Khuda Kaayeh Ghar Hai, Tere Sajde Mein Mera Yeh Sar Hai
Maut Se Dar Nahi Lagta Mujhko, Sirf Tumse Judayi Ka Dar Hai
Maahi Ve


Kyra is shown rubbing her private ares herself, and getting all horny…she calms her naughty and wild fetishes by herself….

Maahi Ve Aeneeta Sachiyane, Mangda Naseeba Kuchh Aur Hai
O Maahi Ve Mohabbata Sachiyane, Mangda Naseeba Kuchh Aur Hai
Kismat De Maare Assi Ki Kariye, Kismat De Maare O Assi Ki Kariye
Kismat De Mare Assi Ki Kariye, Kismat Pe Kis Da Jor Hai


Saransh finally kisses and enjoys her lower private are, and then soon enters her….they are shown becoming one…..

Later, they are shown cuddling together….


Saransh – thnks baby..i love u !


Swanshi – I love u tooo darling !!!

Maahi Ve, Maahi Ve, Maahi Ve, Maahi Ve
Maahi Ve, Maahi Ve, Maahi Ve, Maahi Ve
Maahi Ve, Maahi Ve, Maahi Ve, Maahi Ve


While………Dhroovik is shown tearfully holding jail’s railings……


The screen splits in 3 halves !!!!!!!!!!!


Precap – Screaming Past !

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